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What Cookies? Google, Microsoft Plot New Ways to Track You

Systems could mean big gains for tech firms

(Newser) - The Internet's biggest players are taking a bite out of cookies. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are all working on ways to track users on their own, without the help of the small data chunks that reveal online activity, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company that wins what one... More »

Google Breaks Advertising Promise

It's testing banner ads

(Newser) - "There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results page. There will not be crazy, flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over the Google site. Ever." Google said that in a 2005 blog post , to ease fears about a partnership deal... More »

Issa Wants 2-Year Ban on All Internet Laws

Also, 'Do Not Track' initiative hits roadblocks

(Newser) - Rep. Darrell Issa is proposing a bill that would "create a two-year moratorium on any new laws, rules, or regulations governing the Internet," reports CNN . It's been met with some controversy from fellow politicians and the public alike. The bill could block regulations that protect consumer privacy,... More »

Forget TV Ads: Romney Hunts Supporters Online

And they are largely quiz-taking, photo-sharing home repair fans

(Newser) - Likely voters are watching live TV less and less, and political campaigns are responding with aggressive online tactics in what could be "the first truly digital election," says an analyst. Mitt Romney is looking for the right Internet audience to target his ads—but rather than pursuing advertisements... More »

See Who's Tracking You Online

Collusion plug-in enables writer to spot her Internet trackers

(Newser) - Facebook and Google are tracking you. Your cell phone is tracking you. Your cell phone images are being uploaded without your knowledge. And that's not all, Veronique Greenwood writes in Discover : Many sites you visit are amassing information about you and selling it to advertisers. Inspired by an... More »

Coming Soon to Your News Feed: Ads

But tech writers don't think you'll mind too much

(Newser) - Ads are coming to your Facebook News Feed next month, but tech writers don’t expect a major backlash from users of the social networking site. Sponsored Stories, the social ads that are currently restricted to the right-hand side of the page, will start appearing in your news feed at... More »

Jon Huntsman's New Website: 'Scared Mittless'

Site depicts Mitt Romney running away from the race

(Newser) - Jon Huntsman is taking aim at Mitt Romney with a cheekily named attack site/Internet ad mocking his strategy of avoiding pesky things like reporters. Called " Scared Mittless ," the site, which was spotted by the Atlantic Wire , features a video detailing his various evasions spliced together with clips of... More »

Feds Go After '1 Tip' Diet Ads

US sues creators of inescapable online ads

(Newser) - You’re probably sick of them by now: those ads that promise “1 Tip for a Tiny Belly” next to a drawing of a shrinking stomach. Don’t believe it, the government says: In different lawsuits, federal officials are pursuing those behind the ads, calling them a giant fraud,... More »

France Mulls 'Google Tax '

Levy on ad revenue would be used to bolster music, film, media

(Newser) - France is considering helping out industries hit hard by the digital revolution by slapping a tax on Google and other search portals. The proposal, outlined in a government-commissioned report, calls for a share of ad revenue to be turned over to the music, film, and publishing industries. The tax would... More »

Changes Afoot for Hollywood Trade Pubs

Variety to charge for online content; THR will move to web

(Newser) - Variety will go back behind a pay wall next year, less than 2 years after tearing down its old one, the Los Angeles Times reports. will be open only to print or online subscribers, just as it was before February 2007. “Everyone thought then that if you... More »

Ad Campaign Takes Death Panel Fight to Facebook

Targets Palin fans; 'tell her to stop lying'

(Newser) - A pro-health reform group is hitting Sarah Palin where she lives, the Plum Line reports—Facebook. Americans United for Change is running ads on the social networking site, where “death panels” got their start. The missives, targeted specifically at Palin followers of every stripe, ask users to “send... More »

Bud Ad Takes Porn Mainstream

Internet commercial suggests Bud drinkers buy porn

(Newser) - A new Bud Light ad—a viral video too risque for TV—points to the fact that pornography has “soaked so far into the fabric of mainstream culture that it's no longer seen as a stain,” writes Belinda Luscombe in Time. The ad suggests Bud Light drinkers are... More »

NC Man Solicited Wife's Rape on Craigslist: Cops

Was in the room as wife was attacked by knife-wielding man

(Newser) - A North Carolina man faces first-degree rape charges after arranging for the rape of his wife via Craigslist, police said. The 25-year-old, who advertised for someone to have sex with his wife using “scare tactics,” was in the room as a man with a knife carried out the... More »

Ill. Sheriff: New Craigslist an Improvement

Lawman will monitor 'adult services' section as lawsuit proceeds

(Newser) - The Illinois sheriff who pushed Craigslist to dump its “erotic services” section says the replacement, now called “adult services,” is a step in the right direction, the Chicago Tribune reports. “The postings are definitely toned down a lot. My goal was to get the over-the-top stuff... More »

Hulu Solves Online Video Puzzle, Cashes In

Site has settled many questions of what works in online video

(Newser) - YouTube established online video as a phenomenon almost instantly. But its user-generated content and lack of quality control made advertisers reluctant to embrace it. How then, to monetize online video? Do users want to stream or download, view through web browsers or special applications? Hulu, the video site run by... More »

And Now, a Tune From Our Sponsor

MySpace Music enlists advertisers to enable free downloads

(Newser) - The soon-to-launch MySpace Music service will consist mostly of sponsored streaming and downloads, Wired reports. MySpace will likely not start up its own pay-download service, along the lines of iTunes, instead maintaining its partnership with Amazon’s online store. Critics worry MySpace’s rather thin roster of major-label partnerships will... More »

US Hires Top Lawyer to Mull Google-Yahoo Antitrust Case

Step in possible antitrust case against Internet giants

(Newser) - The Justice Department has hired a top lawyer to review a possible antitrust case against the Google-Yahoo advertising deal, which would give the companies control of 80% of web search ads, the Wall Street Journal reports. Sanford Litvack, a former Disney vice-chairman, was Jimmy Carter’s antitrust chief. While officials... More »

Web Connects, But Can't Think Before It Links

Content sometimes generates odd associations

(Newser) - Automatic "tagging"—the generating of related links and targeted advertising, custom-tailored to whatever the reader is browsing—is now commonplace across the web. But the young technology is not without its share of kinks. The AP examines the sometimes inexplicable, often embarrassing links served up when when human... More »

Web Whizzes Renovate Rickety Sites to Flip for Profit

Real-estate 'turn-over' tactics move to Internet

(Newser) - Web entrepreneurs are taking a page from the real-estate book: they’re buying badly designed websites cheaply, fixing them up, and selling them at a profit. Website sales on eBay and similar sites have soared in the past few months, with many site-flippers happy to sell for just a few... More »

'Media Titan' Moves in Small (Even Empty) Websites

Little-known Internet player hitting the big time with simple idea

(Newser) - Richard Rosenblatt doesn’t work in Silicon Valley and few people, even there, know his name. But in just 2 years his Demand Media has become a huge player, backed by $355 million in private investment, and pulling in nearly $200 million in revenue this year, the Los Angeles Times... More »

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