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Why Girls in This Town Become Boys at Puberty

This rare disorder was discovered in the 1970s

(Newser) - Girls born in a particular village in the Dominican Republic may not grow up as biological females after all. A little more than 1% of them will develop a penis at age 12, making them what locals call "guevedoces"—literally, a "penis at 12," the Telegraph...

Hermaphrodite Cat Getting Gender Assignment Surgery

Mittens will officially become male

(Newser) - Here's a sentence you probably never thought you'd read: Mittens, a hermaphroditic cat from Newfoundland, is getting gender assignment surgery. Colleen Clarke-Murphy's daughter brought the stray cat home, and when the family took it to the vet, they were told it has both male and female genitalia,...

New Hermaphrodite Snail Gets Unusual Name

Scientists in Taiwan decide to name it after marriage equality

(Newser) - Scientists in Taiwan snuck in a nod to gay marriage when they named a snail that was newly identified on the island. The mollusks, which are hermaphrodites and thus possess both male and female reproductive organs, have for years been mistaken for A. subchinensis, a closely related land snail discovered...

This Sea Slug Sheds Penis, Grows New One in 24 Hours
This Sea Slug Sheds Penis, Grows New One in 24 Hours
study says

This Sea Slug Sheds Penis, Grows New One in 24 Hours

Ability to shed, re-grow sex organ surprises

(Newser) - The Chromodoris reticulata has a peculiar way of mating: After the deed is done, the sea slug sheds its penis ... and then grows a new one within 24 hours and does the whole thing again. "I haven't seen anything like this before," says one expert. A team...

Eminem Slams Gaga in New Song

She's 'a male lady,' has a you-know-what, Em raps

(Newser) - Eminem, famous for dissing other celebrities via song, has some words for Lady Gaga in new tune "A Kiss." He takes aim at the Gaga-is-a-hermaphrodite rumors with the line, "Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office / She's still a male...

Hermaphrodite Dog Has Gender Surgery

The idea is to make now-female Georgie more adoptable

(Newser) - A hermaphrodite terrier mix named Georgie has had gender reassignment surgery in an effort to make her more adoptable. Georgie, who was born with both male and female sexual organs, had her male organs removed and is now a true bitch (female dog, that is). The UK stray has recovered...

Congressman: Lifting 'Don't Ask' Will Mean Hermaphrodites

Duncan Hunter thinks it's a slippery slope

(Newser) - California congressman Duncan Hunter is raising a unique argument against repealing the ban on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The one-time GOP presidential candidate thinks allowing openly gay soldiers will destroy the "special bond" among soldiers by opening the military to "transgenders, to hermaphrodites, to gays and lesbians."...

The Meaning of Caster Semenya
 The Meaning of Caster Semenya 

The Meaning of Caster Semenya

Gender a more fluid concept than sports are prepared to handle

(Newser) - South Africa has rallied around Caster Semenya, but the IAAF still has no idea what to do with her—or the question of gender as a whole. Semenya’s case is particularly personal for South Africans. The country has an unusually high number of intersexed individuals, and apartheid left behind...

Strip Club's Ad Pokes Fun at Hermaphrodite Runner

'No need for gender testing!' billboard draws complaints

(Newser) - A strip club’s seemingly obvious reference to the South African runner revealed to be a hermaphrodite is, predictably, drawing complaints—though the club’s owner says his billboard proclaiming “No need for gender testing!” underneath a busty model isn’t a stab at Caster Semenya. Lolly Jackson...

Athletics Boss: I Lied About Semenya

'Tell me someone who has not lied to protect a child,' Chuene says

(Newser) - The president of Athletics South Africa admitted today that he lied to cover up gender tests conducted on runner Caster Semenya, saying he was trying to protect her, the Mail & Guardian reports. Leonard Chuene also admitted to rejecting advice from an ASA team doctor to withdraw Semenya from last...

Semenya Ban Would Start World War III: S. Africa

Sports minister steps up defense of racing champ

(Newser) - South Africa’s sports minister threatened “the third world war” if Caster Semenya is barred from competing in women’s sporting events because of the results of a sex test, the BBC reports. Such a decision “would be totally unfair and totally unjust,” said the official. “...

Cruise Daughter Gets $59K Makeover
 Cruise Daughter 
 Gets $59K Makeover 

Cruise Daughter Gets $59K Makeover

Plus, Pamela Anderson was a nympho, and Lady GaGa is a hermaphrodite

(Newser) - Tom Cruise’s 16-year-old daughter felt a little insecure—so he shelled out $59,000 for a makeover, Australia’s News Network reports. Isabella “was complaining that boys never notice her,” a source tells the National Enquirer, adding that since the makeover, she’s “more confident and...

Even Toughest Toads Are Being Unmanned

Clues to sex-change mystery could explain amphibian decline

(Newser) - The mystery of the hermaphrodite toads may be solved: Researchers have found that various chemicals used in farming are linked to sex changes in certain amphibian species, the Independent reports. In a population of cane toads, 40% of males had developed feminine coloring and ovaries, and an additional 20% had...

'Male' Panda Gives Birth to Twins
'Male' Panda Gives Birth to Twins

'Male' Panda Gives Birth to Twins

Jinzhu turns out to be a 'normal girl' after all

(Newser) - A giant panda once thought to be male gave birth to twin cubs this week in China. Jinzhu was believed to be male at birth, but the panda showed zero sexual interest after being shipped to Japan in 2000 to breed with a female. When scientists attempted artificial insemination, they...

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