sleep deprivation

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Bad Sleep Is Different for Men and Women
Bad Sleep Is Different
for Men and Women

Bad Sleep Is Different for Men and Women

Research finds males and females often experience different sleep patterns and disorders

(Newser) - Sleep issues differ for men and women, with women more likely to struggle with insomnia and poor sleep quality, while men suffer from sleep apnea more often, according to a new study in Sleep Medicine Reviews . Sleep patterns and disorders don't discriminate by sex, but a few factors are...

Survey Says: Americans Are Pretty Darned Sleepy
Sleepy? You're Not Alone

Sleepy? You're Not Alone

Americans report that they would like to be getting more shut-eye

(Newser) - If you're feeling—YAWN—sleepy and wish you could get some more shut-eye, you're not alone, reports the AP . Some takeaways from a new Gallup poll on the subject, released Monday:
  • 57% of Americans say they would feel better if they could get more sleep, while only 42%

Texas Prisoner Sues Over Paltry Sleep

Michael Garrett alleges cruel and unusual punishment over schedule of 3.5 hours a night

(Newser) - A prisoner in Texas has won the latest battle in his long-running legal fight to get more sleep. Michael Garrett says he and other inmates in the Estelle Unit in Huntsville get only 3.5 hours of scheduled sleep per night, and even that is interrupted by a head count,...

Musk Is Worried About Himself. So Is His Mom
Musk Is Worried
About Himself.
So Is His Mom

Musk Is Worried About Himself. So Is His Mom

'Severe back pain,' lack of sleep appear to be taking a toll

(Newser) - Elon Musk scored a court victory last week over some business tweets, but the trial brought to light a different concern—that he's a 51-year-old guy working insane hours while running Twitter, SpaceX, and Tesla. The Wall Street Journal digs in, noting that at one point during the San...

Let Inmates Sleep, Judge Says
Let Inmates Sleep, Judge Says

Let Inmates Sleep, Judge Says

Medication is at 2:30am, breakfast at 4, cell checks hourly

(Newser) - Waking up county jail inmates at 2:30am for medication and 4am for breakfast probably violates the Constitution, a federal judge in California says. He wants jailers to revise their schedule to allow for fewer interruptions during the night and more sleep, the Courthouse News Service reports. The lead plaintiffs...

Parents' Sleep May Suffer for 6 Years After Baby Arrives

If you just welcomed a little one, you can look forward to the year 2025

(Newser) - Being able to say, "The baby is finally sleeping through the night" may offer a mental boost, but that doesn't mean you're necessarily going to be getting a lot more shut-eye anytime soon. In fact, don't count on it for at least six years, the Telegraph ...

Pilot Glides Right Past Destination While Napping: Officials

Aussie authorities say plane missed its mark by 30 miles or so before pilot woke up, turned around

(Newser) - The plane's destination: King Island, Tasmania. Where the pilot ended up: not King Island, Tasmania—at least not at first—after officials say the pilot took a snooze and overshot the planned landing by 30 miles or so. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is citing the pilot's "...

Too Little Sleep Is Same for Brain as Too Much Booze

UCLA study zeros in on how individual cells slow down during sleep deprivation

(Newser) - When you don't get enough sleep, parts of your brain are going to take catnaps the next day, even while you're ostensibly up and awake, a new study suggests. The results can have real-world consequences, says lead researcher Itzhak Fried of UCLA, who uses the example of a...

Lack of Sleep May Cause Brain to 'Eat' Parts of Itself
Lack of Sleep Juices
Brain's Repair Mechanisms
New Study

Lack of Sleep Juices Brain's Repair Mechanisms

But that's not actually a good thing

(Newser) - A new study on mice published May 24 in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that missing out on sleep may cause parts of our brains to start eating other parts. And the Telegraph reports that's not necessarily something you want to be happening. The study revolves around two types...

Gamer Dies 22 Hours Into Marathon Stream

Brian Vigneault, a 35-year-old father of 3, was on Twitch at the time

(Newser) - It started as just another day at the office for Brian "Poshybrid" Vigneault, a 35-year-old gamer known to spend multiple days in a given week live-streaming himself playing the game World of Tanks for 20-plus hours straight. This time, however, the Virginia Beach father of three got up to...

Insomniacs Can Go Online to Get Shut-Eye

Need Sleep?
Go Online

Need Sleep? Go Online

Study says new online therapy program is helping sleepless subjects

(Newser) - A 70-year-old Californian who'd suffered from longtime insomnia had tapped into almost every remedy to no avail—until she tried out a new online therapy that has her "sleeping much better now," she tells the New York Times . The automated program, called SHUTi , is an online adaptation...

Think You're Used to No Sleep? Your Body Disagrees

Your brain is probably fooling you if you think you're doing just fine on 4 hours a night

(Newser) - There never seem to be enough hours in the day to take care of what we need to do (and maybe squeeze in an episode of Game of Thrones), and so a reader writing into the New York Times' Ask Well blog poses a question we've all likely pondered:...

'El Chapo' Wants Extradition Because He Can't Sleep: Lawyer

Attorney says Joaquin Guzman wants to come to US because jailers are torturing him

(Newser) - A lawyer for drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman said Wednesday his client now wants to be extradited as soon as possible to the United States because guards at a Mexican maximum-security prison won't let him sleep, the AP reports. Lawyer Jose Refugio Rodriguez, who told Radio Formula...

Being Tired May Make You Snack Like a Pot Smoker

When sleep-deprived, brain may release more of chemical that keeps you snacking

(Newser) - If you've wondered why you nosh like crazy after a night of tossing and turning, scientists think they've figured it out: Your brain may compensate for the lack of sleep by releasing chemicals similar to those that pot smokers breathe in, resulting in the tired person's version...

America's 6 Most Sleep-Deprived States

Hurray for South Dakota—but put on some coffee for Hawaii

(Newser) - While that old rule of thumb of getting eight hours of sleep seems to be constantly updated, the CDC has settled on recommending that adults ages 18-60 get at least seven hours to stay as healthy as possible—and notes if you deprive yourself of that precious shut-eye, you could...

CDC: This Is America's Most Sleep-Deprived Group
CDC: This Is America's
Most Sleep-Deprived Group

CDC: This Is America's Most Sleep-Deprived Group

Half of single moms and 42% of single dads say they don't feel rested most mornings

(Newser) - Sleep problems are widespread in the US, affecting adults and kids alike, but a new survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that single moms not only sleep less than any other demographic, they also have a harder time falling and staying asleep and they are more...

When School Starts Earlier, Teen Car Crashes Rise

Study compares accidents in 2 similar counties

(Newser) - School start times may be more than just annoying for teenagers: They could actually be dangerous, a study reported in the New York Times suggests. Researchers studying two demographically similar counties in Virginia found that crash rates among 16- to 18-year-olds were higher in the county where teens must wake...

8 Hours of Sleep? 7 Might Be Better

CDC is working on new guidelines

(Newser) - How much sleep do you need? The CDC is coming out with new guidelines next year, but a spate of recent research suggests that seven hours is close to the magic number, not eight, reports the Wall Street Journal . Because requirements change from person to person, however, experts suggest spending...

Your Brain Builds Memories As You Sleep

Which means you should actually go to bed

(Newser) - As you sleep, your brain is actually forming new neural connections, helping you retain the things you learned during the day, according to a new study. Researchers in China and the US used advanced microscopy to peer inside the brains of mice who were learning a new skill. They found...

'Exploding Head Syndrome' Is Real: Experts

Sufferers hear loud noises before or after sleep

(Newser) - OK, it doesn't involve one's head literally exploding, but "exploding head syndrome" is no joke, say experts. "It's a provocative and understudied phenomenon," says psychologist Brian Sharpless of Washington State University after a review of studies. Sufferers experience explosive-sounding noises during transitions between waking...

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