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Freezing Coral May Be Ticket to Saving Reefs

And researchers are looking into storing them on the moon

(Newser) - The future isn't looking great for corals as the marine invertebrates face rising ocean temperatures, disease, acidic water, and pollution. But MIT Technology Review reports that there's new hope in preserving them, which can bolster and revive future reefs. Researchers have been perfecting methods of cryopreserving coral, a...

Peter Thiel Will Be Cryogenically Frozen, Isn't 'Convinced It Works'

But tech billionaire says it's the sort of thing we need to be trying

(Newser) - Yes, Peter Thiel has signed up to be cryogenically frozen after his death. No, the billionaire does not seem to have a lot of faith he'll actually be brought back to life someday. Asked on Bari Weiss's podcast last week whether he had actually signed up for the...

A Divorced Russian Couple Is Fighting Over 81 Frozen Bodies

Cryonics company owner accuses his ex-wife of trying to take the cryopatients

(Newser) - There are about 500 dead and intentionally frozen people on our planet, writes Yana Pashaeva for Slate . She's talking about cryonics believers—people who think it's possible they can be brought back to life in the future and have paid to keep their body in a frozen state...

Son 'Horrified' When Cryogenic Firm Cuts Off Dad's Head

Kurt Pilgeram is suing Alcor, says company was supposed to preserve father's entire body

(Newser) - If medical science someday gains the ability to bring frozen dead people back to life, scientist Laurence Pilgeram is in for a nasty surprise. According to a lawsuit filed by his son, Kurt Pilgeram, cryogenics company Alcor froze only the elder Pilgeram's head after his death, when he had...

Dying Teen Wins Right to Have Body Frozen

'I don't want to be buried underground,' she told judge before death

(Newser) - "I'm only 14 years old and I don't want to die, but I know I am going to," a girl dying of cancer wrote to a judge in Britain, asking to be allowed to have her body cryogenically frozen in the hope of being "cured...

How a Dying Young Woman Shed Light on Cryonics

Today, the procedure is crude and expensive

(Newser) - By the time Kim Suozzi died at the age of 23 in 2013, she'd already become something of an Internet sensation, having turned to Reddit to ask for money to have her brain cryogenically frozen. Now the New York Times is revisiting her story, filling in some details of...

Grieving Parents Have Dead Child's Head Frozen

Thai girl, nicknamed 'Einz,' is youngest person in cryogenic deep-freeze

(Newser) - A little girl nicknamed "Einz" died of brain cancer in Thailand earlier this year, but isn't entirely gone: Her head is filled with anti-freeze and kept in a vault in Arizona, GlobalPost reports. Her parents made sure Matheryn "Einz" Naovaratpong, dead at age 3, would become the...

Larry King: Freeze Me
 Larry King: Freeze Me 

Larry King: Freeze Me

He drops the news in a dinner interview with celebrities

(Newser) - Larry King doesn’t believe in an afterlife, and hence wants to be frozen when he dies, he reveals in a new special airing tomorrow night. Dinner with the Kings sees Larry sit down with a gaggle of celebrities—namely Conan O’Brien, Tyra Banks, Shaquille O’Neal, Seth MacFarlane,...

Cryonics Founder Robert Ettinger Dead ... for Now

He's frozen at 92

(Newser) - After a lifetime pushing the benefits of freezing dead people in the hope that they can someday be revived by medical science, Robert Ettinger has died—and been frozen. The 92-year-old father of the cryonics movement has joined 105 other people—including his mother and two wives—frozen in liquid...

Ted Williams' Frozen Head Treated Like a Baseball
Ted Williams' Frozen Head Treated Like a Baseball
Cryogenic Tell-All

Ted Williams' Frozen Head Treated Like a Baseball

Former exec at cryogenics company details bizarre, unprofessional practices

(Newser) - Ted Williams’ frozen head has apparently not received the respect usually accorded to Hall of Famers. In a tell-all, a former exec at the cryogenic facility where the Red Sox slugger’s body resides writes that his severed head was propped up in a canister on a can of Bumble...

Healthy Baby Born 22 Years After Dad's Sperm Frozen

Former teen leukemia patient sets record

(Newser) - A North Carolina man had his sperm frozen when he was 16, before leukemia treatment rendered him sterile. A record 22 years later, Chris Biblis and his wife conceived a daughter—and now she’s been born healthy, the Times of London reports. “From my life being saved to...

Simon Isn't Planning to Freeze Himself After All

American Idol judge was joking, rep says

(Newser) - Ever the cool cat, Simon Cowell now says he was just kidding recently when he informed Britain’s prime minister he’d like to be frozen after his death, a rep for the American Idol judge tells the Mirror. The 49-year-old reportedly told Gordon Brown “I’d be doing...

Cowell Wants Himself Frozen for Posterity

Idol judge convinced science will someday bring him back to life

(Newser) - Simon Cowell thinks future generations will need his snark, the Daily Mail reports. While dining with British PM Gordon Brown recently, the American Idol judge said he intends to have his body frozen after death. “Science is bound to work out a way of bringing us back,” he...

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