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Adult Film Star Jessica Jaymes Dead at 40

Former teacher also appeared in Weeds

(Newser) - Jessica Jaymes, a former schoolteacher who starred in more than 200 adult films, has died. The 40-year-old, who also had cameo appearances playing herself in Weeds, was pronounced dead Tuesday after a friend who hadn't seen her in a few days visited her San Fernando Valley, California, home and... More »

Attorneys for Trump's Accusers Have a Message for Him

'Be careful what you wish for, Mr. Trump': lawyer Gloria Allred on his threats to sue

(Newser) - Jessica Drake is the latest woman (No. 11, by Variety and NBC News' count) to accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, claiming that the GOP nominee hugged her tightly and kissed her after a 2006 golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Calif., then tried to offer her $10,000 to return... More »

CDC: Porn Actor Spread HIV After Testing Negative for It

Frequent testing alone can't prevent the spread of HIV, researchers stress

(Newser) - Frequent testing alone can't prevent the spread of HIV, researchers stress in a CDC report on a few cases centered in the porn industry. Researchers say a 25-year-old male porn actor, labeled "Patient A," tested negative for HIV in 2014 and over the next 22 days had... More »

New James Deen Accusers Detail On-Set Attacks

2 more women come forward, say porn star raped them while filming

(Newser) - Two more porn stars have come forward with accusations of assault against James Deen , and they're extremely disturbing. Both allegedly took place on porn sets, while filming, and the Daily Beast has the details:
  • Amber Rayne says that, while filming her first scene with Deen, she called him a
... More »

Porn Stars Accuse James Deen of Rape, Assault

A firestorm is brewing around the adult-film star

(Newser) - Adult film star (and Lindsay Lohan co-star ) James Deen has been hailed as a feminist and as porn's "boy next door," but over the past few days a much more troubling persona has emerged. As Vice reports, a number of porn stars have accused Deen of... More »

PBS Fires Fred Willard After Lewd Bust

XXX conduct 'didn't happen,' he tells TMZ

(Newser) - PBS has given Fred Willard the boot from Market Warriors after the actor was busted for allegedly playing with himself in a Hollywood porn cinema . "Given the unfortunate news," Willard is off the show with immediate effect, and will be replaced as narrator by Antiques Roadshow host Mark... More »

Fred Willard Busted for Lewd Conduct in XXX Theater

Actor found allegedly masturbating by LAPD

(Newser) - This is probably not how you want to picture Fred Willard, but: He's gone and pulled a Pee-Wee (pun intended) and gotten himself arrested for allegedly masturbating in an adult movie theater. Undercover LAPD officers entered Hollywood's Tiki Theater last night and found Willard, who was watching one... More »

Principal to Teen: No Porn Star Prom Date

Mike Stone can't bring Megan Piper after all

(Newser) - Mike Stone, who scored a porn star as his date to prom after sending some 600 tweets, has apparently been thwarted by the powers that be. The superintendent of his Minnesota school district told Fox News that Megan Piper cannot attend because doing so would be "inconsistent" with two... More »

Playboy TV Hot for Women

Channel will go less raunchy, more intimate, in effort to draw ladies

(Newser) - Now that you can get porn for free on your computer, Playboy TV is struggling to convince men to pay $15 a month for its soft-core offerings—some of which are even softer than HBO shows. Enter its new strategy: Market to the female audience. How? By adding a block... More »

Amy Fisher's New Career: Porn Star

Turns out adult films are her calling

(Newser) - Apparently her career as a stripper wasn’t netting her quite enough dollar bills, because Amy Fisher has decided on a new life path: porn star. The Long Island Lolita, who first exposed herself to the world in a sex tape released by her then-estranged husband, made another adult film... More »

Porn Stars Killed Tattooist: Cops

Adult film stars arrested in grisly scheme to kill, rob tattoo artist

(Newser) - Two porn actors have been arrested and charged with the murder of a Florida tattoo artist, the St. Petersburg Times reports. Police say Amanda Logue, 28, and Jason Andrews, 27, executed Dennis Abrahamsen, 41. Abrahamsen was found stabbed and beaten to death on May 16, one night after hiring Logue... More »

Despicable Me Good, But It's No Toy Story 3

Animated feature is strong, if generic, hyper: critics

(Newser) - Critics agree that French studio Illumination Entertainment has made a strong first entry into feature animation with Despicable Me, featuring Steve Carrell voicing a cartoon baddy who adopts three little girls. But it has the misfortune to premiere within weeks of Pixar's beloved Toy Story 3.
  • Despicable Me "cannot
... More »

iPad Leaves Porn Connoisseurs Flat

Size, content limits iPorn on iPad

(Newser) - The iPad looks unlikely to be changing the porn industry the way Internet-enabled computers and smartphones did—and not just because you need both hands to hold it. The device is designed to download from Apple's app store, the iTunes store, and the iBooks store, none of which are any... More »

Struggling Porn Industry No Longer Recession-Proof

Porn has become 'like potato chips,' frustrated actress says

(Newser) - Previous recessions have been kind to pornographers, but this one has been a knee to the industry’s groin, the Economist reports. Revenues have plummeted by up to 50%—from $6 billion in 2007, by one estimate—performers are being forced to lower prices, and production has been nearly cut... More »

Internet Freebies Whack Porn Biz

(Newser) - The American porn movie biz is not so hot anymore, and the recession isn't the only reason. Porn entrepreneurs say free content on the Internet is horning in on their business, reports the Los Angeles Times. "The opportunities in this industry really are disappearing," said a star of... More »

Ladies, It's Time to Enjoy Porn

Female audience for adult films is growing

(Newser) - For years, women have “been told that we won’t—or shouldn’t—be turned on by porn,” but that can, and should, change, writes Violet Blue for If you just can’t get into the “hokeyness—the ridiculous costumes, the awful cinematography, the ludicrous... More »

Writing Porn Is Easy, But the Pay Stinks

(Newser) - In many ways, the life of a porn screenwriter is a breeze compared to Hollywood, Christopher Beam writes for Slate. “Your average 90-minute porn film will have between five and seven sex scenes,” he explains. “At five to 10 minutes each, that leaves only about a half-hour... More »

Porn Flicks Too Soft on Plot, Grumble Stars

Actors' fun vanishes with stories as porn kings cater to Internet

(Newser) - Porn films with storylines are becoming a thing of the past as studios switch to filming content for the Internet, reports the New York Times. Earlier efforts to capture the DVD market led studios to create big-budget movies with narrative arcs connecting the sex scenes like 2005's Pirates—but the... More »

Japan's Mobile Network Buckles Under Porn Demand

(Newser) - Japan's mammoth 3G wireless network is beginning to buckle as users download world-record amounts of porn, Bloomberg reports. Mobile carriers have been forced to restrict the heaviest users of their "unlimited plans" to prevent outages. Privacy laws prevent the firms from saying what is being downloaded, but porn providers... More »

Calif. Porn Actress Tests Positive for HIV

Health officials call for industry to improve safety measures

(Newser) - California's pornography industry has confirmed its first case of HIV since 2004, the Los Angeles Times reports. The female performer worked infrequently, according to a rep for the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, who denied rumors of an outbreak. LA County health officials said they planned to investigate and renewed... More »

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