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Dead Kennedys Drummer Dies in Accidental Fall
Dead Kennedys Drummer
Dies in Accidental Fall

Dead Kennedys Drummer Dies in Accidental Fall

"I feel like I’ve been hit by a train,' Jello Biafra says of DH Peligro's death

(Newser) - DH Peligro, longtime drummer for seminal California punk band the Dead Kennedys, has died at age 63. He died Friday at his Los Angeles home, and police at the scene "stated that he died from trauma to the head caused by an accidental fall," the band said in...

The Linda Lindas Ink Record Deal Days After Going Viral

Teen punk band has shot to stardom

(Newser) - Teen viral punk sensations The Linda Lindas have only just tasted fame, but it's been enough to get them their very own record deal before they've even finished high school. The quartet has inked a deal with Epitaph Records just days after a performance inside a Los Angeles...

Son of Punk Icons to Burn $7M in Memorabilia

It's a protest against 'mainstream' celebrations of punk

(Newser) - Joe Corre's collection of punk memorabilia is worth $7.2 million—and it will soon go up in flames. The son of late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood says he'll burn his "vast amounts" of clothing and artifacts from the era...

Punk Label Boots Drug CEO Over Un-Punk Price Gouging

'It blindsided and upset us on every level'

(Newser) - Former hedge-fund manager Martin Shkreli has been booted from the punk label he was bankrolling for doing one of the most un-punk things possible: jacking up the price of the drug that treats the potentially deadly parasitic infection toxoplasmosis by 5,000%, the Guardian reports. Shkreli became infamous this week...

'Free Pussy Riot' Scrawled Next to Murdered Women

Was 'presumably' written in blood, says Russian investigators

(Newser) - The bodies of two murdered women were found beneath a scrawled message demanding freedom for jailed members of Pussy Riot, Russian officials said today. The women, aged 76 and 38, were killed late last week in their apartment in the central city of Kazan with the words "Free Pussy...

2 Members of Pussy Riot Flee Russia

Duo likely escaped to country without extradition agreement

(Newser) - With Russian cops hot on their heels , two members of Pussy Riot who had thus far escaped conviction have now also escaped the country, reports the Christian Science Monitor . "Two of our members have successfully fled the country! They are recruiting foreign feminists to prepare new actions!," tweeted...

Sikh Temple Shooter Heavily Involved in Skinhead Scene

Wade Michael Page a member of 2 white power music groups

(Newser) - More details are emerging on Wade Michael Page , the Army vet suspected of killing six at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, and his involvement in white supremacist groups . Over the past 10 years, Page played guitar and sang in at least two skinhead punk bands, Fox News reports: Definite Hate...

Putin: Go Easy on Punk Band Pussy Riot

Defense hopes for 'softened' prosecution

(Newser) - As a court decides the fate of Russian punk trio Pussy Riot, Vladimir Putin is having his say—and he doesn't sound hugely concerned about the band's protest in Russia's top cathedral . Though there was "nothing good" about the protest, "I don't think that...

The Clash's 'London Calling' Now an Olympics Jingle

Punk battle cry being used to lure tourists

(Newser) - It was probably only a matter of time before the establishment appropriated the ultimate anti-establishment anthem. Olympic organizers are using "London Calling" by The Clash in ads to draw tourists to the 2012 summer games in England, reports NPR . It's a little bit of an odd choice, considering...

Muslims, Hindus Make Beautiful Punk Music Together

'Taqwacore' bands seize their moment in the spotlight

(Newser) - From the basement of a middle-class home west of Boston, the Kominas have helped launch an unlikely trend. A son of Indian immigrants, trained in classical violin and raised on traditional Punjab music, the 25-year-old electric guitarist Arjun Ray is getting his three Pakistani-American bandmates in sync, with the goal...

Square-Dancing Steps Into Rock, Hip-Hop

 Square-Dancing Steps 
 Into Rock, Hip-Hop 
Do-Si-do to U2?

Square-Dancing Steps Into Rock, Hip-Hop

New music irks veterans, but new blood is crucial

(Newser) - That tattered bastion of Americana, square-dancing, has fallen on hard times, but intrepid youngsters and older dancers eager to court them have turned to non-traditional music and methods to keep the practice alive. In Portland, Ore., a 20-something caller gathers friends in warehouses to do-si-do to punk rock. “It...

Green Day Goes Rock Band
 Green Day Goes Rock Band  

Green Day Goes Rock Band

Music game version spanning group's career set for next year

(Newser) - Green Day is going digital. Harmonix is releasing a version of the Rock Band virtual guitar-playing video game next year featuring the band's music. Some songs from the band's latest album, 21st Century Breakdown, were playable on Rock Band as add-on songs, but frontman Billy Joe Armstrong tells MTV he's...

Truly Wacky Online Dating Sites

 Truly Wacky Online Dating Sites 

Truly Wacky Online Dating Sites

From vampire lovers to geeks to punk rockers, a site for everyone

(Newser) - If the matches you’re finding on eHarmony are too vanilla, never fear: There’s a dating site out there for you, and Julie Gerstein of Lemondrop rounds up the quirkiest of the quirky:
  • If you wear a lot of black: Find your “own personal Satan” at Gothic Match.

Brendan Mullen, Who Gave LA Punk a Stage, Dead at 60

His club, Masque, hosted some of scene's top acts

(Newser) - Brendan Mullen, owner of a club that helped launch Los Angeles’ punk-rock scene, died today of a stroke at age 60. Mullen also authored books on the musical movement, Variety notes, including We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk. The native Scotsman opened the Masque...

Poet, Punk Rocker Jim Carroll Dead at 60
 Poet, Punk Rocker 
 Jim Carroll Dead at 60 

Poet, Punk Rocker Jim Carroll Dead at 60

Won fame with The Basketball Diaries

(Newser) - Poet and punk rocker Jim Carroll, 60, died of a heart attack Friday in his Manhattan home, the New York Times reports. Carroll is best known for The Basketball Diaries, a book about his experiences as a heroin-addicted basketball star in a New York City private school. A consummate New...

MoMa Shines Light on NYC's Punk Revolution

Materials by Patti Smith, Ramones showcase cultural shift

(Newser) - New York’s Museum of Modern Art is showcasing the gritty glamour of the city’s 1970s and early ’80s music scene, where punk, New Wave, DIY, and noise rock ruled, Rolling Stone reports. New Yorkers were feeling alienated—the city was bankrupt in 1975; President Ford told it...

Breakdown Trumps Even Idiot
 Breakdown Trumps Even Idiot  
Music Review

Breakdown Trumps Even Idiot

(Newser) - After Green Day’s multi-platinum American Idiot, anticipation is off the charts for today’s release of 21st Century Breakdown. And it doesn’t disappoint. Here’s what critics are saying:
  • It’s “so masterful and confident it makes Idiot seem like a warm-up,” says Rob Sheffield of

Competing With Neo-Nazis for the Youth Vote

German officials fight skinhead music with a CD of their own

(Newser) - The government of one East German state is so concerned about the influence of neo-Nazi extremism on the young that it's handing out free CDs of leftist punk music as an antidote. Der Speigel reports that the tactic is borrowed from the far-right NPD party itself, which has been distributing...

Punk Rock Impresario Kristal Dead
Punk Rock Impresario Kristal Dead

Punk Rock Impresario Kristal Dead

NYC club CBGB launched some of movement's top acts

(Newser) - Hilly Kristal, whose iconic club CBGB was the epicenter of American punk rock, died yesterday at 75 after a battle with lung cancer. The New York venue—fully titled CBGB & OMFUG, or "Country, Bluegrass and Blues & Other Music For Uplifting Gourmandisers"—showcased the Ramones, the Talking...

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