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She Applied for Work at a Job Fair. She Didn't See the Camera

Ja'Naea Modest filled out application while on work break; news crew aired her move that afternoon

(Newser) - Ja'Naea Modest thought she'd been stealthy. On her lunch break from work Friday, the 33-year-old from Champaign, Ill., switched outfits, headed to a job fair, and filled out an application, thinking she needed a change from her current post at a nonprofit serving people with disabilities. "I... More »

What Our Voice Says About Us

Changes in voice may reveal a lot about ourselves, study says

(Newser) - Job hunters, take note: If you're insecure during an interview, your voice may give you away. A new study reveals that people speak in higher-pitched voices when they're speaking to someone they see as higher status. Writing in Quartz , the researchers say that men and women who viewed... More »

Photo Editor Mistakenly Makes Job Plea Very Public

AP employee pasted note for cover letter into photo caption

(Newser) - Gawker has spotted a cringe-worthy gaffe by a photo editor at the Associated Press whose job search went inadvertently public. A photo caption that went out across the wires began in ordinary fashion, but had this tucked within it, in an apparent copy-and-paste debacle:
  • "Instead of starting this
... More »

eHarmony Looks to Match Bosses, Workers

Dating website to use approach to romance to connect people with jobs

(Newser) - EHarmony is moving from the business of love to the business of, well, business. The dating website is developing a job service that aims to cut through what one eHarmony exec calls the "artificial and weird interaction" of the job interview in much the same way it does the... More »

How to Get a Job: Stay Positive for Months

Upbeat job seekers see good results in 20-week study

(Newser) - If you're looking for a job, get ready to stick it out for four months—and keep up that can-do attitude. Researchers tracked the job search experiences of 177 unemployed subjects for 20 weeks and found that 72% of them got work, particularly those who maintained a good outlook.... More »

Jobs Site Monster Cutting 400 ... Jobs

That's 7% of positions worldwide

(Newser) - It's a layoff announcement with a sad, ironic twist: Monster Worldwide, which runs the online recruitment site and makes job-search software, is itself slashing 400 jobs, reports Reuters . That amounts to 7% of full-time staff. "The progress we saw in the fourth quarter was much slower than what... More »

America's Worst Job-Hunting Cities

Miami tops the latest list

(Newser) - Miami and LA might be beautiful places to live—but they’re really terrible places to find work. Those two cities top the list in a new analysis of the worst cities to find employment. Indeed, a job hunting site, compared federal unemployment records with its own job... More »

Labor Dept Has a New Site for Jobless

Unemployment? Still there.

(Newser) - For those who wish they were working this holiday weekend, the Labor Department has a new website aimed at helping out-of-work Americans land a job. Called My Skills, My Future, the site allows job-seekers to punch in their skills, search for jobs, and obtain training, reports Huffington Post. More »

Tips for Online Job Hunters

For starters, be careful about anything you post

(Newser) - Online job hunters make common mistakes, writes Elizabeth Garone in the Wall Street Journal. Things to keep in mind:
  • Mind your manners: This applies to your tweets, blogs, even your Facebook postings. Most hiring managers review your online presence, and most have rejected people because of something inappropriate they dug
... More »

Crazy Job Interview Questions

How many tennis balls are in this room, and why, wonders Yahoo

(Newser) - The employment resources blog has rounded up some of the most bizarre interview questions of 2009. Some beauties:
  • How many tennis balls are in this room and why? (Yahoo)
  • If you were a brick in a wall, which brick would you be and why? (Nestle USA)
  • If I
... More »

10 Best Cities to Get a Job

DC tops search engine's list

(Newser) - Washington, DC is the easiest city in the country to land a job, says job-search site, which ranked cities by comparing the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ figures on unemployed workers to the number of job postings on Juju itself. The site finds 1.87 “unemployed individuals per... More »

With Job Openings, Employers All a-Twitter

Social-networking site gives companies a cheap medium to find the techno-savvy

(Newser) - For some firms, Twitter is playing the role of headhunter: companies like Verizon and Microsoft are posting openings on the social-networking site, the Wall Street Journal reports. Job boards have “become saturated,” says a Newell Rubbermaid VP. “With Twitter, we don't have to go through that huge... More »

Job-Rich N. Dakota Lures the Unemployed

State jobless rate is 4.2%

(Newser) - North Dakota, not usually known for much other than open space, has suddenly become a job-seeker's paradise. The state of just over 640,000 has 9,000 open jobs and employs a recruiter who works full-time to lure workers, the Washington Post reports. "In North Dakota, it is pretty... More »

Looking for Work? Better Have a Job Already

Another hurdle for job-seekers as unemployment nears 10%

(Newser) - Finding a job when unemployment is at 9.4% is hard enough. But the recently laid-off have another hurdle to contend with: Many employers are most interested in attracting candidates who are still working, the Wall Street Journal reports. “If they’re employed in today’s economy, they have... More »

Scammers Target Panicky Job Hunters

Experts warn work-from-home frauds are mushrooming as unemployment rises

(Newser) - Scammers are taking advantage of the recession to con people desperately seeking work out of what little cash they have left, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Watchdog groups warn that phony work-from-home offers promising quick cash in return for an initial outlay of money are proliferating, and that some fraudsters are... More »

Recession's Victims Overwhelm Libraries

Surge in jobseekers, homeless, and crime stresses out library staff

(Newser) - Libraries that once worried about staying relevant are finding themselves on the front line of the recession, the New York Times reports. Attendance has surged as the newly unemployed—some of whom can't read or write or navigate the Internet—use facilities to write resumés and search for jobs,... More »

In Job Hunt, Tech Boosts Old-School Networking

Sites like Monster aren't getting people jobs

(Newser) - The best way to get back into the workforce is both time-tested and cutting-edge: networking. Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter are taking the place of the old-fashioned phone call, Farhad Manjoo writes for Slate: "The most forward-looking job seekers have all but abandoned job-listing sites in favor of... More »

Laid-Off, Many Turn to Blogging

Recently laid-off vent, share leads online

(Newser) - As layoffs soar, job seekers are turning to blogs to connect with others in the same boat and share their adventures in unemployment, the Wall Street Journal reports. For many professionals, blogging helps make sense of the sudden changes a layoff brings. "It's difficult to see your own progress,... More »

Lost Your Job? Turn to Those You Kind of Know

Acquaintances can be road to success in tough times

(Newser) - In the professional world, it’s all about who you sort of know, especially when times are hard, Gregory Rodriguez writes in the Los Angeles Times. Job losses may make people withdraw from their friends, but during a recession, acquaintances are the ones who count, often helping pave the way... More »

Mr. T to Unemployed: 'Man Up!'

(Newser) - Feeling the recession depression? Not sure how you’re going to make ends meet? Mr T has some advice for you: “Man up,” the Mirror reports. The professional tough guy, who said he was in London to show Brits how to be a man, added, “If you... More »

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