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Zebras, Camels Rescued From Burning Rig

Circus animals graze along interstate in Indiana after rescue

(Newser) - A truck hauling zebras and camels for a series of weekend circus performances caught fire early Saturday on a northeastern Indiana highway, prompting a police rescue of the animals, which roamed along the freeway, some munching on grass. The tractor-trailer caught fire about 2am along Interstate 69 in Grant County,...

Camel Beauty Pageant Cracks Down on Cheaters

Some animals had been given Botox injections

(Newser) - The world's biggest camel beauty pageant has returned after a year off—and with it, the perennial controversy over suspiciously beautiful camels. The BBC reports that more than 40 camels have been disqualified from the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in Saudi Arabia because of cosmetic procedures including Botox injections,...

Shooters to Take Down 10K Thirsty Camels in Australia

The 5-day cull began Wednesday

(Newser) - A staggering one billion animals are now feared dead in Australia's brushfires, but a much smaller group of 10,000 doomed animals is now drawing headlines. On Wednesday, professional shooters in a northwestern portion of South Australia began a five-day aerial cull of up to 10,000 feral camels....

TripAdvisor Sued Over Ride on Pregnant, Runaway Camel

Woman blames company for her broken arm and Moroccan vacation fail

(Newser) - A New Jersey woman says her camel ride in the Moroccan desert was more of an adventure than she was looking for. A tour company put her on a pregnant camel that broke free, running away and throwing her, according to the woman's lawsuit. Breanne Ayala, 24, suffered a...

Camels Busted for Botox in Pageant Scandal

At least 12 kicked out of Saudi festival

(Newser) - Saudi Arabia is holding its annual monthlong camel festival—and cheaters are not welcome. With around $60 million up for grabs in races and show competitions, unscrupulous owners have been drugging animals and even giving them Botox injections in an attempt to win camel beauty pageants, the National reports. At...

Bizarre Suit Cites Camel Attack at Jefferson Davis Home

Yes, a camel at the Confederate president's last house

(Newser) - It's about as odd a lawsuit as you'll run across: A Florida woman claims a camel at the last home of Confederate president Jefferson Davis attacked her at the tourist attraction in Biloxi, Miss., in 2015. She's suing the United Sons of Confederate Veterans Inc., identified as...

FDA: Sorry, Camel Milk Is No Miracle Cure

California company gets a warning to tone down claims

(Newser) - One of the latest, pricey health fads is camel milk, and the FDA has made clear that it's none too pleased. That's because California company Desert Farms has been boasting that its product can cure (or at least mitigate) all kinds of ailments, from allergies to Crohn's...

Keep MERS Away by Laying Off the Camel Pee: WHO

Yes, this is a tip that the World Health Organization is offering

(Newser) - The MERS outbreak that's spread into South Korea has killed at least 10, sickened more than 120, and forced about 2,600 schools to shut down there, the AP reports. But South Korean officials believe the disease has peaked in the country, and the World Health Organization is offering...

Health Drink of the Future: Camel Milk?

It's lower in cholesterol, higher in vitamin C than cow's milk

(Newser) - Could camel's milk be the health drink of the future? Dr. Frank King hopes so. He currently has 23 camels on his farm near Asheville, NC, a mix of humped dromedaries and double-humped Bactrians that are milked by hand—no crouching or seat needed. The creatures' milk has less...

SARS-Like Virus Traced to—Camels?

Study finds virus antibodies in some camels from Oman, Canary Islands

(Newser) - Researchers have overcome a major hump in tracing the deadly MERS virus : Camels may be the source of infection. A study published in the Lancet reports that antibodies to the virus were found in blood samples taken from dromedary camels in Oman and the Canary Islands—"compelling evidence that...

Camels Likely Came From ... Canada's Arctic

Big specimen found in what was once forest

(Newser) - Modern camels roaming the deserts of Africa and Asia likely owe their existence to ancestors that lived in what is now Canada's High Arctic, reports the National Post . Researchers at the Canadian Museum of Nature found relatively well-preserved bone fragments in the tundra of Ellesmere Island, where the camel...

Romans' Beasts of Burden: Camels?

Archaeologists find animals' bones across northern Europe

(Newser) - The Roman Empire may have brought camels a long way from home to serve as its beasts of burden, archaeologists say. Researchers have found Roman-age camel bones at 22 sites across northern Europe, USA Today reports. What's more, "antique literature and iconographical sources inform us about the uses...

The Big World Events You Missed in 2011

Foreign Policy lists 10 quiet but essential world events

(Newser) - What events and trends flew under the radar in 2011 but could erupt into massive headline-grabbers in 2012? Foreign Policy rounds up the top 10 "stories you missed" this year.
  1. India grows its military: India is now the globe's leading weapons importer, accounting for nearly 1 in 10

Australia: Let's Kill Camels to Save Planet

Government wants to offer carbon credits in exchange for wiping them out

(Newser) - Meet another global warming bad-guy: the lowly camel. Australia's government is pitching a proposal in which it would be a-OK to kill camels in the name of reducing greenhouse gas emissions—and in exchange for cash. The AP reports that in one year's time, just six of these...

Thief Dumps Stolen Tiger, Camels

 Thief Dumps 
 Stolen Tiger, 
too much work dept?

Thief Dumps Stolen Tiger, Camels

Gave zoo animals food, water then ditched them

(Newser) - Apparently taking care of two camels and a tiger didn't turn out to be quite what one thief expected: Three days after the animals were stolen on their way back home to a Canadian zoo from a circus performance in Nova Scotia, police found Jonas the tiger and camels Todd...

NC Woman Struggles to Get Camel Dairy Over the Hump

(Newser) - Millie Hinkle loves camel milk, and thinks the rest of America should, too. “It’s taken over my life,” she says. That’s why she’s drained her savings, cut down her day-job hours and devoted herself to opening the US’ first camel dairy, the Wall Street Journal...

Banks Seize Herds as Recession Hits Mongolia

Badly managed loans and overconfidence in cashmere have Mongolians in default

(Newser) - Proving the recession is truly global, banks in Mongolia are threatening to foreclose on herders’ goats, sheep, and camels, the Wall Street Journal reports. Mongolians call it a financial “zud,” a local term for unusually devastating winters. Falling cashmere prices stemming from the West’s recession—the high-end...

On Green Menu: Roos & Camels
 On Green Menu: Roos & Camels 

On Green Menu: Roos & Camels

Studies say beef emits greenhouse gases

(Newser) - Australians are being advised to save the planet by eating kangaroos and camels. A study of Australia's 1 million wild camels, descendants of camels imported as pack animals, recommends that their numbers be culled by hunting them for food, AFP reports. A separate study suggests that kangaroos be farmed...

Camels Walk a Mile for Escape-Artist Giraffe

Circus chain gang cuts loose in Amsterdam

(Newser) - Fifteen camels, two zebras, lamas and potbellied swine went on the lam from a Dutch circus—with a giraffe masterminding their flight to freedom. The gang wandered around an Amsterdam neighborhood when the escape artist kicked a hole in the animals' cage, reports AP. They were all rounded up after...

Mystery Illness Kills Camels
Mystery Illness Kills Camels

Mystery Illness Kills Camels

Saudi government denies contagious disease is behind it

(Newser) - In Saudi Arabia, hundreds of camels have suddenly died for unknown reasons—232  were counted in the last four days in the Dawasir Valley, 250 miles south of Riyadh, Reuters reports. The Agriculture Ministry denies that an infectious disease is behind the deaths and blames problems with animal feed. Owners...

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