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Apple Eyes Solar-Powered Gadgets

iPods and iPhones could soon harness sun's power with new patent

(Newser) - Apple is seeking a different kind of moment in the sun, reports Forbes, as the behemoth has filed a patent that would integrate solar cells with its iPods and iPhones. The technology would boost the amount of area available for cells, paving the way for truly mobile gadgets free totally...

Is There a Solar Bubble?
 Is There a Solar Bubble?

Is There a Solar Bubble?

Parallels with now-depressed ethanol stocks sure to scare investors

(Newser) - Stocks in solar-energy outfits are enjoying a sustained rally, but investors should remember the lesson of ethanol, Mark Gongloff writes in the Wall Street Journal. Once-loved ethanol stocks are now widely scorned—mainly because the energy source will never be viable without government subsidies. Still, despite solar’s advantages, shares...

Sharp Decline Seen in Future Oil Supplies

Industry may require massive cash infusion to keep up with demand: analyst

(Newser) - The international agency that monitors oil supplies is preparing a very pessimistic forecast of future capacity, the Wall Street Journal reports, one that heightens worries over whether producers will be able to keep pace with exploding demand for oil. The International Energy Agency, whose previous models showed steady—and predictable—...

Silicon Could Convert Waste Heat Into Power

New nanowires add to chip tech's bag of tricks

(Newser) - Silicon could turn heat into electricity for cheaper than current technologies based on other materials, reports Technology Review. Researchers made nanowires out of silicon so that it would conduct electricity, but not heat. Normal silicon conducts both very well. The specially-made wires, however, convert heat applied at one end to...

Iraq Pumping More Oil Than Before War

Increased security at northern pipeline credited with boost

(Newser) - Thanks largely to increased security, Iraq is now producing more oil than it was before the war began in 2003, according to the International Energy Agency. The output is up to 2.3 million barrels per day from 1.9 million barrels daily at the beginning of the year. Protecting...

Demand for Oil May Pass Output by 2012

Experts see prolonged crisis as producers max out pumping ability

(Newser) - Production limits, not supply, could prompt an oil crisis in less than a decade as efforts to reduce demand and introduce alternative fuels trail growth in the world’s oil needs, the Journal reports. Oil companies currently produce 85 million barrels daily; some experts say they'll hit a wall at...

Oil Drops to $91 as Rush to $100 Stalls

Saudi oil minister blames speculators, says $60 is more like it

(Newser) - After gushing toward $100 a barrel, oil traded as low as $90.13 yesterday, closing at $91.17. Analysts said the downward pressure could continue as demand for oil slows and OPEC increases production, reports the Wall Street Journal. Saudi Arabia's oil minister, meanwhile, told the Globe and Mail that...

$100 a Barrel Oil Triggers Crisis

New energy shock caused by runaway demand

(Newser) - The planet is headed for the third major energy crisis in a generation, but this one may be more serious and last longer than the others, the New York Times reports. Energy crises in the '70s and '80s were triggered by interruptions in supply from the Middle East....

China to Top US in Energy Use, Pollution

Demand will double in 20 years, says new report

(Newser) - China will bypass the US to become the world’s top energy consumer by 2010, a new study says. Spurred by increased demand for natural resources, the country’s energy consumption will double in just 20 years to satisfy its booming economy, the BBC reports. To quench its thirst for...

IBM Scrapes Silicon Scraps
IBM Scrapes Silicon Scraps

IBM Scrapes Silicon Scraps

Water-based abrasion technique avoids chemicals; recycles silicon for solar panels

(Newser) - IBM has developed an eco-friendly way of recycling silicon for eco-friendly solar panels. Semiconductor chipmakers often sell used silicon too thin for computing to solar panel manufacturers. Until now, they’ve used abrasive chemicals or a spray of glass beads to erase circuits from the chips. IBM plans to share...

Silicon Ink Makes Splash in Solar Cell Industry

New technology could slash production prices drastically

(Newser) - Silicon ink, a new innovation in nanotechnology, may revolutionize the way that solar panels are produced and dramatically cut solar energy costs. The company that makes the ink, Innovalight, will announce today $28 million in new funding from Norwegian corporation Convexa Capital, as well as plans for a 30,000-square-foot...

Real, Fake TV Moguls to Star at Solar Conference

Turner, Hagman will keynote industry event

(Newser) - The 2007 gathering of the solar industry this week in Long Beach, Calif., will feature plenty of new technology demonstrations, hot VC action, and speeches, CNET reports. Hotly anticipated talks include those by media mogul and environmental activist Ted Turner and actor Larry Hagman, famous for his roles in "...

Solar Plane Beats World Record
Solar Plane Beats World Record

Solar Plane Beats World Record

Aviation officials absent for the Zephyr's 54-hr flight

(Newser) - A lightweight, solar-powered plane has broken the world record for the longest unmanned flight by a whole day. The Zephyr, built by a British security firm, flew for 54 hours during a test flight, beating the US Air Force's record for a similar vehicle by 24 hours. But it's not...

Sunny Days Here for Green Homeowners

Thanks to subsidies and surplus, going green is paying off

(Newser) - Sunny days are here to stay for solar homes with roof-top panels, Forbes reports. Such green abodes can cover electricity costs in warm months and store enough to sell solar power to the grid for profit. Installation is expensive but viable thanks to government subsidies, especially in California, New Jersey...

10 Technologies on the Cusp
10 Technologies on the Cusp

10 Technologies on the Cusp

MIT experts look ahead at breakthroughs and brainstorms that may change the way we live

(Newser) - Technology Review presents 10 technologies you'll soon be hearing about.
  1. Peer-to-peer networking as a way for legitimate businesses to handle heavy data streaming.
  2. Nanocharging solar, which could make solar power cost-competitive.
  3. Artifically structured metamaterials.
  4. Personalized medical monitors.
  5. Single-cell analysis.

House OKs Renewable Energy Bill
House OKs Renewable Energy Bill

House OKs Renewable Energy Bill

Legislation faces likely presidential veto

(Newser) - The House passed a broad-based clean energy bill yesterday that redirects $16 billion in tax incentives from big oil and gas companies to renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. Democrats hailed the legislation as the first big step toward making the US a more environmentally friendly nation, but...

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