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Moon Landrieu's Long Battle for Integration Could Be Lonely

Former New Orleans mayor was followed into public office by his children

(Newser) - Moon Landrieu, who championed racial integration for decades as New Orleans mayor, state lawmaker, and US Cabinet member, died Monday. He was 92 and died at home in New Orleans, the New York Times reports. Landrieu was the patriarch of a political family: His daughter Mary was a three-term US...

Louisiana Dumps Landrieu
 Louisiana Dumps Landrieu 

Louisiana Dumps Landrieu

GOP gains 54th Senate seat with Bill Cassidy's win in runoff

(Newser) - In what Politico calls "Dems' final insult" from Election 2014, Mary Landrieu lost her Senate seat last night, in a convincing defeat that denied a Louisiana political scion a fourth term, gave Republicans a 54th seat, and unceremoniously dumped what ABC News terms the "last vestige of Democratic...

Get Ready for 'Hell No' Senate Liberals

Dems prepared to fight 'god-awful' Republicans on environment, campaign finance

(Newser) - Yesterday's Keystone pipeline fail in the Senate may have disappointed one notable Democrat—Louisiana's Mary Landrieu —but it appears to have lit a fire under a whole bunch of others. Liberal Democrats are poised to fight "tooth and nail," as Politico puts it, against the...

Keystone Vote Fails in Senate
 Keystone Vote Fails in Senate 

Keystone Vote Fails in Senate

Mary Landrieu falls one vote shy of the necessary 60

(Newser) - President Obama won't have to make a decision about whether to veto the Keystone XL oil pipeline this year. A bill to send the measure to his desk failed to get the necessary 60 votes in the Senate this evening, reports AP . Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, facing a...

House Keystone Vote Wasn't Really About Pipeline

Louisiana's Senate runoff could hang in balance

(Newser) - The big news out of Congress today is that the House passed a bill to authorize the building of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. In terms of getting the pipeline built, the vote doesn't mean much, observes the New York Times . But in terms of the Senate runoff in...

Congress Moving Keystone; Could Hit Obama Next Week

White House says president has 'dim view' of measure, may veto

(Newser) - A bipartisan effort to advance the Keystone XL pipeline bill picked up steam just a few hours after Congress got back from an extended break yesterday. The House is expected to vote on the measure sometime today, and the bill would then head to the Senate early next week, reports...

McConnell Confident as Polls Get Set to Close
 GOP Takes Control of 
 Senate; McConnell Wins 
midterm elections

GOP Takes Control of Senate; McConnell Wins

Scott Brown fails in upset bid, but Republicans flip at least 7 seats

(Newser) - Election night was a win for Republicans: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell started things off by defeating Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, reports the AP . Hours later, McConnell learned he will be changing his title to majority leader: Republicans needed a net gain of six seats to take the...

US Senator Helps Voter— With Kegstand

Mary Landrieu is there for you when you need her

(Newser) - Mary Landrieu is a three-term United States senator, a member of one of Louisiana's political dynasties, and one of the more vulnerable Democrats facing re-election in November. She's also got your back if you're doing a kegstand. That's what one tailgater found out when Landrieu made...

Dems Plot Mutiny Over 'Keep Your Plan' Fail

Calls for prez to make good on ObamaCare promise grow among own ranks

(Newser) - The ObamaCare rollout has been a mess , and many congressional Democrats are readying the lifeboats in advance of abandoning ship. Writing for Yahoo News , Chris Moody says they're "scrambling to cover their hides before next year’s midterm elections." The Hill's headline paints a slightly more...

Dems Balking at Obama Jobs Bill

Some lawmakers want to break up $447B bill

(Newser) - President Obama is touring the country trying to sell his $447 billion jobs plan to voters but even some lawmakers from his own party are still skeptical, the New York Times finds. Some Democrats, balking at certain portions of the American Jobs Act, say they cannot support the bill as...

'Fake Pimp' Pleads Guilty in Senate Break-In

James O'Keefe gets 3 years' probation in Mary Landrieu ruse

(Newser) - James O'Keefe, who might just be referred to as a “fake pimp” in headlines for the rest of his life, pleaded guilty along with three accomplices for breaking into Sen. Mary Landrieu's office and trying to tamper with her phones. O'Keefe copped to misdemeanor charges of entering federal property...

Senator Franken Is Finally Being Funny Again

He now seems more comfortable cracking jokes

(Newser) - Senate colleagues expecting humor from funnyman and freshman lawmaker Al Franken have gotten just the opposite, though insiders say the Minnesota senator is getting into the groove and loosening up a bit. Since taking office last year, Franken has snapped at administration officials , Joe Lieberman , and Republican legislators. Now, he’...

Obama: Cut Pork From Health Bill. Senate: Say What?

Prez gets pushback from senators looking to hang on to pet projects

(Newser) - There's $600 million in Medicaid payments to Vermont, $100 million for a Connecticut hospital, and the infamous "Cornhusker Kickback," among others, and President Obama wants to yank those porky projects from the health care bill. Democratic senators, being senators, beg to differ. "We're going to do what...

Landrieu Scion Wins New Orleans Mayoral Election

Mary Landrieu's brother, Mitch, succeeds term-limited Ray Nagin

(Newser) - Frustrated by term-limited Mayor Ray Nagin's leadership of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, voters elected Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu to succeed him last night, turning to a political scion to speed up the city's recovery. Landrieu, 49, became the majority-black city's first white mayor since 1978, the year his...

ACORN Pimp: I Was Using Valid Journalist Tactics

James O'Keefe tells Hannity he didn't do anything wrong

(Newser) - Dressing up as a telephone repairman to gain access to a federal official's office is just a "journalistic tactic," James O'Keefe told Sean Hannity last night. The conservative filmmaker, in his first TV interview since he and three cohorts were charged with trying to tamper with Sen. Mary...

O'Keefe: The Media Are Picking on Me!

Was at Landrieu's office, 'could have used a different approach'

(Newser) - James O’Keefe says he did not try to bug Mary Landrieu’s phone, and reports saying he did are false. In a lengthy statement on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism blog railing against the media, the conservative activist acknowledges a "visit" to the senator's office and says, "...

Cop: O'Keefe Wanted to Cut Phone Lines, Not Tap Them

They wanted to test Landrieu's out-of-touch reputation

(Newser) - James O'Keefe and his crew of intruders did not intend to tap Mary Landrieu’s phones, but rather disrupt service and gauge the office’s response to being cut off from constituents, a law enforcement official tells MSNBC . They were motivated by allegations that constituents had a hard time getting...

Glenn Beck Backpedals Away From ACORN Pimp

He rips filmmaker as 'insanely stupid'

(Newser) - Onetime buddy Glenn Beck yesterday joined the ranks of conservatives distancing themselves from James O'Keefe, young right-wing hero turned suspected Watergate-style spy. O'Keefe, 25, and 3 cohorts were hit with felony telephone tampering charges when they were busted dressed as repairmen in Sen. Mary Landrieu's New Orleans offices earlier this...

O'Keefe Hinted at New Orleans 'Project' Days Before Arrest

Told conservative think tank to 'stay tuned'

(Newser) - Four days before James O'Keefe was charged with tampering with Sen. Mary Landrieu's office phones, the conservative activist hinted that he had a new, high-profile "project going in New Orleans." Speaking about the mystery project at a conservative think tank last Thursday, O'Keefe "alluded to the fact...

Phone-Bust Cohort Worked for US Intelligence

ACORN sting's buddy recruited spies on college campus

(Newser) - One of the four men busted for allegedly tampering with the phones in Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu's New Orleans offices once helped train spies for an organization funded by US in telligence. Stanley Dai was the assistant director of the Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence at Trinity Washington University...

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