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How Ancient Wisconsin Rocks Got to Wyoming: the Hard Way
Dinosaurs May Have Brought
Wisconsin Rocks Westward
new study

Dinosaurs May Have Brought Wisconsin Rocks Westward

Study suggests they were eaten by sauropods and transported hundreds of miles to Wyoming

(Newser) - A few years ago, scientists at a dig site in Wyoming came across rocks that seemingly had no business being there. They were round and smooth, smaller than a human hand, and unlike anything else in the region, per Wyoming Public Media . So how did they get there? In the...

A 'Mind-Blowing' Find: Egypt's 'Lost Golden City'

Archaeologists tease 'untouched tombs filled with treasures' in Luxor

(Newser) - Big news out of Egypt, where a 3,000-year-old lost city has reportedly been found buried under the sand untouched. The "lost golden city of Luxor," as Egyptologist Zahi Hawass dubs it, was uncovered in September and dates to the reign of Tutankhamun's grandfather, Amenhotep III, who...

'Ghost Forest' Problem Is Creeping Inland
'Ghost Forest' Problem
Is Creeping Inland
new study

'Ghost Forest' Problem Is Creeping Inland

Study finds that once-thriving forest in North Carolina is being decimated by saltwater

(Newser) - The issue of "ghost forests" is a familiar one to climate researchers. The term refers to how rising sea levels—or, more specifically, encroaching saltwater—kills trees along the coast, per Live Science . But a new study out of North Carolina suggests that "it's not just the...

It Killed the Dinosaurs, but Then It Gave Birth to Something Else

You can thank the Chicxulub impact for our modern rainforests: study

(Newser) - We owe a lot to the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. For one thing, it gave us the lush tropical rainforests that help keep our planet healthy. That's according to a first-of-its-kind study published Friday in Science that looks at the effects of the...

Tolkien Fans Go Bananas Over Unearthed Soviet Version of LOTR

They're watching 'Khraniteli,' which aired just once on TV in 1991, with fascination, amusement

(Newser) - If you're a JRR Tolkien fan who can't wait for the next project based on his work , take a trip back in time to a bizarre, previously made adaptation you've likely never seen. A full 10 years before Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring, the...

She Didn't Think She Could Get Pregnant While Pregnant. Wrong
She Didn't Think
She Could Get
Pregnant While
Pregnant. Wrong
in case you missed it

She Didn't Think She Could Get Pregnant While Pregnant. Wrong

UK woman gives birth to rare superfetation 'super twins,' conceived 3 weeks apart

(Newser) - Rebecca Roberts' first shock when she went for an ultrasound at around 12 weeks during her pregnancy was finding out she was having twins. The second shock was more of a mystery: Doctors were baffled as to why one of the UK woman's fetuses was much bigger than the...

Scott Kelly's Body Endured Another Surprise in Space

Astronaut's heart didn't have to work as hard in zero gravity and so it shrank 27%, scientists say

(Newser) - They called it the "perfect nature versus nurture" experiment : Astronaut Scott Kelly was sent to the International Space Station for nearly a year, while his identical twin, astronaut and now Sen. Mark Kelly, remained on Earth. When Scott Kelly came back home in March 2016, scientists compared his DNA...

Ancient Coins Suggest Notorious Pirate Hid in America

Arabic coins linked to Capt. Henry Every found across New England

(Newser) - A handful of Arabic coins unearthed from a pick-your-own-fruit orchard in rural Rhode Island and other random corners of New England may help solve one of the planet's oldest cold cases. The villain in this tale: a murderous English pirate who became the world's most-wanted criminal after plundering...

For Rare Form of Cancer, Drug May Be a 'Game Changer'

Nivolumab appears to help surgical patients avoid a quick recurrence of esophageal cancer

(Newser) - Esophageal cancer may be rare, but it's a particularly brutal form of the disease. It's common for patients to undergo chemo, radiation, and surgery, only to have the cancer return quickly, notes the New York Times . A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine, however, is...

Physicists May Have Glimpsed 'New Force in Nature'
CERN Results Have
Physicists 'Shaking'
new study

CERN Results Have Physicists 'Shaking'

They may have glimpsed a 'new force in nature,' according to new study

(Newser) - Something strange is happening in the world of physics that might herald what scientists describe in the Conversation as a "brand new force of nature." The excitement stems from the CERN research facility in Switzerland, where physicists have been smashing particles together in the Large Hadron Collider and...

4 Seasons Aren't What They Used to Be
6 Months of Summer?
Researchers See Possibility
new study

6 Months of Summer? Researchers See Possibility

Study warns of big changes to our seasons by end of this century

(Newser) - A new study finds that summers have gotten longer and hotter over the years, but it also suggests we haven't seen anything yet. The research in Geophysical Research Letters suggests that summer in the Northern Hemisphere will last six months by the end of the century if climate change...

'Eagle Shark' Swam in Ancient Seas
'Eagle Shark' Swam
in Ancient Seas
in case you missed it

'Eagle Shark' Swam in Ancient Seas

93-million-year-old shark would have resembled manta and devil rays

(Newser) - It swam slowly through the seas with a tail fin resembling those of modern sharks and side fins that stretched outward like the wings of modern birds. It's no wonder, then, that this bizarre creature, which died in what is now Mexico some 93 million years ago, has been...

Lab-Made 'Pre-Embryos' Could Revolutionize Research

Scientists say 'iBlastoids' could 'open up the field' of early human development

(Newser) - For the first time, scientists have used human cells to make structures that mimic the earliest stages of development, which they say will pave the way for more research without running afoul of restrictions on using real embryos. Two papers published Wednesday in the journal Nature detail how two teams...

New Dead Sea Scrolls Found in 60-Year First

IAA director says they are 'of immeasurable worth for mankind'

(Newser) - "The Cave of Horror" has given up a new wonder: the first fragments of the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls found in 60 years. Israeli archeologists have been combing the caves and ravines of the Judean Desert since 2017 in the hope of beating looters to relics preserved in the...

River Dredging Brings Up a Possibly Revolutionary Find

Artifacts discovered in Georgia, including cannons and anchor, could be from late-1700s warship

(Newser) - What was supposed to be a routine dredging in the Savannah River turned up a handful of artifacts that might date back to the Revolutionary War. The AP reports that three barnacle-encrusted cannons, a rusty anchor, and a big piece of wood that could be a piece of a ship...

Sherlock Holmes Got It Right on Memory

Say Famous
Memory Trick
in case you missed it

Researchers Say Famous Memory Trick Works

Those who use 'method of loci,' aka 'memory palace,' fare better in memorization tests

(Newser) - Fans of Sherlock Holmes will likely be familiar with something called the "method of loci," notes Live Science . It's a device used by the famous detective to remember things, also called a "memory palace" or "mind palace." Now a new study in Science Advances ...

Scientists Closer to Solving Mysteries of Ancient Computer

Antikythera mechanism dates back 2K years, turned up in a shipwreck

(Newser) - Scientists say they've taken a huge step toward understanding how a remarkable device often referred to as the world's oldest computer actually worked. The 2,000-year-old "Antikythera mechanism" was a complex astronomical calculator used by the ancient Greeks, per the Guardian . But exactly how it would have...

His Ancient Find Was 'Too Good to Be True.' Maybe Not

Inside new research on what one scholar says is a precursor to the Book of Deuteronomy

(Newser) - Biblical scholar Idan Dershowitz started a fellowship at Harvard's Society of Fellows in 2017 , and he sent emails to its chairman about a theory he had about 15 manuscript fragments found more than a century ago. The response he got: "You're crazy, I don't want to...

In UK, a Fireball in the Sky, Sonic Boom, and a 'Shock' Find

First meteorite in 30 years is found on a driveway

(Newser) - Experts say a rare chunk of space rock, believed to contain the most primitive material in the solar system, is in such good shape that it's comparable to samples returned from space missions. But this one didn't come to Earth under careful conditions. Instead, it fell from the...

Researchers Discover Animal That Can Shed Its Whole Body

It's the ultimate case of regeneration

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered the ultimate case of regeneration: Some decapitated sea slugs can regrow hearts and whole new bodies. Biology researcher Sayaka Mitoh explains the genesis of the study published in Current Biology on Monday: She saw something bizarre in her lab one day. A sea slug had decapitated itself...

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