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She Stabbed Beau 108 Times, Avoids Jail Time

Bryn Spejcher found to have been suffering from marijuana-induced psychosis

(Newser) - The family of a man fatally stabbed 108 times says a California judge has set a dangerous precedent in ruling that the man's killer will serve no jail time. In December, a jury found Bryn Spejcher guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the May 28, 2018, death of 26-year-old Chad...

He Died by Suicide. His Wife Blames 'COVID Psychosis'

Researchers are still investigating possible links between the virus and mental illness

(Newser) - A Illinois family is speaking out after a husband and father of two took his own life, saying he did so as a result of "COVID psychosis." Ben Price of Morris committed suicide 16 days after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 in February. The 48-year-old farmer and married...

COVID May Cause Odd Effects, Including a Stutter

Neurological symptoms such as stroke, psychosis not fully understood

(Newser) - We could be dealing with a "public mental health crisis" long after the coronavirus becomes a threat of the past, per Scientific American . Early studies indicate a third of COVID-19 patients develop a neurological symptom, such as stroke, psychosis, mania, a stutter, brain fog, and forgetfulness. "As horrible...

Doctors Report Limited Instances of Psychosis in COVID Patients
Doctors Start
to See Psychosis
in COVID Patients
in case you missed it

Doctors Start to See Psychosis in COVID Patients

Other viruses, including the 1918 flu, have caused similar episodes

(Newser) - There's evidence of more harm done by COVID-19: new-onset psychosis. Patients who have had the virus but have no history of mental illness are suffering from serious psychotic symptoms, including frightening and potentially dangerous delusions. The number of affected patients is not high, the New York Times reports, but...

Van Gogh Painting Deemed Authentic: 'a Cry of Anguish'

1889 self-portrait said to be only piece the Dutch artist created while suffering from psychosis

(Newser) - Vincent Van Gogh was never known for sure to have painted any pieces when he suffered from psychosis—until now. On Monday, art experts declared that a dour self-portrait hanging in Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum, a painting that's been the subject of much speculation for 50 years, is...

Alex Jones: 'Psychosis' Made Me Say Sandy Hook Was a Hoax

Radio host said in deposition that he's since learned the truth is 'more in the middle'

(Newser) - Families of Sandy Hook victims aren't backing down going after Alex Jones for helping to spread conspiracy theories about the 2012 massacre, but now the radio host is offering up a new reason for his actions: He had a mental disorder. Per the Statesman , Jones gave a three-hour deposition...

Why Hearing 'Voices' May Not Necessarily Be a Bad Thing

Scientists: Psychics may be able to harness coping mechanisms to help others

(Newser) - When people say they hear voices no one else can, it can be an indication of mental illness, such as schizophrenia, or it could be some sort of auditory hallucination—and per Joseph Frankel's examination in the Atlantic , some scientists think such a sensory glitch might not always be...

Herbal Tea Habit Suspected in Young Man's Psychosis

The 25-year-old drank a lot of tea with St. John's wort

(Newser) - Doctors in Italy suspect that a man's herbal tea habit may have played a role in his psychosis. Specifically, the 25-year-old had been drinking four cups a day of tea made with St. John's wort, the doctors report in the Journal of Medical Case Reports . His friends brought...

Woman's Abrupt Hyper-Religiosity Has Medical Cause
Woman's Abrupt
Has Medical
case study

Woman's Abrupt Hyper-Religiosity Has Medical Cause

Patient already believed in God, so it wasn't a 'case of religious conversion'

(Newser) - Her friends and family felt something was wrong: The Spanish woman went from simply believing in God to believing she was seeing and talking with the Virgin Mary. And that's not all. The 60-year-old abruptly shifted from being happy and positive to sad and withdrawn, reports Live Science . Suspecting...

Doc Who Blamed Cough Syrup Gets 49 Years for Murders

It's the maximum sentence within state guidelines

(Newser) - Dr. Louis Chen, convicted of fatally stabbing his lover 177 times before slashing their toddler son's throat from ear to ear in a gruesome 2011 double homicide he blamed on a buildup of the active ingredient in cough syrup, will spend 49 years in prison for his crime. "...

Schizophrenia Treatment Sees a Simple Breakthrough

Early intervention has caught on in Australia and the UK

(Newser) - When Glenn, a smart high school student with a knack for building robots, began experiencing episodes of psychosis, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and given a grim prognosis. He was prescribed medications and saw therapists, "But the common message from virtually everybody who worked with Glenn was that his...

Potent 'Skunk' Pot Ups Psychosis Risk
Potent 'Skunk' Pot
Ups Psychosis Risk

Potent 'Skunk' Pot Ups Psychosis Risk

Milder hashish poses no increased risk, researchers say

(Newser) - Despite efforts to reclassify marijuana down to a Schedule II (read: less dangerous) drug, there are some people who still insist on its dangers—and new research may back those theories up. Scientists at King's College London have discovered that smoking potent, or "skunklike," cannabis was tied...

America's Most Popular Drug Is... (You Won't Know)

...Abilify, an anti-psychotic that curbs severe mental illness

(Newser) - America's best-selling drug is ... Viagra? Prozac? Nah, it's actually an anti-psychotic called Abilify that comes with two surprising factoids: It's designed to treat severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder but is now also widely prescribed for depression, and the FDA can't explain how it...

Not So Funny? Comedians Have Psychotic Traits

Score higher compared to those in 'non-creative' jobs

(Newser) - Plenty of people would agree comedians are a bit crazy—but are they psychotic? Not quite, but they measure as having higher levels of psychotic personality traits than those in "non-creative" professions, a new study finds. Researchers had 523 comedians, 364 actors, and 831 people in the "non-creative...

If Pot Makes You Psychotic, Blame Your Genes
If Pot Makes You Psychotic,
Blame Your Genes
study says

If Pot Makes You Psychotic, Blame Your Genes

Genetic marker may predispose users to psychotic episodes: study

(Newser) - While most marijuana smokers don't suffer drug-linked psychotic episodes, some do—and the difference may come down to genetics. Users with a particular genetic marker face twice the risk of psychosis associated with the drug, a study finds; those with the marker who smoke pot daily are seven times...

Diagnosis for Kony 2012's Russell: Reactive Psychosis

Jason Russell will remain hospitalized for weeks: family

(Newser) - The family of Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell says his half-naked romp through San Diego was caused by "brief reactive psychosis, an acute state brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress, and dehydration." His wife had earlier said as much , but the new statement claims this is his official...

Pot Triggers Psychosis: Study

 Pot Triggers 
 Psychosis: Study 

Pot Triggers Psychosis: Study

Young adults who used cannabis nearly twice as likely to suffer psychosis

(Newser) - Numerous studies have linked marijuana use and psychosis, but some researchers have wondered whether cannabis actually triggers psychotic episodes, or whether people suffering psychosis are using marijuana to treat their symptoms. A new study involving nearly 2,000 young people suggests marijuana may trigger episodes, reports the BBC . The subjects,...

Scientists Aim to Help Young Schizophrenics

(Newser) - Schizophrenia experts are using a grab-bag of tools to help young people experiencing early signs of the disease, the AP reports. Hormone research, DNA studies, and brain scans are helping patients in the early "prodrome" phase, before deeper psychosis sets in. Many sufferers are trying the 8-year-old PIER ...

Doc, I Think I'm on Reality TV
Doc, I Think I'm on Reality TV

Doc, I Think I'm on Reality TV

Psychiatrists see Truman Show delusion so often it's got its own syndrome

(Newser) - In The Truman Show, Jim Carrey's life was nothing more than a reality TV program, with actors playing his friends and family and millions of viewers watching his every move. Those themes of surveillance and artificiality pervade the lives of a growing number of psychiatric patients—people who think they...

Nursing Homes Misuse Meds to Control Patients

'Off label' antipsychotic use drives up costs, sparks concern

(Newser) - Understaffed US nursing homes are increasingly turning to antipsychotic drugs to control elderly residents, even though most display symptoms of dementia rather than the psychotic disorders the drugs are intended to treat, the Wall Street Journal reports. Such “off-label” usage defies FDA warnings that elderly patients using the drugs...

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