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Mexico Nabs 'King of Heroin'
 Mexico Nabs 'King of Heroin' 

Mexico Nabs 'King of Heroin'

'Don Pepe' shipped 440 pounds to US every month, say cops

(Newser) - Federal police have arrested Mexico's so-called "King of Heroin," a powerful drug trafficker allegedly responsible for running hundreds of pounds of heroin into Southern California each year, authorities said today. Jose Antonio Medina, nicknamed "Don Pepe," was arrested in the western state of Michoacan yesterday.

Busiest US-Mexico Crossing Closed After Gunfight

US agents open fire on coordinated effort to smuggle in illegal immigrants

(Newser) - A coordinated effort to get illegal immigrants into the US devolved into a gunfight today in San Diego, and shut down the busiest US-Mexico border crossing. Four people were injured after US agents opened fire on three vans attempted to speed through the San Ysido Port of Entry from Tijuana...

Mexican Cartel Crew Indicted in San Diego Kidnap-Murders

(Newser) - Members of a notorious Mexican drug cartel have been indicted for running a San Diego kidnap-murder ring that dissolved two victims in acid, reports the Los Angeles Times. Gang members dressed as police officers and kidnapped well-to-do victims across the border; they collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in ransom...

4 Americans Strangled, Stabbed in Tijuana

Murdered California residents told friends they were going clubbing in Mexico

(Newser) - The bound, beaten, strangled, and stabbed bodies of four young Americans have been found in a van in Tijuana, AP reports. The the two men and two women left their homes in the San Diego and Chula Vista areas last week to visit Mexican nightclubs.

Obama Looks to Curb Mexican Drug Violence

President powwows with envoy, may offer US military support

(Newser) - President Obama met yesterday with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen, recently returned from Mexico City, with an eye toward offering US military and intelligence support to Mexican forces as they battle a tidal wave in drug-related violence, CNN reports. The meeting followed reports of new bloodshed: A US...

Schools Warn Against Mexico Spring Break

(Newser) - Arizona’s three state universities are following the State Department and attempting to dissuade students from spending spring break in Mexican border towns, a traditional pastime, because of drug-associated violence there, the AP reports. One federal official called the warning “sage advice,” noting “documented violence, attacks, killings”...

Families of Missing Want 'Stew Maker' to Help

Man who dissolved bodies may be able to identify kidnap, murder victims

(Newser) - Families with loved ones missing in Mexico are hoping that "the stew maker" can give them closure, the Los Angeles Times reports. A day after the arrest of Santiago Meza Lopez—who confessed to dissolving at least 300 bodies for drug cartels—dozens of people lobbied Tijuana police...

'Stew Maker' Dissolved 300 Corpses in Mexico Drug War

Cartel branch paid $600 a week for disposal

(Newser) - A Mexican man has confessed to chemically dissolving 300 bodies produced by Mexico’s drug war, Reuters reports. A breakaway cartel faction paid Santiago “the Stew Maker” Meza $600 a week to dispose of bodies they brought him, he said. He dumped the bodies in industrial drums filled with...

Marines Warned Tijuana Too Dangerous for R&R

Drug war prompts new rules to stop marines heading south of the border

(Newser) - The US military has warned their battle-hardened Marines that Tijuana is too dangerous a place for them to visit, USA Today reports. A surge in Mexican drug violence has resulted in military orders effectively placing the popular party town off limits to 44,000 leathernecks—including many who have done...

Savage Figure Lurks Behind Tijuana Killings

Mexican officials fear even posting Garcia Simental's photo

(Newser) - Many of the charred and maimed victims of Tijuana’s recent drug violence bear one similarity: the three-letter marker of Teo Garcia Simental, a shadowy crime boss authorities fear too much to hunt, the Los Angeles Times reports. A kidnapper and extortionist, Garcia operates a network that keeps victims caged...

More Than 2 Dozen Killed in Mexican Drug Violence

Body of newspaper editor found as violence continues

(Newser) - Mexican gangs battling over drug routes to the US show no signs of easing up on the mayhem, the Los Angeles Times reports. In a spasm of violence over the last 2 days, gunmen raked patrons of a bar in Chihuahua and killed 11; a newspaper publisher was shot to...

12 Bodies Dumped Near Tijuana School

City's rampant drug war threatens residents

(Newser) - A dozen bodies were found piled up near an elementary school in a working-class Tijuana neighborhood yesterday, signaling a rare instance of the city's rampant drug war spilling over into a residential area. Police found a bag full of severed tongues nearby and a message indicating the violence was between...

Work Begins on Controversial San Diego Border Fence

Critics charge $57M fence isn't worth cost or environmental damage

(Newser) - Construction crews have launched work on a controversial section of the US-Mexico border fence near San Diego, AP reports. The Smuggler's Gulch canyon will be filled with dirt and a fence built at a cost of $16 million a mile. Critics charge the fence is no longer vital and the...

Under Violent Seige, Tijuana's Elite Flee

Kidnappings rampant as drug cartel lashes out over crackdown

(Newser) - As drug-fueled violence skyrockets in Tijuana, the upper-class is fleeing the city, with more than 1,000 wealthy families migrating to the US, reports the LA Times. The Mexican city is now second to Baghdad in kidnappings and many American real estate agents describe clients who arrive missing fingers or...

15 Dead in Tijuana Shootout
 15 Dead in 
 Tijuana Shootout 

15 Dead in Tijuana Shootout

Mexico sends in thousands of troops to quell further fighting

(Newser) - A gunfight between Tijuana drug cartel rivals left 15 dead and eight wounded near the US border today, Reuters reports. The worst violence in Mexico's 3-year drug war, it filled a city road with bodies and took the lives of two top hit men from the Arellano Felix cartel. "...

Mexico's Emo Teens Under Fire
 Mexico's Emo Teens Under Fire 

Mexico's Emo Teens Under Fire

They're being attacked in the streets by other youth subcultures

(Newser) - An ugly clash of cultures is surfacing in Mexico with so-called emo teenagers being viciously beaten in big cities across the country, Wired reports. In one well-publicized attack north of Mexico City, an 800-strong mob—made up of punk fans and ordinary working-class teens—beat up a handful of long-haired,...

Border Strife Escalating in Tijuana
Border Strife Escalating
in Tijuana

Border Strife Escalating in Tijuana

Neighborhood residents complain about US agents' tactics

(Newser) - Areas of Tijuana that abut the American border have turned into battlegrounds, as Mexican smugglers lob rocks from rooftops at US Border Patrol agents, who have begun retaliating by firing pepper spray and tear gas into densely populated neighborhoods, the Los Angeles Times reports. The tactics have caused evacuations and...

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