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Bishop Leaves Priesthood To Marry Satanic Erotica Author

Xavier Novell i Gomà was once Spain's youngest bishop

(Newser) - He was once the youngest bishop in all of Spain, but Xavier Novell i Gomà, 52, has given it all up in order to marry a woman. Back in September, the BBC reported that Novell had resigned from the Roman Catholic church for personal reasons that Spanish media reported revolved...

Fifty Shades Author Has More in Store
Get Ready, Fifty Shades Fans

Get Ready, Fifty Shades Fans

EL James is coming out with a new book called 'The Mister'

(Newser) - For those of you insufficiently horrified by the soulless shark-eyed exercise in unscintillating existential pain that was Fifty Shades Freed, EL James is back for any remnants of your soul. This time, the woman who turned Twilight fan-fiction into a bazillion-dollar trilogy is putting out an "erotic love story"...

Cops Barge In on Bondage Class After Worried 911 Call

Neighbor thought abuse was in progress, but it was an erotic class in session

(Newser) - German police say they rushed to an apartment in the southwestern town of Neustadt after receiving a call about suspected domestic abuse—only to barge in on a voluntary class on Japanese bondage. It seems a concerned neighbor called to report that two men were abusing a half-naked woman in...

Skip Right to the Sex With Audible's New Feature

Several new options cater to audiobook service's romance readers

(Newser) - Flipping through dozens of pages of Fifty Shades of Grey to find a sex scene may soon be a thing of the past. Catering to impatient romance readers, audiobook website Audible has introduced a feature allowing visitors to skip to especially romantic scenes—from first kisses to steamy sex romps—...

Emma Watson: I Pay to Learn About Sexual Pleasure

'Harry Potter' star recommends

(Newser) - Emma Watson is learning about things you won't find in the Hogwarts school library. The 25-year-old Harry Potter star—who says she's taking a break from acting to educate herself about feminism—is learning about women's sexual pleasure from a website called , reports People . "...

Porn Doesn't Desensitize Guys, Cause ED: Study

If anything, porn-watchers responded 'more strongly'

(Newser) - There's been a lot of talk in recent years about porn wreaking all sorts of havoc in the bedroom, including desensitizing guys to sexual stimuli and causing erectile dysfunction. Researchers at UCLA and Concordia University put this link between a man's erectile function and his porn-watching habits to...

Fifty Shades Movie Fuels Sex-Toy Surge

Even Target and other mainstream retailers are on board

(Newser) - Of course there were going to be product tie-ins to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie premiering Valentine's weekend—and of course those products were going to veer into adults-only territory, considering the steaminess of EL James' book trilogy on which the film is based. But the sex-toy industry...

To Recoup Taxes, Kansas OKs Sex Toy Auction

An erotic store chain owes the state $164K

(Newser) - In the market for love, ahem, accessories? Try shopping with the state of Kansas, which is behind an online auction of a large volume of sex toys—ranging from vibrators and handcuffs to a "fantasy love swing" and pornographic films—in an effort to recoup the $163,986 an...

Oldest Known Erotic 'Graffiti' Found in Greece

Phalluses, sexual boasting dating back to 5th century BC leave little to the imagination

(Newser) - Think phallic graffiti art exclusively belongs to the baseless present? Think again. An archaeologist has uncovered what the Guardian touts as the earliest erotic graffiti on the planet, found in Greece—and predating, in one case, even Athens' Acropolis . Since 2011 , Dr. Andreas Vlachopoulos has been directing fieldwork on the...

Erotic Fiction Authors Share Secrets of Their Sex Lives

Survey finds they're more adventurous in the bedroom, or in canoes

(Newser) - The Fussy Librarian is out with a new poll that the Guardian thinks is contender for survey of the year: It asked 103 authors of erotic fiction about their sex lives and found that, by and large, these people know of which they write. Some examples:
  • 41% have experimented with

Star of Cult Erotic Hit Emmanuelle Dead at 60

Sylvia Kristel had been battling cancer

(Newser) - Actress Sylvia Kristel, the Dutch star of the hit 1970s erotic movie Emmanuelle, has died of cancer at age 60. Her agent, Features Creative Management, says in a statement today that Kristel died in her sleep last night. Kristel, a model who turned to acting in the 1970s, had been...

Thanks to 50 Shades , Now the Classics Get Sex Scenes
Thanks to 50 Shades, the Classics Get Sex Scenes

Thanks to 50 Shades, the Classics Get Sex Scenes

Introducing 'Clandestine Classics'

(Newser) - Jane Eyre is great and all, but wouldn't it be so much better if it featured tons of "explosive sex" scenes? Thanks to Clandestine Classics , it soon will. The company is publishing erotic versions of that and other tomes including Pride and Prejudice, 20,000 Leagues Under the ...

Florida County's Libraries Ban 50 Shades of Grey

Cite concern over 'pornographic' EL James books

(Newser) - A Florida county's library system has banned the erotic-fiction 50 Shades of Grey trilogy in light of its "perceived pornographic nature," a spokesman tells NBC Miami . Brevard County's 17 libraries had ordered 19 copies of the three EL James books, and there was a waiting list...

The Erotic Novel That Went Viral

EL James' 'Fifty Shades of Grey': fun or horribly regressive?

(Newser) - Nothing like a female protagonist who likes being slapped, stalked, and whipped by a ruthless tycoon. But Anastasia Steele is such a sensation with women readers that Vintage Books, part of Knopf Doubleday, is setting its highbrow literary reputation aside to run off 750,000 copies of a runaway pulp...

Let's Celebrate Sex in Literature
Let's Celebrate Sex in Literature

Let's Celebrate Sex in Literature

Why the 'Bad Sex in Fiction Award' is a prudish disgrace

(Newser) - Every year the Literary Review of Britain hands out its Bad Sex in Fiction Award, and every year it draws loads of press and snarky giggles at the expense of big-name nominees (who have included Tom Wolfe, Norman Mailer, and, this year, Jonathan Franzen). Well, Laura Miller of Salon is...

Playboy TV Hot for Women

 Playboy TV 
 Hot for Women 

Playboy TV Hot for Women

Channel will go less raunchy, more intimate, in effort to draw ladies

(Newser) - Now that you can get porn for free on your computer, Playboy TV is struggling to convince men to pay $15 a month for its soft-core offerings—some of which are even softer than HBO shows. Enter its new strategy: Market to the female audience. How? By adding a block...

How to Take and Not Take Nude Pics of Yourself

(Newser) - "I don't have any experience in the realm of taking nude photos," admits Sam Greenspan on 11 Points, but he's "looked at millions" of them. Here are his tips for taking pics in the buff:
  • Don't shoot them yourself: Among other terrible things, MySpace has popularized the

Superman Artist Turned to Erotica

S&M characters look like Lois Lane and Superman

(Newser) - Mild-mannered Clark Kent, holding a red-hot poker and spanking Lois Lane? Not exactly, but an artist who helped create Superman in 1938 later drew sadomasochistic comics with characters resembling the famous pair, USA Today reports. The bawdy panels, which once sold at drugstores in the 1950s, are revealed in a...

Mom's Spicy Book May Make Anderson Cooper Do a 360

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, is a published author with a romantic novel to her credit, sure, but her new book could give the CNN anchor pause, the New York Daily News reports. Obsession, an erotic tale, hits stores in June. “Master, I whisper as you surrender to...

Gay Gallery Owner in Fla. Alleges Police Discrimination

Says 'rednecked' St. Pete wants him out

(Newser) - The owner of an erotic art gallery in St. Petersburg plans to sue the city following a police raid, the St. Petersburg Times reports. Bill Schramm was arrested last week on charges of unlawfully exposing private parts—his exhibit featured a naked man hanging from the ceiling, running afoul of...

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