Jonathan Lee Riches

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This Is the Hoaxer Behind Fake Uber Lawsuit

It's Jonathan Lee Riches, again

(Newser) - When a bizarre lawsuit supposedly filed by accused Kalamazoo shooter Jason Dalton made headlines this week, police pretty quickly declared it a hoax . After all, it came from Philadelphia, and Dalton is jailed in Michigan. So if it wasn't Dalton, then who impersonated him? The Smoking Gun has the...

Cops Nab Guy Who Posed as Uncle of Adam Lanza

Jonathan Lee Riches has history of weird cons

(Newser) - Police have arrested a convicted felon who drove to Newtown, Conn., and fed false information to the press while posing as Adam Lanza's uncle, The Smoking Gun reports. Jonathan Lee Riches, 35, was on probation for conspiracy and wire fraud when he showed up in Newtown as "Jonathan...

Inmate Sued for Suing Stevie Wonder, 3,799 Others
Inmate Sued for Suing
Stevie Wonder, 3,799 Others

Inmate Sued for Suing Stevie Wonder, 3,799 Others

Feds want flood of frivolous suits to end

(Newser) - Federal inmate Jonathan Lee Riches has sued Stevie Wonder. He's sued George W. Bush. He's sued Michael Vick and Martha Stewart. He's sued the philosopher Plato and the ex-planet Pluto. Riches has filed more than 3,800 lawsuits while in jail—many of them against people or entities that can't...

3 Stories