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This 'Latest Academic Craze' Is Threat to US Democracy

Andrew Sullivan argues against intersectionality

(Newser) - There's a new religion popping up around American universities, and if it takes root "our experiment in self-government is over," Andrew Sullivan writes for New York . The name of the "latest academic craze" is intersectionality. Sullivan describes it as the idea that social oppression isn't... More »

For Democracy, Trump Is an 'Extinction-Level Event'

Andrew Sullivan thinks Plato had it right about tyranny

(Newser) - In a cover story for New York , Andrew Sullivan offers up what might be the ultimate long-view look at Donald Trump's candidacy: Hearkening back to Plato's Republic, Sullivan makes the case that Trump is a threat to our very democracy and must be stopped. Plato thought democracies were... More »

Ousting Mozilla CEO Is the Left's 'McCarthyism'

...Or so Andrew Sullivan argues; Will Oremus disagrees

(Newser) - Andrew Sullivan is often an ally to America's left, but he's definitely not cheering over the ouster of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich over his opposition to gay marriage. "This is McCarthyism applied by civil actors. This is the definition of intolerance," The Dish maestro writes in... More »

Obama's Making His Biggest Mistake Yet

Andrew Sullivan hopes Congress rejects Syria action

(Newser) - Noted Barack Obama superfan Andrew Sullivan thinks that the president's attempt to launch an attack on Syria is "impulsive, foolish, reckless" and "easily his biggest misjudgment since taking office," he writes at the Dish . Yesterday's narrow Foreign Relations Committee vote proved that even if Obama... More »

Obama Approach 'Exactly' Right on Gay Marriage

Andrew Sullivan thinks Justice Department is wise to make 'modest' arguments

(Newser) - Andrew Sullivan may be a big believer in marriage equality, but he also thinks it is a policy best pursued through legislative means, not the courts. Which is why he thinks the Obama administration is taking "exactly the right approach" in joining the Supreme Court cases over Prop 8... More »

Pope's Living Arrangements Are a Little, Er, Weird

Andrew Sullivan thinks Benedict and male secretary are in 'some kind of love'

(Newser) - Andrew Sullivan thinks the strangest part of Pope Benedict's post-papal plans is that he will go on living with Georg Gaenswein, his longtime personal secretary at the Vatican, even as Gaenswein serves the new pope. "So Benedict’s handsome male companion will continue to live with him, while... More »

Obama Gives 'Most Liberal' Speech Ever

President tosses a glove at the feet of Republicans

(Newser) - A Band-Aid to heal a divided America, it was not: Liberals and conservatives alike are calling President Obama's fiery inaugural speech today a call to arms for liberal values in stark opposition to his opponents. A sample:
  • "I was expecting an anodyne tone-poem about healing national wounds, surmounting
... More »

Andrew Sullivan Moving to Subscription-Only Model

Prominent blogger will ask readers to pay $20 a year

(Newser) - One of the biggest names in blogging is going to test a new way of doing business. Starting Feb. 1, Andrew Sullivan's "The Dish" blog will leave the Daily Beast , become independent and ad-free, and ask readers to pay $19.99 a year. Sullivan, who previously partnered with... More »

Real Conservatives Should Be Livid—at Republicans

Andrew Sullivan: GOP doesn't seem to respect our Constitution

(Newser) - Don't confuse the principles of conservatism with the principles—or lack thereof—of the current Republican party, writes Andrew Sullivan in the Daily Beast . In a scathing blog post, he calls the GOP's use of the debt ceiling as a negotiating tool "legislative terrorism" by a "... More »

Sullivan: Obama Could Be the Next Reagan

And Romney is a uniquely religious data cruncher: New Yorker

(Newser) - From poll numbers to political vision, President Obama most resembles one iconic president: President Reagan, argues Andrew Sullivan in Newsweek . After waging a spirited defense of Obama's "long-term" policies in January, Sullivan has the president's back again, saying Obama could "resolve the three-decade-long battle between taxes... More »

Obama's State of Union Message: 'Game On'

Pundits see president's speech as a populist offensive

(Newser) - President Obama delivered a feisty, populist State of the Union address last night ( excerpts here , pictures here ), and naturally pundits are dissecting and grading it today. Here's what they're saying:
  • "Obama had a simple message for Republicans: Game on," writes Chris Cillizza of the
... More »

Obama's Plan 'Bolder, Better Than Expected'

Pundits from left and right generally praise address

(Newser) - Pundits handed out good grades aplenty for President Obama's new jobs proposal last night, with generally positive feedback from liberals like Paul Krugman—but also from conservatives like David Frum and Andrew Sullivan.
  • Krugman writes in the New York Times that he was "favorably surprised by the new
... More »

Obama's Libya Blundering Could Wreck His Presidency

Andrew Sullivan: He's getting the US tangled up in a 'dumb war'

(Newser) - Andrew Sullivan delivers a withering critique of President Obama on the news that CIA agents are on the ground covertly helping anti-Gadhafi rebels. It means the president has been "at best vague" and "at worst deceptive" in his public pronouncements, Sullivan writes at his Daily Dish blog at... More »

Hey, Kids: Obama Just Screwed You Over

President isn't serious about debt crisis, writes Andrew Sullivan

(Newser) - President Obama’s new budget proposal is a cop-out, proposing no cuts whatsoever in entitlement or defense spending—and that makes him a hypocritical coward, writes Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic . “He has betrayed those of us who took him to be a serious president,” Sullivan fumes. “... More »

Whine All You Want: Obama Gets It Done

He's no Michael Moore—he's a pragmatist, and he keeps scoring

(Newser) - Frank Rich and Paul Krugman can rail all they want, fueled by their disappointment that President Obama is no “Michael Moore in chief.” These “brilliant men" are “profoundly resistant to the core rationale of the Obama presidency"—a strategy that’s working well as Obama... More »

Andrew Sullivan: Debate Me, Bill O'Reilly

Fox host is a 'propagandist'

(Newser) - When Andrew Sullivan read (in this profile ) that other Fox News reporters considered Glenn Beck “embarrassing,” he was perplexed. Aren’t all Fox hosts roughly as bad? To prove the point, he flipped on Bill O’Reilly—and quickly regretted it. O’Reilly delivered a rant that... More »

Andrew Sullivan, Let Go of the Trig Conspiracy

Sullivan's own guest-blogger criticizes him

(Newser) - One of the guest bloggers filling in for the vacationing Andrew Sullivan this week is Dave Weigel, who's using the space to criticize Sullivan himself. Weigel—the Washington Post blogger recently fired over the JournoList email flap—takes issue with Sullivan's relentless speculation that Trig Palin is the son of... More »

News Sites Reconsider Anonymous Comments

Move to pull comments out of gutter

(Newser) - The anonymous free-for-all that online news commenters have always counted on may not be around for much longer. As anonymous comments come under increasing attack as bastions of "crudity, bigotry, meanness and plain nastiness," as one journalist puts it, many news sites are moving away from the practice,... More »

Sorry I Dropped the Ball on John Edwards Scandal

Who could believe he was actually that big a scumbag?

(Newser) - Andrew Sullivan is really, really sorry for not doggedly pursuing the John Edwards scandal in the same way he went after, say, Sarah Palin. But he has a good reason: “It seemed too awful for me to believe.” Who would imagine that “a husband could do that... More »

Sullivan Back; Still Hates Palin

Calls her book 'manifesto for the imagined life'

(Newser) - The notoriously Sarah Palin-obsessed Andrew Sullivan has restarted his Atlantic blog after taking time off to read her book, and, not surprisingly, he found it ridiculous. “It is,” he writes, “a manifesto for the imagined life of an imagined Sarah Palin as a leader for all those... More »

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