Wait ... What Did Grover Say?

Some think the puppet dropped an F-bomb
By Luke Roney,  Newser Staff
Posted Dec 28, 2018 2:45 PM CST

Production of Sesame Street moved from PBS to HBO a couple of years ago. Could it be that the cable network famous for series like The Sopranos and Deadwood has retooled the long-running kids show to make it more consistent with its other programming? Case in point: Sesame Street’s Grover may have used a rude word when speaking excitedly to another character, Rosita, Fox reports. Then again, he might not have. The issue arose recently on Reddit when a user posted a video clip of the (possibly) offensive comment. Some listeners hear the blue, fuzzy puppet say “Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea.” Others, however, hear Grover say, “Yes, yes, that’s a f--king excellent idea.” It’s likely all in the ear of the beholder, as many Redditors point out. “If you’re hearing Grover cuss,” writes one, “it’s because you want to.” (Remember the white dress/blue dress controversy?)

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