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Dr. Oz Reveals the 'Gut Punch' That's Made Him Feel Guilty

His mom has Alzheimer's, and he missed the signs early on

(Newser) - Dr. Mehmet Oz will be sharing some personal news on The Dr. Oz Show on Monday, and it's news that has brought him a great deal of guilt. People reports Oz has received what he calls a "gut punch": the revelation that his 81-year-old mother, Suna, has Alzheimer'...

French Candidate Takes Flak for Comments on Jews in WWII

Marine Le Pen says France not to blame for mass arrest in Paris

(Newser) - Marine Le Pen has been accused in the past of being anti-Semitic, and her words over the weekend on a famous World War II raid didn't help put that allegation to bed. Per Reuters , the far-right French presidential contender spoke to media groups Sunday and referenced the Vel d'...

Weeping Robber Returns Stolen Cash to Store: Cops

New Hampshire suspect's guilty conscience apparently got to him

(Newser) - He may have robbed a Stop-N-Go, but it looks like a New Hampshire man decided to stop and turn back instead—and return the money he was said to have stolen, WMUR reports. Carlos Reyes, 46, allegedly entered the Manchester convenience store just after noon on Tuesday, armed with a...

Psychopaths' Brains Don't Register Punishment

Brain scans find striking abnormalities

(Newser) - Psychopaths just don't grasp punishment the way normal people do. So say researchers who used MRI scans to analyze the brains of 12 violent psychopathic criminals, 20 violent criminals who are not psychopaths, and 18 healthy controls who are not criminals. It turns out that the psychopath cohort had...

Watching TV After Work Makes You Feel Like a Loser
Watching TV After Work Makes You Feel Like a Loser

Watching TV After Work Makes You Feel Like a Loser

Winding down in front of the boob tube can cause high levels of guilt, scientists say

(Newser) - It seems natural to reach for the remote to take a breather after a taxing day of conference calls and TPS reports , but a new study warns that especially work-weary folks who flick on the TV or play video games may feel incredibly guilty and like failures afterward, reports the...

Feeling Guilty? You Probably Feel Heavier, Too
Feeling Guilty? You
Probably Feel Heavier, Too
study says

Feeling Guilty? You Probably Feel Heavier, Too

Study finds that a weighty conscience makes people feel weightier in general

(Newser) - A new study suggests that the phrase "weight of a guilty conscience" has an element of truth to it. Researchers found that people asked to recall their own unethical behavior felt physically heavier when asked to assess their own body weight, reports PsychCentral . (Researchers compared them to people in...

Catholic 'Guilt' Over Sex Is a Myth: Poll

Other religious folk feel guiltier about such things

(Newser) - Catholics feel no more guilty than any other religious people about "sinful" sexual activities like premarital sex and the use of pornography, according to a British survey. In fact, Catholics are slightly below average on the "guilt-o-meter," with only 14% saying they feel guilty compared to an...

Your Guilt Makes Forbidden Foods Taste Even Better

People made to feel guilty before indulging rated treat more highly: study

(Newser) - If you've ever been on a diet and thought that forbidden piece of chocolate you sneaked tasted even better than usual ... turns out it really did taste even better than usual. A new study finds that guilt can make tasty foods seem even more pleasurable than they otherwise would,...

PSAs Drive Bingers to Drink More: Study
 PSAs Drive Bingers 
 to Drink More: Study 

PSAs Drive Bingers to Drink More: Study

Drinkers already feel guilty; ads make them feel worse

(Newser) - The shaming quality of public-service announcements aimed at curbing binge drinking actually pushes such drinkers to imbibe more. And, a study finds, the spots are often so guilt-inducing that they can push someone feeling bad about some other malfeasance—cheating, say—to drink. One of the researchers suggests a different...

We're All to Blame for Torture
 We're All to Blame for Torture 

We're All to Blame for Torture

Tactics are no surprise; let's not dump our guilt on CIA

(Newser) - Suddenly, Democrats in Congress are calling for the prosecution of CIA agents for torture. But that torture was never a secret, and when it was politically prudent, Democrats had no problem backing it—and neither did many Americans, writes Naomi Wolf in the Guardian. We’ve all got “blood...

Some Spending Hard to Trim in 'Guilt Economy'

Many shell out to ensure favorite businesses survive

(Newser) - Charitable contributions are down in a tough economy—but that may not mean people are feeling less philanthropic. Feeling too guilty to let the masseuse go under or a favorite shop die, many who can afford it are spending in an effort to help those around them, the Wall Street ...

Belgian Daycare Suspect Admits Guilt to Lawyer

De Gelder had history of depression; cops rule out Ledger tie

(Newser) - Belgian murder suspect Kim De Gelder has admitted guilt in the slaying of two infants and a daycare worker, the Telegraph reports. “He understands that he did something inhuman. I think that he feels regrets,” the 20-year-old’s lawyer said. “But it would be going too far...

What's Wrong With a Little Liberal Guilt?
What's Wrong With a Little Liberal Guilt?

What's Wrong With a Little Liberal Guilt?

It's okay to vote for Obama because he's, ahem, black

(Newser) - Conservatives snigger about “liberal guilt" and deride white supporters of Barack Obama as “guilty liberals"—but what’s wrong with having a conscience after America's 4 centuries of racial injustice? There’s no shame in acknowledging it, Ron Rosenbaum writes in Slate: Let's not "...

The Less You Suffer, the More You Buy

A study of impulsive buyers tracks the half-life of guilt

(Newser) - Everyone feels guilt—it's how long the guilt lasts that differentiates the impulse buyer—and the binge drinker, and the scarfer of a dozen chocolate truffles—from his or her more prudent counterparts. Time reports on a study of college students that discovered that for the former, guilt lasted half...

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