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Receding Glacier Reveals Long-Dead Man and His Pack
Receding Glacier Relinquishes
a 2-Decade-Old Body, With ID
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Receding Glacier Relinquishes a 2-Decade-Old Body, With ID

Body of man thought to have died in 2001 found alongside bag carrying ID

(Newser) - The body of a man thought to have died more than two decades ago has been found amidst a melting glacier in the Austrian Alps. A mountain guide discovered the remains Friday on Schlatenkees glacier in Tyrol province at an altitude of about 9,500 feet. Lienz Alpine Police later...

He Died in 1984 Avalanche. His Body Was Just Found

Body of Indian soldier Chandrashekhar Harbola found in ruined shelter on Siachen Glacier

(Newser) - An Indian soldier who disappeared in an avalanche in the Himalayas almost 40 yers ago will finally be laid to rest. The body of Chandrashekhar Harbola was discovered Saturday on the Siachen Glacier along the India-Pakistan border, a disputed area the two countries have been fighting to control since 1984....

Here's a Body Part You Didn't Know You Had
Scientists Find Body Part
You Didn't Know You Had
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Scientists Find Body Part You Didn't Know You Had

Coronoid layer on jaw's messeter muscle described in humans for first time

(Newser) - Press your fingers behind your cheeks and clench your teeth. What you're feeling is the masseter muscle, a key muscle allowing humans to chew and eat, which is usually described as being made up of a deep layer and a superficial one, per the Hill . Except researchers say that'...

Scott Kelly's Body Endured Another Surprise in Space

Astronaut's heart didn't have to work as hard in zero gravity and so it shrank 27%, scientists say

(Newser) - They called it the "perfect nature versus nurture" experiment : Astronaut Scott Kelly was sent to the International Space Station for nearly a year, while his identical twin, astronaut and now Sen. Mark Kelly, remained on Earth. When Scott Kelly came back home in March 2016, scientists compared his DNA...

Doctors May Have Found New Organ Hidden in Head

These could be first major salivary glands found in 300 years

(Newser) - For the past three centuries, doctors have been under the impression that humans have three major types of salivary glands, found near the ears, below the jaw, and under the tongue. "Now, we think there is a fourth," Dr. Matthijs Valstar of the Netherlands Cancer Institute tells the...

Scientists Discover New Organ Inside the Human Body

It's our 79th

(Newser) - Unprepared kids who want to get out of taking a test in 2017 can just tell the teacher their mesentery hurts. Irish researchers have classified a new organ in the human body while proving "the anatomic description that had been laid down over 100 years of anatomy was incorrect,...

Behind Missing Woman's Closet, a Gruesome Scene

Human remains found hidden behind a closet wall in California

(Newser) - For years, renters complained about a yucky odor in the former apartment of a woman who disappeared in 2009. Now, authorities have found the source of the smell and the focus of what is likely to be a murder investigation: a body hidden in a wall of the apartment in...

Everything You Need to Know About the Third Nipple

A BBC report breaks down the latest on 'supernumerary nipples'

(Newser) - Ah, the mysterious third nipple. Why do some people have one, and how do they form? At the BBC , Jason Goldman reports that while some have considered the "supernumerary nipple" a fault of the evolutionary process, similar to wisdom teeth or the tailbone, recent research shows that extra-nipple formation...

5 Ways the Human Body's Design Stinks

Who decided to make men's, um, jewels so vulnerable?

(Newser) - Chip Rowe doesn't think the human body was designed terribly well. He laments the "MacGyver"-style way our corporeal vessels came together over the years at Nautilus , claiming that "evolution constructed our bodies with the biological equivalent of duct tape and lumber scraps." Rowe interviewed biologists...

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