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GOP 'Slush Fund' Pays Trump's Ex-Bodyguard $15K a Month

RNC says it's for security services

(Newser) - One of President Trump's longest-serving and most loyal employees left the White House in September , and campaign finance groups are concerned about his new job: Advising the Republican National Committee for a hefty $15,000 a month. Keith Schiller, who was Trump's personal bodyguard for almost 20 years,...

Ex-Bodyguard Says Trump Was Offered Women in Russia: Sources

Keith Schiller reportedly testified he rejected offer to send women to Trump's hotel room

(Newser) - President Trump's longtime bodyguard reportedly told Congress this week that Russians offered to send five women up to Trump's hotel room while he was in Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant in 2013. Sources with direct knowledge of Keith Schiller's testimony in front of the House intelligence...

Man Who Delivered Comey Letter Leaving the White House

Keith Schiller is leaving the White House after nearly 20 years with Trump

(Newser) - The man Donald Trump sent to hand-deliver the infamous letter firing then-FBI Director James Comey in May is planning to leave the president's side after nearly 20 years of service. Bloomberg reports that Keith Schiller, the director of Oval Office operations, has told numerous people that he plans to...

3 Stories
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