Blonde Ambition: 5 Most Incredible Discoveries of the Week

Including anti-social smarties and a new view of the moon
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted Mar 26, 2016 5:54 AM CDT
Blonde Ambition: 5 Most Incredible Discoveries of the Week
Who's the brainiac here?   (Shutterstock)

Good news for blondes and an Irish bear bone that holds surprising secrets make the list:

  • Answer to Navy Mystery Found Off SF: Nearly a century ago, the Navy tugboat Conestoga set out from California for Hawaii but vanished along the way. Now, one of the Navy's biggest mysteries has been solved: The boat went down about 25 miles off the coast of San Francisco, and researchers have a theory about what happened.
  • Science Vindicates Blondes: Ohio State researchers analyzed data on 10,878 Americans and found that, contrary to countless old jokes, blonde women (and blond men) aren't less intelligent than those with other hair colors—and in fact may even be smarter. There's one caveat for some of the subjects who may not have been entirely forthcoming.

  • Moon Once Looked Different From Earth: Scientists think our moon hasn't always looked as it does today, postulating that some 3 billion years ago, the moon's axis was nudged 125 miles, or 6 degrees. The clue came from hydrogen deposits that weren't where they were supposed to be.
  • Bear Bone Alters Ireland's History: A single bear bone has changed Irish history. The bone with seven cuts from a sharp tool was first found in 1903, then rediscovered at the National Museum of Ireland around 2010. Modern tests revealed a big surprise about when those cuts were made, and will require textbook rewrites on when the first people arrived in Ireland.
  • To Live Longer, Eat Like the People in This Country: Go ahead and indulge your sushi habit: A new study finds a Japanese diet could add years to your life. Not only does following Japan's dietary guidelines result in a 15% lower total mortality rate, but it also lowers one's risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and stroke. Some indulgences you might not expect are included.
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