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She Talked Penis Size With Letterman, Taught on Fetishes

Former nurse Sue Johanson, who became a celebrity sex expert in US and Canada, dies at 93

(Newser) - Sue Johanson, a nurse who became a popular TV sex expert in Canada and the United States when she was in her 60s, has died, her daughter said. Johanson died in Toronto on Wednesday at age 93 after a long decline, Jane Johanson said, per the AP . Johanson's straight...

Researchers Offer Remedy for Women's 'Orgasm Gap'
Researchers Offer Remedy
for Women's 'Orgasm Gap'
new study

Researchers Offer Remedy for Women's 'Orgasm Gap'

They think a 'golden trio' of techniques will help

(Newser) - Out of the many different types of people having sex out there, it seems that when it comes to reaching orgasm, straight women are at the bottom of the totem pole. Reporting in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior , researchers at the Kinsey Institute, Chapman University, and Indiana University found...

Married Couples' Sex Lives 'Rebound'—After 50 Years

Those in first marriages have sex more frequently than those who remarried

(Newser) - It's no secret that most married couples have less sex as the years go by, but those who stick it out tend to see something of a romantic renaissance—it just takes five decades to get there. Researchers looking at 1,656 married adults ranging in age from 57...

Nearly Half of Young Men Report 'Sexual Coercion'
Nearly Half of Young Men Report 'Sexual Coercion'

Nearly Half of Young Men Report 'Sexual Coercion'

43% had unwanted sexual experience

(Newser) - A huge proportion of young men say they have ended up submitting to unwanted sexual advances—and 95% of the time, a female they knew was the aggressor, according to new research. The study found that 43% of high school or college-age men reported being coerced into unwanted sexual behavior,...

Long-Lost Study: Penguins Rape, Kill Each Other

Adelie penguins: so depraved, history forgot about them

(Newser) - Those penguin tuxedos? Deceptive, it turns out. Certain young male penguins are so sexually depraved that their behavior was kept hidden for 100 years, the Guardian reports. British scientist George Murray Levick studied Adélie penguins during a 1910-1913 Antarctic expedition, and his report so appalled editors that details of...

The New Stigma: Asexuality
 The New Stigma: Asexuality 

The New Stigma: Asexuality

In hypersexual West, 'no sex' can be biggest taboo of all

(Newser) - With all the debates over homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, and just plain sex, it's hard to believe any group could be left out. But there is one—the asexuals. People with no interest in any sort of sex are estimated to be 1% of the population, but thanks to the...

Inside the Sex Addiction Crisis

The epidemic afflicts millions of Americans

(Newser) - With the Tiger Woods scandal officially behind us, the Daily Beast looks into our nation's sex addiction epidemic—which now afflicts more than 9 million people and employs some 1,500 sex therapists. “Where it used to be 40- to 50-year-old men seeking treatment, now there are more...

Recession Sex Studies: Why They're All Bunk

'Are people getting it on more or less frequently?'

(Newser) - The recession makes men cheat. And boosts the sales of sex toys . And inspires couples to reconnect in bed. And lowers men's libidos ... and women's. Wait, is anyone following this? In Salon , Tracy Clark-Flory traces the eye-rolling flow of studies and "expert insights" into how the recession...

Virginity Makes a Comeback
 Virginity Makes a Comeback 

Virginity Makes a Comeback

More young people postponing first encounter: study

(Newser) - A new federal study suggests more young men and women are remaining virgins longer. In the 15-24 age group, 27% of men and 29% of women say they've never had a sexual encounter of any kind, reports MSNBC . That's up from 22% for both groups from the last study in...

History's Greatest Sex Lives
 History's Greatest Sex Lives 

History's Greatest Sex Lives

Genghis Khan to Madonna, not just about numbers

(Newser) - Taking into account sheer numbers, global impact, and inventiveness, James Brady Ryan counts down the history’s top sex lives for Nerve . Some highlights:
  • Genghis Khan: When 8% of the population of Central Asia (which includes 17 million males) are your direct descendants, you did something right.
  • Madonna: “No

DC to Give Out Female Condoms
 DC to 
 Give Out 


DC to Give Out Female Condoms

'Dream project' targets pockets of high-risk sexual behavior

(Newser) - Washington, DC, has given out condoms for almost a decade, but now the capital city is also offering up female condoms to boost its efforts to stem HIV infection rates. Some half-million free female condoms will soon blanket the District's schools, convenience stores, and salons in high-risk areas in a...

Are Glory Days of Casual Sex Over?
 Are Glory Days 
 of Casual Sex Over? 

Are Glory Days of Casual Sex Over?

Columnists debate how big of a backlash casual sex is getting

(Newser) - The days of glorified casual sex are over…or are they? On the one hand, we haven’t seen Paris Hilton’s undies in years, raunchy Christina Aguilera married herself off and has been replaced by virginal Taylor Swift, and even “the fictional Carrie Bradshaw is wed and living...

Point of Vampire Craze: No Sex Is Deviant Anymore
Point of Vampire Craze:
No Sex Is Deviant Anymore

Point of Vampire Craze: No Sex Is Deviant Anymore

Bloodsuckers of today just want to fit in

(Newser) - A cultural obsession with vampires usually coincides with changing sexuality, writes Stephen Marche. The vampire is a realized sexual other—whether an aristocratic libertine or an AIDS victim—with the human characters representing the mainstream. Usually, the normals have killed the other, but our current vampire moment is different: Whether...

Not Feeling Sexy? 'Just Do It.'

New book reveals reasons behind lack of sex in marriage

(Newser) - Why does passion so often fizzle in a marriage? Prepare to be shocked: Bettina Arndt’s The Sex Diaries reveals the reasons aren’t what you think, the Daily Mail reports. Included in the nearly 100 couples who kept diaries for a year are many men who love their wives...

From Now 'Til New Year's: Baby-Making on the Rise

Increased leisure time and resolutions the cause

(Newser) - The gifts have been opened, but a special package may be arriving 9 months from now. The days between Christmas and the start of the New Year see more sex than usual, reports McClatchy Newspapers, which cite Trojan condom's pre-New Year's sales as proof.  The hanky panky results in...

STD? Slap Your Ex With Lawsuit
STD? Slap Your Ex With Lawsuit

STD? Slap Your Ex With Lawsuit

Courts move toward holding people liable for infecting partner — even unknowingly

(Newser) - California courts are deciding a civil dispute that could change first-date conversations. A woman is suing her ex-husband for allegedly giving her HIV, though he claims to not have known he was infected at the time, MSNBC writes. The case follows successful wins in Iowa and New York by plaintiffs...

Chile's Frisky Teens Kiss Off Conservative Ways of Old

Parents, educators fret about sexual revolution

(Newser) - Chile's teenagers are going through a sexual rebellion unlike anything the once straight-laced Catholic country has ever seen before, the New York Times reports. Now parents and educators, who themselves grew up under the repressive Pinochet regime, are worried that sex education isn't keeping up with promiscuity fueled in part...

It's Official: Bikinis Make Men Stupid

Scientists say sex drive trumps common sense

(Newser) - Men make dumb decisions when ogling bikini-clad beauties—conventional wisdom, sure, but now there's some science behind it. Belgian researchers found that men bombarded with sexy images have a definite drop-off in cognitive skills when compared with those who gaze at landscapes, reports MSNBC. The experiment supports earlier findings that...

Quickies Are the Way to Go
 Quickies Are the Way to Go 

Quickies Are the Way to Go

Study shows 3-13 minutes is gtoo long in bed

(Newser) - Size may or may not matter when it comes to sex, but length (of time) definitely does, reports the AP. A recent survey of sex therapists reveals that 3-13 minutes is ideal. One researcher wanted to refute the notion that "more of something good is better, and if you...

Teens' Public Orgies Rattle Chilean Mores

Sexcapades reflect consumer-driven, apolitical youth culture

(Newser) - Can 100 teenagers performing oral sex on one another in a public park not be a political statement? That's one of the questions the sight of horny, apolitical, bisexual Chilean teenagers are prompting among their appalled, mostly Catholic compatriots, Newsweek reports from a country still haunted by General Pinochet's repressive...

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