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Breitbart Posts Video of Google Execs' Reaction to Trump Win

Site says it's evidence of bias, but Google says personal opinions don't affect products

(Newser) - Breitbart is out with a headline-generating video of Google executives reacting to the election of Donald Trump at the first staff meeting following his win. In Breitbart's view, the hour-long video "reveals an atmosphere of panic and dismay amongst the tech giant’s leadership, coupled with a... More »

Empty Chair Says It All: Senate Is Annoyed With Google

Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Dorsey appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee

(Newser) - Facebook and Twitter executives, defending their companies on Capitol Hill, said Wednesday they're aggressively trying to root out foreign interests seeking to sow divisions in American democracy as the November elections near. Facebook's No. 2 executive, Sheryl Sandberg, and Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, testified before the Senate... More »

Soon, Less 'Adult Supervision' at Google's Parent Company

Eric Schmidt is stepping down

(Newser) - Eric Schmidt, the man who turned Google into a juggernaut during his decade as CEO, is stepping down as executive chairman of Alphabet, its parent company. The company announced Thursday that the 62-year-old will be leaving the role, but will stay on as technical adviser and will continue to serve... More »

Google Co-Founder's Flying Car Takes Off

Kitty Hawk Flyer will be available later this year

(Newser) - Airbus' flying car might have competition. Kitty Hawk, a Silicon Valley startup named for the location of the Wright brothers' first controlled flight and backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, has revealed its flying car prototype and says buyers will be able to get their hands on a similar design... More »

Google Founders: Goodbye Google, Hello Alphabet

Larry Page and Sergey Brin create new parent company, will run that

(Newser) - Big changes at Google today: Its founders have a created a parent company for it called Alphabet and will focus on running that. Google itself will still exist, but in a "slimmed down" version that will be run by current Google exec Sundar Pichai, writes Larry Page in a... More »

Zuck Down $3 Billion in Tough Week for Tech

Google, Amazon bosses see fortunes drop

(Newser) - It's been a rough week for tech stocks, and some of Silicon Valley's top figures have paid the price. Mark Zuckerberg has lost $3.1 billion, Bloomberg reports, as Facebook dropped 11%. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, meanwhile, saw their joint fortunes dip $3 billion, while... More »

Google CEO Has Rare Vocal Cord Condition

Larry Page says problem won't stop him doing his job

(Newser) - Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page has broken his silence about the condition that prevented him from speaking publicly last summer , sparking fears he may have had an undisclosed, life-threatening illness. Page says he is in good health, but his left vocal cord has been paralyzed since he caught a... More »

Employees Say the Top CEO in America Is ...

Mark Zuckerberg wins poll, tying with SAP's co-CEOs

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg may not be able to keep his investors happy , but those inside Facebook still love him. Zuckerberg just topped Glassdoor's latest list of the 50 highest-rated CEOs in the country, with a 99% approval rating from Facebook employees, reports PC Mag . Not surprisingly, Facebook employees also voted... More »

Today's Newsy Meme: 'Pending Larry'

Twitter account springs up to poke fun at earnings miscue

(Newser) - Google and its printer are learning what it's like to make a public gaffe in the age of Twitter. After the company's disappointing earnings were released hours early by accident—complete with the line, "PENDING LARRY QUOTE," referring to co-founder Larry Page—the Internet pounced, reports... More »

Google, Apple CEOs Holding Secret Peace Talks?

Tim Cook, Larry Page have had at least one conversation

(Newser) - While the smartphone patent wars rage on, the CEOs of Apple and Google have been quietly communicating with each other in an attempt to resolve a range of intellectual property issues, sources tell Reuters . Apple's Tim Cook and Google's Larry Page had a phone conversation last week and... More »

Google CEO: 'Nothing Seriously Wrong With Me'

Larry Page sends email about health after skipping shareholders meeting

(Newser) - Wall Street was abuzz today with rumors about Google CEO Larry Page's health after he skipped yesterday's shareholder meeting and the company said he'd miss two upcoming events as well. So much so that Page wrote an email to employees to say that "there is nothing... More »

Yes, It's Real: New Company Will Mine Asteroids

It will scour near-earth sites for precious metals

(Newser) - It's official, earthlings: The world's first asteroid-mining company has launched. Planetary Resources had its official coming out party today, the AP reports, with its co-founders laying out their plan to mine outer space for precious metal. The company, which is backed by such big-name investors as James Cameron... More »

James Cameron's Next Trick: Mining Asteroids?

He, Google execs back new space venture

(Newser) - After hanging out in the deepest depths of the oceans , how does a Hollywood super-director top himself? By space mining, of course. James Cameron has teamed up with two Google billionaires, several ex-NASA officials, and some other ambitious investors to form Planetary Resources Inc., a space exploration company that seems... More »

Google Splits Stock as Profits Soar

Move keeps co-founders in control

(Newser) - Google has unveiled a stock split that will double the number of shares while keeping co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin firmly in control. The company is creating a new class of nonvoting shares that will be distributed to existing shareholders in a 2 for 1 split. The move will... More »

Britney Is the Queen of Google+

Pop star boots Google CEO from top spot

(Newser) - Lady Gaga may be the queen of Twitter , but Britney Spears is the queen of Google+. The pop star recently overtook Google CEO Larry Page to become the most-followed person on the social network, PC Magazine reports. The top five, along with their number of followers as of Social Statistics... More »

Inside Google X Lab: Office Robots, Space Elevators

'Google X' lab envisions future of technology

(Newser) - To Google is to search, but in the future it could mean much more. Google operates a secret lab in the Bay Area devoted to projects far beyond the cutting-edge: ideas like robots that go to the office for you and dinner plates that communicate with your social network, the... More »

IRS Eyes Google As Profits Jump

Company going 'gangbusters,' boasts CEO

(Newser) - Hard times elsewhere haven't done any damage to Google's bottom line. The company has announced a whopping 26% year-on-year jump in profits for the third quarter of this year, with net income of $2.73 billion on nearly $10 billion revenue, most of it from advertising, the BBC... More »

Google Bosses Not Using Google+

Only 2 of top 18 Googlers are active users of service

(Newser) - The top layer of management at Google doesn't seem to have warmed to to Google+, blogs Michael Degusta at the understatement . Out of the company's top 18 execs, only two can be considered active users of the social networking service, he finds. Five others are minimal users, including... More »

Vanity Fair Unveils 'New Establishment' List

Mark Zuckerberg tops it, along with other tech execs

(Newser) - Vanity Fair put another feather in Mark Zuckerberg’s cap today, naming him to the top spot in its “ New Establishment ” list for the second year in a row. What’s the “New Establishment” you ask? Well, in the magazine’s words, it’s “an innovative... More »

Google+ to Let Users Keep Gender Private

Site wants the information, but it can be hidden

(Newser) - As Google works out its social-networking kinks, it has announced a new privacy setting: Google+ users will soon be able to keep their gender hidden from others. "Gender can be a sensitive topic, especially on the Internet," says a Google product manager in an online video. Starting this... More »

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