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Trump Issues Wave of Pardons
Trump Just Issued 15 Pardons

Trump Just Issued 15 Pardons

Group includes 2 convicted in Mueller probe

(Newser) - President Trump on Tuesday pardoned 15 people, including Republican allies, a 2016 campaign official ensnared in the Russia probe, and former government contractors convicted in a massacre in Iraq. The pardons included former Republican Reps. Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins, the AP reports. Collins, the first member of Congress to...

Man Who Triggered Mueller Inquiry Running for Congress

Convicted Trump aide George Papadopoulos is interested in Katie Hill's seat

(Newser) - From the big house to the House? George Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign adviser who triggered what became the Mueller investigation and served 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI, has filed paperwork to run for Congress. The Republican is running for the seat being opened by the...

Trump: NYT Report Shows This Is 'Bigger Than Watergate'

'But in reverse,' he adds, referring to report of undercover FBI investigator

(Newser) - President Trump doesn't often have good things to say about the New York Times, but on Friday he liked what he read in the newspaper. In a tweet , Trump called attention to a report saying that the FBI had sent an undercover agent to meet with a Trump campaign...

Report: Undercover FBI Agent Pressed Trump Aide for Info

George Papadopolous claims she tried to seduce him

(Newser) - Vindication for President Trump? According to a report in the New York Times , the FBI sent an undercover agent to pose as a research assistant and meet with Trump aide George Papadopoulos months before the 2016 election. The woman, who told Papadopoulos her name was Azra Turk, directly asked the...

What Mueller's Report Says About Collusion
What Mueller's Report
Says About Collusion
the rundown

What Mueller's Report Says About Collusion

'Numerous' contacts with Russians, but evidence 'not sufficient'

(Newser) - Robert Mueller didn't reach a conclusion one way or the other on obstruction , but on the more volatile accusation that President Trump and his campaign colluded with Russians, Mueller was clearer: No charges because the evidence was "not sufficient." Some pertinent quotes and details from the newly...

Papadopoulos Asks for Pardon
Asks for Pardon

Papadopoulos Asks for Pardon

He also has a book coming out in the wake of the Mueller report

(Newser) - At least one of the 34 people indicted as part of Robert Mueller's probe now wants a presidential pardon. A lawyer for George Papadopoulos says she's already applied to the White House requesting one, the Washington Post reports. Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign adviser, was sentenced to 14...

Ex-Trump Adviser Ordered to Report to Prison

Judge rejected Papadopoulos bid to delay sentence

(Newser) - A federal judge has ordered former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos to report to prison as scheduled, rejecting his last-minute bid to delay his two-week sentence. Papadopoulos is to begin serving his sentence Monday, the AP reports. He was sentenced in September for lying to the FBI in...

Mueller Signals He's Ready for Michael Flynn Sentencing

The former National Security Adviser's legal battle could soon come to a close

(Newser) - Special counsel Robert Mueller is ready for a judge to sentence former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, according to a court document filed Monday. The move would bring Flynn's involvement in the Russia investigation to a close nearly a year after he pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with...

George Papadopoulos Sentenced to 14 Days

Defense attorney blames Trump for former campaign advisor's deception

(Newser) - George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign adviser who triggered the Russia investigation, was sentenced to 14 days in prison Friday by a judge who said he had placed his own interests above those of the country, the AP reports. Papadopoulos, the first campaign aide sentenced in special counsel Robert Mueller's...

'First Domino' in Mueller Probe Pleads for No Jail Time

George Papadopoulos also says Trump, Sessions seemed on board with his Putin idea

(Newser) - Lawyers for George Papadopoulos describe their client as the "first domino" to fall in the Robert Mueller investigation, but they say their client doesn't deserve to go to jail next week when he's sentenced for lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts. The filing submitted by...

Trump Calls FBI Informant Report 'Bigger Than Watergate'
Trump Embraces
FBI Spy Theory

Trump Embraces Controversial FBI Spy Theory

Allegations of informant inside campaign being used to discredit Mueller investigation

(Newser) - It's something Trump has said would be "bigger than Watergate" and the "all time biggest political scandal" ever if it pans out to be true. What he's referring to: a report in the New York Times this week that the FBI planted an informant to spy...

Report: Drunk Trump Aide Told Diplomat Russia Had Clinton Dirt

And inadvertently caused the FBI investigation now run by Mueller

(Newser) - One of the heretofore unanswered questions of Donald Trump's presidency is what, exactly, caused the FBI to open an investigation into the Trump campaign and possible Russian attempts to influence the election in July 2016. Trump and others have claimed it was in response to a dossier put together...

Jeff Sessions: I Never Lied About Russia
Jeff Sessions: Don't
Call Me a Liar
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Jeff Sessions: Don't Call Me a Liar

But attorney general clarifies that he now remembers meeting at which Russia was raised

(Newser) - Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before a House panel Tuesday, with Democrats grilling him on Russia's role in the campaign and Republicans pressing him to go after Hillary Clinton. The Russian angle has been a thorn for Sessions because he previously testified under oath that he knew of no...

Papadopoulos Boasts May Be Trouble for Trump, Sessions
Trump, Sessions Russian
Denials Now in Question
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Trump, Sessions Russian Denials Now in Question

They attended meeting where adviser boasted of contacts; Trump wants focus on Clinton

(Newser) - A new story is emerging from the Robert Mueller moves earlier this week, one that could be bad news for President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Both have repeatedly denied personally knowing about any outreach between members of the Trump campaign and Russian officials, but the newly unsealed court...

Mueller Investigation Sinks a Trump Nominee

Sam Clovis, a climate change skeptic, pulls name from consideration for science post

(Newser) - A former Trump campaign official linked to the Russia investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller has withdrawn his nomination for an agriculture post. Sam Clovis, a former Trump campaign national co-chairman and chief policy adviser, wrote in a letter to President Trump dated Thursday that he does "not want...

New Worry for Trump Team: Did Ex-Adviser Wear a Wire?
New Worry for Trump Team:
Did Ex-Adviser Wear a Wire?
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New Worry for Trump Team: Did Ex-Adviser Wear a Wire?

George Papadopoulos is called a 'proactive cooperator,' though meaning is unclear

(Newser) - The political world learned a new name on Monday, that of George Papadopoulos, the former adviser to President Trump's campaign caught up in the Robert Mueller investigation . Papadopoulos has admitted lying to the FBI about his outreach to Russian individuals in a bid to get "dirt" on Hillary...

Trump Calls Ex-Aide Charged by Mueller a 'Liar'

He's right in that George Papadopoulos admitted lying to the FBI about his Russian outreach

(Newser) - President Trump has weighed in on Monday's Robert Mueller developments , and he sounds unimpressed, at least in regard to the connection to his campaign. "The Fake News is working overtime," he tweeted . "As Paul Manaforts lawyer said, there was 'no collusion' and events mentioned took...

Washington Braces for Mueller's Next Step
Insiders Say Trump Fumed
Over Russia Indictments

Insiders Say Trump Fumed Over Russia Indictments

DC is braced for Mueller's next step

(Newser) - President Trump handed candy out to trick-or-treaters Monday night after a day that spooked both Republicans and Democrats. Robert Mueller's escalation of the Russia probe with the indictments of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and deputy Rick Gates has left Democrats worried that Trump could shut down the...

Mueller May Have Sent Signal With Monday's News
Mueller May Have Sent Signal
With Monday's News
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Mueller May Have Sent Signal With Monday's News

Manafort case not linked to Trump, but Mueller revealed campaign adviser's guilty plea, too

(Newser) - It's been a busy day on the Robert Mueller front, with tax and money laundering charges leveled against Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates, along with news of a guilty plea from former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, who admitted lying to the FBI about his contacts with...

A 2nd Mueller Move May Sting Trump More

Not Manafort: A former campaign aide lied to FBI about outreach to Russian nationals

(Newser) - The unsealed indictment against Paul Manafort made big headlines on Monday, but another development in the Robert Mueller investigation might have more troubling implications for President Trump. That's because while the Manafort charges have no connection to the Trump campaign, this one does, notes Politico . Former campaign adviser George...

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