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Ex-Trump Campaign Aide Files Suit Over 'Spying'

He says federal officials crossed the line

(Newser) - A former Trump campaign associate who was the target of a secret surveillance warrant during the FBI's Russia investigation says in a federal lawsuit that he was the victim of "unlawful spying." The suit from Carter Page alleges a series of omissions and errors made by FBI...

Secretive Court Rebukes FBI Over Errors in Russia Probe

Order could lead to surveillance changes

(Newser) - The chief judge of a secretive surveillance court said Tuesday that the FBI provided "unsupported" information when it applied to eavesdrop on a former Trump campaign adviser and directed the bureau to report back by next month on what steps it was taking to fix the problems. The four-page...

FBI Lawyer May Have Altered File on Trump Adviser

President says allegation proves his campaign was spied on

(Newser) - An FBI lawyer is suspected of altering a document related to surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser, a person familiar with the situation told the AP Friday. President Trump, who has long attacked as a “witch hunt” the FBI's investigation into ties between Russia and his 2016...

Trump Talks Treason, Pardons in Fox Interview

He accuses the FBI of 'treasonous acts,' doesn't rule out pardon of Michael Flynn

(Newser) - President Trump called in to Sean Hannity's show on Fox News Wednesday and spoke for 45 minutes in his first interview since the conclusion of Robert Mueller's investigation. He didn't want to talk much about pardons, but he had plenty to say about the investigation, and some...

Trump: 'Come on Jeff, You Can Do It'

President keeps up the public debate with Attorney General Sessions

(Newser) - President Trump is not letting Jeff Sessions have the final word in a new public back-and-forth. The president tweeted twice on Friday about his attorney general, though his comments were far more tempered than those he made in a Thursday interview with Fox News . One sample from that interview: "...

FBI Releases Top-Secret Wiretapping Request in Russia Probe

The FBI thought Russians were recruiting Carter Page

(Newser) - Thought Carter Page was just a kooky dream you had? Not so: The FBI released Saturday a redacted version of its FISA warrant to wiretap the former Trump campaign advisor, the New York Times reports. "This application targets Carter Page," the document reads. "The FBI believes Page...

Trump Calls FBI Informant Report 'Bigger Than Watergate'
Trump Embraces
FBI Spy Theory

Trump Embraces Controversial FBI Spy Theory

Allegations of informant inside campaign being used to discredit Mueller investigation

(Newser) - It's something Trump has said would be "bigger than Watergate" and the "all time biggest political scandal" ever if it pans out to be true. What he's referring to: a report in the New York Times this week that the FBI planted an informant to spy...

Justice Department Will Investigate Alleged FBI Abuse

Republicans would prefer a special counsel

(Newser) - The Justice Department's internal watchdog is going to investigate reports of alleged FBI misconduct in the Russia investigation—but it's not a move that goes far enough for Republicans, who accuse the department of abusing its powers because of anti-Trump bias. Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz...

Trump's Fresh Attack on Sessions: 'Disgraceful'

Tweet follows Sessions statement that inspector general will look into FISA allegations

(Newser) - Last Wednesday, President Trump called out Jeff Sessions on Twitter , and this Wednesday, President Trump ... called out Jeff Sessions on Twitter. The morning tweet : "Why is A.G. Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse. Will take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already...

Dem Rebuttal Memo to GOP Memo Released

'...failed to uncover any evidence of illegal, unethical, or unprofessional behavior'

(Newser) - The classified Democratic memo written in response to the classified Republican memo released three weeks ago has itself now been released after getting the go-ahead from President Trump on Saturday, CNN reports. The GOP memo prepared by Rep. Devin Nunes claimed the FBI abused its powers when it secured surveillance...

Nunes Admits Fine Print Shows DOJ Didn't Conceal Info

But panel chair says 'footnote' wasn't enough when it came to surveillance of Carter Page

(Newser) - There was a lot going on in the House Intelligence Committee memo declassified Friday by President Trump, but a key allegation was that the FBI didn't divulge the partisan leanings of dossier author Christopher Steele during the application process for surveillance on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The...

Trump on the 'Memo': 'A Lot of People Should Be Ashamed'
Reax to the 'Memo':
'Headed Down a
Dangerous Path'

Reax to the 'Memo': 'Headed Down a Dangerous Path'

Trump declassifies Nunes memorandum, frenetic spin on both sides ensues

(Newser) - Citing "extraordinary" circumstances, the much-anticipated GOP memo on alleged FBI surveillance abuse was given the all-clear Friday by the White House, which declassified the memo without redactions "in light of the significant public interest" in it, per a letter to House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes. At the...

Republican: Secret Memo on FBI Shows the 'Fix Was In'

Trump expected to authorize release of document

(Newser) - The House Intelligence Committee has voted to release a secret memo criticizing the Justice Department and FBI's handling of the Russia investigation—and President Trump, who has the final call, is expected to release it, despite protests from his own intelligence officials. Sources tell the Washington Post that Trump...

Jeff Sessions: I Never Lied About Russia
Jeff Sessions: Don't
Call Me a Liar
the rundown

Jeff Sessions: Don't Call Me a Liar

But attorney general clarifies that he now remembers meeting at which Russia was raised

(Newser) - Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before a House panel Tuesday, with Democrats grilling him on Russia's role in the campaign and Republicans pressing him to go after Hillary Clinton. The Russian angle has been a thorn for Sessions because he previously testified under oath that he knew of no...

Trump Campaign Adviser Changes Story About Russia Trip

Carter Page now says he met 'senior person' in Russian government

(Newser) - It seems a former Trump campaign adviser lied numerous times to the media regarding a trip he took to Russia in July 2016. Carter Page has in the past denied meeting with Russian government officials during the trip, instead saying he saw "mostly scholars." As late as Friday...

FBI Questioned Trump Adviser for 10 Hours

Carter Page confirms 'extensive discussions'

(Newser) - The FBI had some long chats with one of President Trump's former campaign advisers about his Russian contacts weeks before Special Counsel Robert Mueller took charge of the investigation. Insiders tell the Washington Post that Carter Page, whose name has repeatedly surfaced in connection with the investigation, was questioned...

FBI Was Investigating Trump Advisers; Now There's a Name

'Washington Post' reports on court order to monitor communications of Carter Page

(Newser) - Lots of stories of late have reported that the FBI was investigating ties between "Trump associates" and Russia, and now there's a definitive name: Carter Page. He served as a foreign policy adviser to the campaign, and the Washington Post reports that the FBI obtained a secret court...

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