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Queen Elizabeth Photo Appears to Have Been Altered, Too

And more tidbits on the Kate Middleton drama

(Newser) - Amid the uproar surrounding Kate Middleton's continued absence from public life (and the photoshopping issue that has coincided with that absence), new attention is being paid to an old photo—one that Kate took back when she was the Duchess of Cambridge, before Queen Elizabeth died and she became...

Kate Photo Is 'Massive Own Goal' for Palace

It appears to be 'bad job of Photoshopping,' expert says

(Newser) - Princess Kate's family photo released on Mother's Day in Britain can still be seen here , but news agencies including the AP, Reuters, and AFP issued a "kill notice" because there were signs it had been manipulated. The princess later apologized for the "confusion," saying that...

Eilish Freaks Over Shirtless Cover Image

The singer slams 'Nylon Germany' on Instagram

(Newser) - Billie Eilish ripped Nylon Germany a new one this week over the magazine's digitized cover image of her, People reports. Posted on (and deleted from) the publication's Instagram account, the image portrays Eilish as a bald, metallic, shirtless, sci-fi babe who's giving readers the dead eye. After...

Photoshop Fail Involving PM Has Australia in Hysterics

Scott Morrison appears to have 2 left feet in doctored photo

(Newser) - A glaring Photoshop fail has Australia—and much of the rest of the world—tittering after Prime Minister Scott Morrison was accidentally given two left feet in a photo on his official website . The family photo (which is still on the website, but has been restored to the original version)...

Celeb Chef to US Media: I Have a Round Tummy, Deal With It

Nigella Lawson is fully on board the 'stop Photoshopping celebrities' bandwagon

(Newser) - Everyone wants to look their best when their photo is taken or they're seen on TV, but not everyone is thrilled "to be airbrushed thinner." At least not British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, who Sky News reports has taken issue with anyone trying to Photoshop how she...

Evening Standard Apologizes After Altering Solange's Hair in Photo

She gets an official apology after calling out magazine

(Newser) - Solange Knowles sat down with the Evening Standard for its ES magazine recently, but when the October issue came out, something was missing: her hair. Solange is featured on the cover, but the distinctive circular braid atop her head is not. Last week, she posted the original photo, braid intact,...

North Korea Doesn't Want You to See Kim's Ears
North Korea
Is Hiding
Kim's Ears
in case you missed it

North Korea Is Hiding Kim's Ears

Experts pick up on regular photoshopping

(Newser) - Millions of Americans have something in common with Kim Jong Un: He, too, appears to be self-conscious about his body—specifically, his ears. North Korea has strangely taken to photoshopping its leader's ears, which a pair of non-proliferation experts picked up on, reports Motherboard . While North Korea's habit...

Fitness Blogger Lifts the Lid on 'Before and After' Photos

Sara Puhto shows how posing and lighting can do wonders

(Newser) - It's not far-fetched for fans of fitness blogger Sara Puhto, who has amassed more than 66,000 followers on Instagram , to think this image is a before-and-after montage. After all, she's done her fair share of such "transformation" photos. But in the recent post, she files a...

Indian Government Busted in Epic Photoshop Fail

The prime minister didn't really see that very clear flood image out his window

(Newser) - India's government likely hoped that sharing a photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting the site of intense flooding in Chennai would comfort victims. Instead it led to widespread mockery since it was obvious that the image was doctored. "We are all pained by the devastation in [Tamil...

Lawyer Photoshopped Herself Into Star Pics: Judge

Images on website of Svitlana Sangary with Obama, Kim K, others were 'deceptive'

(Newser) - California attorney Svitlana Sangary apparently wanted to drum up publicity for her firm, so she posted some 50-plus pics of herself on her work website posing with a variety of high-profile luminaries, the Los Angeles Times reports. There she is, mugging with the likes of Kim Kardashian, George Clooney, the...

High School Secretly Edits Girls' Yearbook Pics

Students upset edits weren't consistent

(Newser) - Flipping through their yearbooks, female students at Wasatch High School in Utah noticed something amiss. While one girl wore a tank top on picture day, she appeared in a t-shirt in her photo. She wasn't the only one to have her picture edited: Necklines were raised, sleeves were added,...

Muslims Slam Iran Prez for Touching Chavez's Mom

Photoshopped version of image sparks online debate

(Newser) - So much for comforting the grief-stricken: A photo of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad consoling the mother of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has sparked political controversy in Iran, the BBC reports. Conservatives, already irate over the president's eulogy for Chavez, said he had committed a sin by touching the...

Now Magazines Airbrush Models Bigger

And some say it's just as controversial as the opposite

(Newser) - Not long ago, all the controversy surrounding magazine airbrushing seemed to focus on models and actresses being made to appear way too thin (to the point that some actually lost limbs ), but not so anymore. These days, magazines are increasingly Photoshopping models to appear heavier, because that's what...

Was This Pic of 9/11 Suspect Smuggled Out of Gitmo?

Officials scrambling to find out how photos landed on jihadist website

(Newser) - US officials are at a loss to explain how apparently recent photos of the suspected 9/11 master plotter ended up on a jihadist website . They fear the photos may have been taken and smuggled out of Guantanamo Bay. The photos show a calm, often smiling Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other...

Arizona Bill Would Expose Airbrushed Ads

Photoshopped models would require disclaimer

(Newser) - If you're going to airbrush a woman in an ad, you must include a disclaimer exposing the wrinkle-hiding, curve-thinning lie—at least if an Arizona lawmaker gets her way. The proposed bill seeks to make it illegal in the state for advertisers to enhance a photograph without attaching a...

New Tool Reveals, Ranks Photoshopping

Labels digitally altered images from 1 to 5

(Newser) - Highly altered images of models and celebrities in fashion magazines have come under increasing scrutiny, with France even proposing that all airbrushed pictures come packaged with a health warning . A new tool could make that easier, as it analyzes photographs to detect digital retouching, Wired reports. Publishers have “gone...

Chinese Mock 'Worst Photoshop Ever'
 Mock 'Worst 
 Photoshop Ever' 


Chinese Mock 'Worst Photoshop Ever'

Nation laughs at pic of levitating officials

(Newser) - A badly doctored propaganda photo has made hapless officials in China's Huili county the laughing stock of a nation of 1.3 billion people. The photo on the rural county's website appeared to show county officials levitating above the road project they were inspecting, the Guardian reports. The...

Jewish Paper That Zapped Clinton: Oops, Sorry

'Der Tzitung' is really, really sorry about Photoshop adventure

(Newser) - The Hasidic newspaper that Photoshopped Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason out of the iconic Situation Room photo is backpedaling quickly, reports the Washington Post. Because of "laws of modesty" and religious beliefs, Der Tzitung says in a statement that "we are not allowed to publish pictures of women,...

Scott Brown Fooled by Fake Photo of bin Laden

Senator says image was 'not authentic'

(Newser) - The advice bears repeating: Beware links promising photos of a dead Osama bin Laden . And now we can add: Especially, if you're a US senator. Scott Brown admitted he got fooled today, reports the Boston Globe . In an interview with a Boston TV station earlier in the day, he...

Obama Grandparents Photo: Jack Cashill Asserts It's a Fake, but Photoshop Mistake Suggests Otherwise
 Obama Conspiracist 
 Needs Photoshop Lesson 
in case you missed it

Obama Conspiracist Needs Photoshop Lesson

President may not be in that photo, but his knee sure is

(Newser) - An author on a mission to prove President Obama is a fraud asserts that a widely circulated photo of Barack Obama with his grandparents is a fake. In his YouTube video, Jack Cashill explains that Obama has been Photoshopped to appear between his grandparents, and he offers up what he...

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