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'Stupidly Obvious' Flaw Led to Massive Xbox Fraud
'Stupidly Obvious' Flaw
Led to Massive Xbox Fraud

'Stupidly Obvious' Flaw Led to Massive Xbox Fraud

Microsoft engineer was able to generate millions in fake gift-card codes and sell them

(Newser) - The crime was audacious, lucrative, and relatively simple—and the mastermind might have gotten away with it had he not gotten too greedy, too fast. Last year, a Microsoft engineer was imprisoned over fraud related to Xbox gift cards, and Bloomberg now offers an in-depth look at Volodymyr Kvashuk's...

Microsoft to Pay $7.5B for Video Game Rival

Idea is for Bethesda to boost Xbox Game Pass service

(Newser) - Microsoft is buying the company behind popular video games the Elder Scrolls, Doom, and Fallout. The software giant said Monday that it is paying $7.5 billion for ZeniMax Media, the parent company of video game publisher Bethesda Softworks, the AP reports. Microsoft said it is buying Bethesda in part...

Man Accused of Killing Girl, 4, for Spilling Juice on Xbox

Prosecutors seek life sentence for Johnathan Fair

(Newser) - Prosecutors will seek a life sentence for a suburban Chicago man accused of beating a 4-year-old girl to death after she spilled juice on an Xbox video console. Prosecutors say "heinous" circumstances justify the sentence for 19-year-old Johnathan Fair, of Waukegan, if he is eventually convicted of first-degree murder...

Execs Freak Over Dancers in Bras, Skirts at Xbox Party

Microsoft HR chief calls it 'unacceptable'

(Newser) - Whoever hired scantily dressed dancers for an Xbox party this week may be polishing his resume about now. A top executive at Microsoft, which owns Xbox, has called the decision "unacceptable" and promises a full investigation, the Seattle Times reports. "When we heard about this and saw the...

Teen Runs Up $7.6K Bill Playing Xbox

He's claiming ignorance over Dad's credit card bill

(Newser) - A Canadian kid is in deep poutine after charging more than $7,600 onto his father's credit card while playing a FIFA video game on his Xbox, the CBC reports. Lance Perkins says he was "floored" when he got the bill Dec. 23. Perkins' 17-year-old son told him...

Landfill Dig Finds Hundreds of Copies of 'Worst Game Ever'

Crews reveal truth behind legend

(Newser) - Gaming lore holds that huge quantities of the supposed worst video game of all time—Atari's ET—were buried in a New Mexico landfill . Turns out, those who believed the story were right. In a dig in the southeastern city of Alamogordo, crews found hundreds of copies of the...

Assad Backers Hack Microsoft Twitter... Again

Syrian Electronic Army tweets through 2 company accounts

(Newser) - Ten days ago, Syrian regime supporters the Syrian Electronic Army broke into Microsoft's Skype social media accounts; today, the group tweeted through both the Microsoft News and Xbox Support accounts, ZDNet and the Next Web report. "Don't use Microsoft emails(hotmail,outlook),They are monitoring your accounts and...

Cops: Teen Killed Over Xbox Argument

Boy, 13, allegedly shoots cousin, 16, after fight

(Newser) - Police say a 13-year-old fatally shot his 16-year-old cousin after the teen boys got into a fight about an Xbox. Raymond Galloway was shot in his sleep in a Chicago home early yesterday, the Chicago Tribune reports; his cousin was charged with first-degree murder today. It's not clear how...

Microsoft Reveals New XBox, Focuses on TV, Not Games

Including a new Halo series from Steven Spielberg

(Newser) - Microsoft unveiled its long-awaited next-generation XBox today, touting more than anything its bevy of advanced entertainment features, calling it an "all-in-one system for games, movies, and entertainment," and announcing an exclusive, live-action Halo TV show produced by Steven Spielberg. Here's what you need to know, drawn from...

Microsoft Exec Takes Flak Over 'Deal With It' Response

New Xbox may need always-on connection

(Newser) - Rumor has it that the next version of the Xbox will require an always-on Internet connection, and lots of gamers aren't happy about it, notes JoyStiq . (Recall the disastrous SimCity launch .) A Microsoft employee didn't exactly smooth the waters in an exchange on Twitter, however. Hashtag chosen...

Microsoft Making 7-inch 'X-Box Surface' Tablet

New tablet would be just for gaming

(Newser) - The latest gossip out of Silicon Valley: Microsoft is developing a new, 7-inch gaming tablet known as the Xbox Surface, insiders tell The Verge . The device, still in the testing stages, will contain hardware designed specifically for games, though some basic tablet and Windows features may be incorporated. Fueling the...

Microsoft Unveils Competition for iTunes

Xbox Music will combine the perks of other services

(Newser) - Itching to compete with iTunes, Microsoft is rolling out a new music player by embedding it into the company's devices and software, the New York Times reports. Called Xbox Music, it will offer a catalog of 30 million songs for purchase, a Pandora-style radio station, and a Spotify-like option...

Could the Next Xbox Have 'Holodeck' Technology?

'Immersive' and 'interactive' the key words to recent patents

(Newser) - Microsoft recently patented a next-generation video game system that sounds a lot like the start of a Star Trek-style "holodeck," reports NBC News . Pictures filed with the patent show a device that projects images on the walls of the room around the game system, along with a "...

Germany Bans Xbox, Windows 7

But Microsoft says it doesn't have to pull products yet

(Newser) - If you live in Germany and you like Microsoft products, you may want to stock up: A court ordered today that Microsoft remove Xbox 360 and Windows 7 from shelves, after ruling that Microsoft had infringed on Motorola Mobility's patents. But nothing will be pulled yet, Microsoft says, because...

Your Next Cable Box: Xbox Live

Microsoft revamping service

(Newser) - The latest competition aiming to replace your cable box: Xbox Live. Microsoft is ramping up its online entertainment service starting tomorrow, allowing subscribers to watch a variety of television from their Xbox 360. In addition, rather than the tedious process of using a remote control to search for shows listed...

LulzSec Leader's Downfall? Xbox

Fellow gamer apparently revealed identity of Topiary

(Newser) - So how did UK authorities manage to track down and arrest the secretive LulzSec leader known as Topiary last month? It might have been a fellow Xbox gamer who ratted on him, according to Adrian Chen at Gawker . It seems Topiary—who was revealed to be 18-year-old Jake Davis from...

Disabled Gamers: Industry Ignoring Us

Accessibility features are often lacking

(Newser) - Chuck Bittner has limited use of his arms because of quadriplegia, and yet he's an accomplished gamer. Or at least he is on the relatively few titles with accessibility features that allow controls to be reconfigured for players like him, reports Wired . On Brink, for example, he can tweak...

Xbox Kinect to Geeks: Hack Us!
Xbox Kinect to Geeks:
Hack Us!

Xbox Kinect to Geeks: Hack Us!

Microsoft wants help developing all possibilities of new tech

(Newser) - Hack us, please. That's the message Xbox Kinect developers are issuing to hackers everywhere. They know they're sitting on something big, and want help exploring all the possibilities of Microsoft's cutting-edge motion-control Kinect video games. Hackers have already altered Kinect to work for touchie-feelie porn and World of Warcraft . Now...

Interactive Porn Reaches Kinect
Interactive Porn
Reaches Kinect

Interactive Porn Reaches Kinect

Gaming firm creates demo showing kinky XBox possibilities

(Newser) - It took them more than a month, but the adult gaming industry has managed to crack Kinect and use it for interactive porn. Sex simulation gaming company ThriXXX has released a demo showing how the motion-controlled gadget for Microsoft's XBox gaming system can be used for porn pleasure, ABC News...

Microsoft Planning XBox TV Service

Television tech battle back on

(Newser) - Microsoft is planning to leap back into the battle for American living rooms with a new TV service, sources tell Reuters. The company has held talks with TV networks about creating a TV service to be delivered through the XBox console, establishing a "virtual cable operator" that would charge...

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