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Julian Assange 'Standing By' Promise to Surrender
Julian Assange 'Standing By'
Promise to Surrender

Julian Assange 'Standing By' Promise to Surrender

WikiLeaks founder could be headed for US prison after Manning's sentence commuted

(Newser) - Is Julian Assange about to swap Ecuadorian embassy cuisine for American prison chow? President Obama commuted most of Chelsea Manning's sentence on Tuesday and the WikiLeaks chief appears to be willing to stand by his promise to go to a US prison if Manning is granted clemency. No US...

Obama Commutes Most of Chelsea Manning's Sentence

The notorious leaker of Army documents will be freed in May

(Newser) - Former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who made WikiLeaks a household name in 2010, will be released from prison in May after President Obama commuted her sentence Tuesday, the New York Times reports. Manning leaked classified military documents that revealed, among other things, the Iraqi military abusing detainees and...

Petraeus Got a Way Better Deal Than Other Leakers

Letter points out 'profound double standard'

(Newser) - When Stephen J. Kim , a former State Department contractor, leaked classified information about North Korea to Fox News in an effort to bring attention to the danger that country poses, he was given a 13-month sentence. Yet David Petraeus gave his journals, which contained top-secret notes, to the lover writing...

US Actually Has History of Being Weak on Leakers

And that's why it's cracking down so hard now

(Newser) - With Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning in the headlines, the investigation into former top General James Cartwright , and now a court ruling earlier this week that a New York Times reporter must testify against a source, the Obama administration has been sending a message: leaking government secrets will not go...

White House's New Leak Villain: Former Top General

James Cartwright faces investigation over Stuxnet worm story

(Newser) - The Obama White House has prosecuted or charged eight people under the Espionage Act thus far—and another one is under investigation. Retired four-star Marine Gen. James "Hoss" Cartwright, former deputy chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, got a letter saying he was facing an inquiry over the...

Gen. Martin Dempsey Expected to Be Named Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Monday
 Meet the New 
 Joint Chiefs 
and he sings, too

Meet the New Joint Chiefs Chairman

Obama expected to name Army Gen. Martin Dempsey

(Newser) - The White House is putting out the unofficial word today to the big news outlets that the new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be Army Gen. Martin Dempsey. Currently the Army's top general, he is known not only for his military skills but for his political...

Satellite Shot Destroyed Toxic Fuel
Satellite Shot Destroyed
Toxic Fuel

Satellite Shot Destroyed Toxic Fuel

General: 'By all accounts this was a successful mission'

(Newser) - The missile fired at the errant spy satellite on Wednesday succeeded in destroying a tank full of toxic fuel, the Defense Department has concluded after analyzing the debris from the shootdown. The tank was said to have held 1,000 pounds of toxic hydrazine, which could have been released into...

Joint Chiefs Nominee Offers Straight Talk on Iraq

Admiral points to political solution

(Newser) - The White House nominee to lead the Joint Chiefs of Staff said yesterday the troop surge has helped security, but without political progress "no amount of troops and no amount of time will make a difference." Admiral Michael Mullen toed the administration line at his confirmation hearing, saying...

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