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Toys 'R' Us Is Returning in a 'Massive Way'

Huge new store will open in New Jersey mall

(Newser) - Toys 'R' Us is planning to open a massive new store, which will bring its total number of standalone locations in the US to one. Parent company WHP Global says the 20,000 square foot store at the American Dream mall in New Jersey, set to open in mid-December,...

Toys 'R' Us: We're Not Dying After All

Hedge funds plan to revive brand

(Newser) - They may not be ready to declare "We 'R' Solvent," but Toys 'R' US appears to be back from the brink of oblivion. The company's top creditors have decided to cancel the bankruptcy auction of its famous name and other intellectual property and will attempt...

Toys 'R' Us' Geoffrey Offered a New Gig

San Antonio Zoo trying to convince toy chain to donate mascot to further giraffe conservation

(Newser) - With the closing of all US Toys 'R' Us stores, mascot Geoffrey is headed for the unemployment line. But not so fast: The San Antonio Zoo wants the defunct toy chain to shift its famous giraffe to a new gig, that of conservation ambassador for, well, giraffes. As CNN...

Billionaire's $890M Offer for Toys R Us Reportedly Too Low

Isaac Larian's bid is rejected

(Newser) - Isaac Larian's plan to save Toys R Us has ended in defeat. The billionaire CEO of Bratz doll-maker MGA Entertainment had hoped to scoop up 200 of the 735 Toys R Us locations in the US and almost all of those in Canada, which number less than 100. But...

Toys R Us Announced Shutdown, Then Its Founder Died

Charles Lazarus was 94

(Newser) - Charles Lazarus, the WWII veteran who founded Toy R Us, has died at age 94, a week after the iconic chain he started six decades ago announced it will shut down its stores across the US. The AP reports Toy R Us confirmed Lazarus' death in a statement Thursday. "...

They Need $1B to Save Toys R Us, Have $200M Already

Isaac Larian, the CEO behind Bratz Dolls, has an ambitious plan

(Newser) - Toy company executive Isaac Larian says he and other unnamed investors have pledged a total of $200 million in financing and hope to raise four more times that amount in crowdfunding in order to bid for up to 400 of the Toys R Us stores being liquidated in bankruptcy. The...

Amazon Might Move Into Toys R Us Locations

It's considering buying some of the stores to showcase its own products

(Newser) - Amazon might buy some Toys R Us stores—but if you've been waxing nostalgic and bemoaning the impending death of the iconic toy chain , don't get excited. Amazon isn't looking to continue the Toys R Us brand, it's just interested in the vacant retail space, sources...

Kimmel Can't Console 'Drunk' Toys R Us Mascot

Poor Geoffrey the Giraffe

(Newser) - One of the 33,000 jobs now at risk with Toys R Us shutting or selling more than 700 US stores is that of mascot—and Geoffrey the Giraffe is not taking the news well. A "drunk" Geoffrey turned up on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, asking the audience,...

Bad News From Toys R Us After 6 Months of 'Pure Hell'

Company will close its over 700 US stores, endangering 33K jobs

(Newser) - “We’re putting a for sale sign on everything,” the Wall Street Journal quotes CEO David Brandon as telling Toys R Us employees Wednesday. The company, which started as a baby furniture store following WWII, will be closing or selling its over 700 US stores, putting up to...

Toys R Us Just Made 182 'Tough Decisions'

That's the number of US stores it may close

(Newser) - "The reinvention of our brands requires that we make tough decisions," says Toys R Us CEO David Brandon. The company has just made 182 of them. That's the number of US stores it may close—so long as it gets the OK from bankruptcy court, and if...

'Secret Santa' Pays Off $10K in Toy Store Layaway Orders

The generous stranger footed the bill for 62 orders at a New Jersey Toys 'R' Us

(Newser) - On Friday a man walked into a Toys "R" Us in Cherry Hill, NJ, with the intention of doing a little holiday shopping for his son, and walked out having paid for the layaway orders of more than 60 strangers. reports that this "secret Santa,"...

'Dawning of a New Era' With Toys R Us Bankruptcy

'Finally, the straw broke the camel's back'

(Newser) - More trouble in the world of big-box stores: Toys R Us, hobbled by a huge debt load and struggling to compete with online retailers, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Dave Brandon, chief executive of the world's biggest toy store chain, describes the move as the "dawning...

April Is a Cash Cow for Zoo
April Is a Cash Cow for Zoo 

April Is a Cash Cow for Zoo

Giraffe frenzy raked in $150K in GoFundMe, likely hundreds of thousands more

(Newser) - April the giraffe has become a cash cow for a tiny zoo in upstate New York, thanks to a YouTube livestream of her pregnancy and birth of an incredibly cute calf that riveted viewers around the world. Owners of the for-profit Animal Adventure Park won't say exactly how much...

Toy Truck Sets Real Truck on Fire
Toy Truck Sets
Real Truck on Fire

Toy Truck Sets Real Truck on Fire

Toys 'R' Us yanks Tonka product for now

(Newser) - Toys 'R' Us has pulled a ride-on toy truck from shelves days after a couple says it burst into flames while they were bringing it home from the store, reports AP . The couple tells KING-TV that the Tonka Ride-On Dump Truck, which is powered by a 12-volt battery, was...

Toys R Us Doubles Down With Turkey Day Hours

Retailer announces 30-hour shopping marathon starting at 5pm

(Newser) - Black Friday has in recent years received a black mark as retailers took criticism for slowly pushing back the mega-shopping event until it actually started on Thanksgiving Day. Some retailers and shopping venues have given in to the backlash: Various malls (such as the Mall of America) and chain stores...

'Force Friday' Has Arrived
 'Force Friday' Has Arrived 

'Force Friday' Has Arrived

Retailers hold one-day merch event for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' movie

(Newser) - On the fourth of every month, it's easy to find random "May the Fourth be with you" platitudes on social media from Star Wars superfans—but today's "Force Friday" may even lure Jabba the Hutt onto the Internet or into a store on Tatooine. Just after...

Woman Pays $20K in Others' Layaway Costs at Toys 'R' Us

Guy paid $1.2K in fellow customers' bills last week

(Newser) - A little heartwarming holiday news: Shoppers who couldn't pay for items on the spot at a Massachusetts Toys 'R' Us no longer have to worry about the costs. That's thanks to an anonymous older woman who paid off every single account at the store—all 150 of...

Worst Part of Breaking Bad Toys Mess: Adult Buyers

Rupert Myers thinks recent controversy is a bad sign of our times

(Newser) - Toys R Us has acquiesced to angry parents and pulled Breaking Bad dolls —sorry, action figures—from its shelves. Nobody wants kids to have meth-makers as role models, but at the Guardian , Rupert Myers thinks there's a much bigger, sadder problem here: These figurines were really for adults,...

Toys R Us: Breaking Bad Dolls on 'Sabbatical'

Meth-dealing action figures pulled after petition

(Newser) - Bad news for Breaking Bad fans: Toys R Us has decided to pull a range of dolls based on the series—which came complete with bags of meth and cash—after a petition started by a Florida mom gained more than 9,000 signatures. The retailer tells the AP that...

Man Accused of Wild Theft: $2M in Toys 'R' Us Toys

It all started with 16 Harry Potter Lego sets...

(Newser) - As far as thefts go, it's massive, and as far as suspects go, he's colorful. Police say Ignatius "Michael" Pollara stole some $2 million in toys from Toys 'R' Us stores. The Orlando Sentinel dives into the alleged crime, for which Pollara faces 10 theft-related charges...

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