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He Spent Years Prepping to Visit the Tribe That Killed Him

'GQ' dives into the life and death of John Chau

(Newser) - What exactly befell John Chau at the hands of the Sentinelese tribe will never be known. But in a lengthy piece for GQ , Doug Bock Clark writes that chances are a nail-headed arrow would have been aimed not at his brain or heart—"small targets ... encased in bone"—...

Recovery of Body on Remote Island Deemed Too Risky

Plan is on hold for now, BBC reports

(Newser) - India is giving up attempts to recover John Allen Chau's body from the remote island where the US missionary was killed by tribespeople , at least temporarily. Government officials, including those within law enforcement and tribal welfare, agreed Monday to put the plan on hold to avoid disturbing the protected...

2006 Deaths of 2 Men on Remote Island Get New Look

In hopes of gaining insight into how to retrieve John Allen Chau's remains

(Newser) - Indian officials have traveled repeatedly in recent days near the remote island where American John Allen Chau was killed by people who have long resisted the outside world. But they have not set foot onto North Sentinel Island since his killing, and it remains unclear if they will. A boat...

Area of Island Where Remote Tribe Killed Man Is Mapped

But officials aren't ready to retrieve John Allen Chau's body

(Newser) - Police said they have mapped the area of a remote Indian island where tribespeople were seen burying the body of an American adventurer and Christian missionary after allegedly killing him with arrows this month, reports the AP . But before they can even attempt to recover the body of 26-year-old John...

Man Killed by Remote Tribe Left 13-Page Letter Behind

John Allen Chau questioned whether the island was 'Satan’s last stronghold'

(Newser) - Parts of what John Allen Chau wrote over the last days of his life were shared in the wake of his death at the hands of a tribe on a remote island off India. On Friday, police officials shared what the New York Times describes as "part letter, part...

What He Thought Would Keep Him Alive: a Football, Fish, and God

More on the final hours of John Allen Chau, killed by hostile Sentinelese

(Newser) - The young American, paddling his kayak toward a remote Indian island whose people have resisted the outside world for thousands of years, believed God was helping him dodge the authorities. "God sheltered me and camouflaged me against the coast guard and the navy," John Allen Chau wrote before...

He Yelled: 'Jesus Loves You.' The Remote Tribe Killed Him

More on US missionary John Allen Chau, killed by hostile Sentinelese tribe

(Newser) - Forgiveness is the call of the day from the family of John Allen Chau, the US missionary killed last week by a hostile tribe on India's North Sentinel Island. The BBC reports that the Chau family posted an Instagram photo Wednesday of their "beloved son, brother, uncle, and...

US Missionary Meets Grisly End at Hands of Vicious Tribe

Fishermen arrested after 'adventure tourist' reportedly killed by Sentinelese with arrows

(Newser) - The Sentinelese aren't exactly known to be welcoming to visitors, and they've once more lived up to that reputation. The AP and BBC report that the isolated indigenous tribe located on India's North Sentinel Island has apparently killed an American "adventure tourist," with local media...

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