Grieving Parents Have Dead Child's Head Frozen

Thai girl, nicknamed 'Einz,' is youngest person in cryogenic deep-freeze
By Neal Colgrass,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 6, 2015 3:23 PM CDT
Parents Freeze Dead Baby's Head in Vault

A little girl nicknamed "Einz" died of brain cancer in Thailand earlier this year, but isn't entirely gone: Her head is filled with anti-freeze and kept in a vault in Arizona, GlobalPost reports. Her parents made sure Matheryn "Einz" Naovaratpong, dead at age 3, would become the youngest person ever kept in cryogenic preservation: "We believe death can be overcome in the future," says her father, 41-year-old Sahatorn. "Human beings are seeing technology increasing exponentially. It just doubles, doubles, doubles." Sahatorn and his wife Nareerat, both electronics engineers, sent her body to Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a non-profit foundation that offers to "neuropreserve" a person's brain for $80,000. The parents plan to cryopreserve themselves too, but admit the chance of seeing their daughter again is "very low."

Einz died after undergoing 40 radiotherapy and chemotherapy sessions and 12 surgeries, often smiling afterward, her parents say. "We reached the end of our human limitations to help her," says Sahatorn. "We felt that, as her mother and father, we had to give her another chance. If we didn’t, we’d feel conflicted." So they've amassed a cache of documents like photos, videos, and personal letters for Einz to see one day, in the hope that futuristic tissue technology will provide her with a working body. What they don't want is to see her mind downloaded into machine. The parents agreed to talk about their ordeal after the Daily Mail published what they say is misinformation: "We’re not angry. Different perspectives are good," says Sahatorn, referring to options like burial and mummification. "This is our way." (More cryogenics stories.)

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