Legionnaires' disease

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Cause of Mysterious Pneumonia Cluster Found

Argentina outbreak was initially feared to be possible new pathogen

(Newser) - The cause of a mysterious cluster of pneumonia cases in northwest Argentina has been identified as legionella, the bacteria that causes Legionnaire's disease, reports CNN . The Pan American Health Organization said in a statement that Argentina's health ministry has confirmed legionella as the cause of the outbreak in...

2 Dead, More Than 100 Sick in Outbreak Linked to Hot Tubs

Patients were exposed at North Carolina state fair

(Newser) - Families are demanding answers after two deaths linked to a hot tub display at last month's North Carolina Mountain State Fair. Authorities say they have confirmed 134 cases of Legionnaires' disease among people who attended the fair in Fletcher, NC, between Sept. 6 and Sept. 15, CNN reports. Health...

1 Dead, 11 Sickened in Legionnaires' Outbreak Linked to Ga. Hotel

Officials say 61 other cases could be linked to Atlanta Sheraton

(Newser) - A 49-year-old woman is the first person whose death has been linked to an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease at an Atlanta hotel. Cameo Garrett, who attended a conference at the Sheraton Atlanta, died of coronary heart disease, but DeKalb County Medical Examiner Pat Bailey says the Legionella bacteria may...

Disneyland Visitors Diagnosed With Legionnaires' Disease

Park shuts down 2 cooling towers after 12 people sickened

(Newser) - Disneyland shut down two cooling towers this week after 12 people contracted Legionnaires disease in September, including one person who died, the Los Angeles Times reports. Health officials say of the dozen cases, found in individuals between the ages of 52 and 94, nine had visited Disneyland and the other...

Newborns Got Legionnaires' Disease in Birthing Tubs

There's no sign either baby breathed in water during the birth

(Newser) - Legionnaires' Disease, a severe and sometimes fatal complication caused when tiny droplets of water with Legionella bacteria make it to the lungs, was diagnosed in 6,000 people in the US in 2015. Almost 600 of them died. In Arizona, the number of cases has more than doubled from 46...

Flint's Water Not Tested Even After 9 Deaths From Legionnaires'

The public wasn't even told until months after the deadly outbreak

(Newser) - The water in Flint, Michigan, still hasn't been tested for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease despite being the likely source of an outbreak that killed nine people and sickened another 78 between May 2014 and November 2015, the Detroit News reports. The New York Times alleges the deadly...

Flint's New Water Nightmare: Legionnaires' Outbreak

Spike in disease could be tied to tainted water

(Newser) - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced a new development Wednesday in Flint's water crisis that "just adds to the disaster we are already facing": specifically, a marked increase in cases of Legionnaires' disease that could be linked to the area's tainted water, reports the Detroit Free Press . From...

Legionnaires' Sweeps Through San Quentin

6 inmates sick; dozens being monitored

(Newser) - At least six San Quentin State Prison inmates were ill with Legionnaires' disease and dozens more under observation yesterday, prompting a weekend halt to visitors, no hot meals, and limited drinking water supplies at California's oldest prison. At least 51 inmates are under observation for respiratory illness at the...

'Easily Preventable' Outbreak Kills 4 in NYC

Legionnaires' disease found in 5 cooling towers

(Newser) - These are nervous times in the Bronx: An outbreak of Legionnaires' disease has killed four people and sickened at least 71—and while officials believe the bacteria spread through a building cooling system, they haven't pinpointed which one because so many are infected. Five out of 17 building cooling...

Baby Born in Water Dies of Infection

Heated pools carry Legionnaires' risk, authorities warn

(Newser) - A weeks-old baby who died from Legionnaires' disease was probably infected by bacteria in the water of the heated birthing pool it was born in, authorities in Texas say. The baby was hospitalized with an infection at 6 days old and died 19 days later. Texas Department of State Health...

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