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Bad Sleep Is Different for Men and Women
Bad Sleep Is Different
for Men and Women

Bad Sleep Is Different for Men and Women

Research finds males and females often experience different sleep patterns and disorders

(Newser) - Sleep issues differ for men and women, with women more likely to struggle with insomnia and poor sleep quality, while men suffer from sleep apnea more often, according to a new study in Sleep Medicine Reviews . Sleep patterns and disorders don't discriminate by sex, but a few factors are...

White Noise May Actually Make Sleep Worse
Researchers Skeptical 
About White-Noise Sleep Apps
new study

Researchers Skeptical About White-Noise Sleep Apps

They might actually make things worse, concludes a new study

(Newser) - Apps or devices that simulate white noise to help people sleep are popular these days, but a new study raises doubts about their effectiveness. In fact, they might even degrade the quality of sleep, warns one of the researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. "I would just be careful,...

Deadly Insomnia a Devastating 'Family Curse'

One woman with FFI gene mutation hopes to find a cure

(Newser) - In 2010, Sonia Vallabh noticed her mother acting oddly. "She was fitful and couldn't really tell you if she'd been awake or asleep," Vallabh tells CNN . Soon, the 52-year-old couldn't recognize her daughter and would spasm and speak in tongues. Upon her death months later,...

To Avoid Premature Births, Women Should Sleep Well

Women with insomnia, sleep apnea more likely to deliver early

(Newser) - A new study suggests that one way to cut down on premature births is to make sure pregnant women get good sleep. The observational study, published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, found that women diagnosed with some kind of sleep disorder were more likely to give birth early, reports...

Insomniacs Fuel Popularity of 'Brain Orgasm' YouTube Videos

If videos of hair brushing and shoulder rubbing get you sleepy, you're not alone

(Newser) - The grating sound of nails on a chalkboard that leads many to shudder is a well-known phenomenon, but it has an opposite, and people call it Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, aka ASMR. People may have different triggers—whispering, light touches on the face, hair brushing, etc.—but the end...

Insomniacs Can Go Online to Get Shut-Eye

Need Sleep?
Go Online

Need Sleep? Go Online

Study says new online therapy program is helping sleepless subjects

(Newser) - A 70-year-old Californian who'd suffered from longtime insomnia had tapped into almost every remedy to no avail—until she tried out a new online therapy that has her "sleeping much better now," she tells the New York Times . The automated program, called SHUTi , is an online adaptation...

Kim Jong Un Packing on Pounds Amid Binging, Anxiety

Spies say he is also suffering from insomnia, not exactly a picture of health

(Newser) - Combining a toxic cocktail of binge eating and drinking with rampant insomnia and paranoia, Kim Jong Un has gained a whopping 90 pounds since taking over as the leader of North Korea four years ago, according to South Korea's spy agency. The big problem: Kim apparently is deeply fearful...

For Insomnia, Toss the Sleeping Pills, Try Therapy

It may require more work, but researchers say the evidence supports pursuing therapy over pills

(Newser) - The American College of Physicians is issuing new guidelines on how to treat insomnia based on evidence suggesting that the side effects of sleeping pills are "underestimated," while the success of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-I) is compelling. "The evidence is quite strong that cognitive behavioral therapy is...

Why You Toss and Turn the First Night in a Strange Place

Blame the left side of your brain: researchers

(Newser) - If you find it hard to doze off on your first night in unfamiliar surroundings, you're not alone—and it may be because you're like a dolphin. In a study published in Current Biology , Brown University scientists found this type of sleep disturbance (referred to as the "...

CDC: This Is America's Most Sleep-Deprived Group
CDC: This Is America's
Most Sleep-Deprived Group

CDC: This Is America's Most Sleep-Deprived Group

Half of single moms and 42% of single dads say they don't feel rested most mornings

(Newser) - Sleep problems are widespread in the US, affecting adults and kids alike, but a new survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that single moms not only sleep less than any other demographic, they also have a harder time falling and staying asleep and they are more...

Cows' 'Night Milk' May Help You Sleep Better

That was the case with lab mice, anyway

(Newser) - If you've tried a warm glass of milk to help ease you into sleep at night and it hasn't worked, perhaps it was just milked at the wrong time. The Wall Street Journal reports on a somewhat whimsical sounding potential treatment for anxiety and insomnia: "night milk....

15 Sad, Strange Things That Keep Us Up at Night

...but some are wonderful, too

(Newser) - What keeps Americans up at night? Thanks to a joint venture between a Knoxville public radio station and the University of Tennessee, that's being revealed, at least through an East Tennessee lens. The crowdsourcing project, dubbed Tenn Words, began in mid-May. Residents are asked to anonymously answer the question...

The Solution to Your Sleep Woes: a Waterfall?

Irish falls video has helped so many insomniacs it's now used in medical research

(Newser) - "Makes me feel at peace," "My headache soon went away," and "With this through my headphones, studying never has been easier" are just a handful of the comments you'll find underneath a viral YouTube video created by UK visual artist Johnnie Lawson. But Lawson...

'Just Being Awake at Night' May Be Suicide Risk Factor

Study finds suicide rate peaks at 2am hour

(Newser) - People are more likely to commit suicide after midnight, and the suicide rate peaks between 2am and 3am, according to a new study. Using data from the American Time Use Survey, which calculates the proportion of Americans who are awake at any given hour, as well as the National Violent...

Depressed? Tackling Your Insomnia First Could Help
Depressed? Tackling Your Insomnia First Could Help
study says

Depressed? Tackling Your Insomnia First Could Help

New study could lead to major shift in treatment

(Newser) - We might be on the verge of what the New York Times calls "the most significant [advance] in the treatment of depression since the introduction of Prozac in 1987": a new way of looking at treatment for depression and insomnia. More than half of Americans who suffer from depression...

Study: Women's Insomnia Hurts Marriage; Men's Has Little Effect
 Wives' Insomnia 
 Hurts Wedded Bliss 
study says

Wives' Insomnia Hurts Wedded Bliss

Same isn't true for husbands' lack of sleep: Study

(Newser) - If your wife has a poor night’s sleep, it can be bad news for the marriage—but if it’s your husband who can’t drift off, that’s no problem, a study finds. After a woman’s night of tossing and turning, the likelihood of an argument the...

30 Cities in Need of Sleep

Five are in West Virginia, with Charleston No. 1

(Newser) - Think you aren't getting enough shut-eye? Chances are your neighbors agree with you. Sleep-deprivation can be a regional problem, the Daily Beast explains, with certain areas harder hit because of higher rates of obesity, heart disease, and smoking. The site crunched some numbers on insomnia and sleep meds to...

You Don't Need 8 Hours of Sleep ... in a Row

It's more natural to sleep in two four-hour shifts

(Newser) - If you often wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep right away, you probably call it “insomnia”—but it might actually be more natural than sleeping for eight hours straight. "The dominant pattern of sleep, arguably since time immemorial, was...

Tired? Could Be Your 'Sexsomnia'

 Tired? Could Be 
 Your 'Sexsomnia' 
in case you missed it

Tired? Could Be Your 'Sexsomnia'

Study: A tenth of men with sleep disorders have sex while asleep

(Newser) - A surprising number of people are having sex in their sleep, according to a Canadian study. Researchers speaking to people with suspected sleep disorders found that more than 10% of men and 4% of women admitted that they'd engaged in sexual activity—ranging from masturbation to full intercourse—while asleep....

Sleeping for less than six hours can cause early death, study finds | Society |
 Not Sleeping Enough 
 Can Kill You 
in case you missed it

Not Sleeping Enough Can Kill You

Those who get less than 6 hours a night die earlier, says study

(Newser) - If you consistently get less than six hours of sleep, you'd better have your affairs in order. A group of researchers in the UK and Italy say that, by examining 16 separate studies, they've proven that not sleeping enough can lead to an early demise, the Guardian reports. The studies...

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