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Parents Go to School to Grasp Kids' Math

Students learn math in a new way with Common Core

(Newser) - Think math was hard when you went to school? Then check out new Common Core standards in elementary and high schools, which are so different from "old school" methods that parents are attending school to learn how it works—alongside their children, the Washington Post reports. "The toughest...

School District Getting Rid of 'Dangerous' Swings

'It's a matter of liability,' Washington district says

(Newser) - Swingsets are becoming a thing of the past at school playgrounds in a Washington state school district because insurance companies have decided they're too hazardous. "It's just really a safety issue; swings have been determined to be the most unsafe of all the equipment on a playground,...

First-Grader Gave Out Grandma's Heroin: DA

7-year-old allegedly brought misplaced drugs into school

(Newser) - Babysitting her grandson, a Pennsylvania grandmother misplaced her heroin—and it turned up in the 7-year-old's pockets at school a few days later, CNN reports. So says the district attorney, who warns that "any exposure to heroin for a young child is likely to result in death."...

Opposition: Syria School Bombing Kills 25 Kids

As another chemical weapons deadline comes and goes

(Newser) - Twenty-five children were killed when an elementary school in Syria's largest city was bombed today, opposition activists say. Regime forces dropped barrel bombs—barrels containing a combination of explosives and items like nails—in the opposition stronghold of Aleppo, according to an opposition group; CNN describes gruesome video but...

FBI: PTA President Made Kiddie Porn at School

David Navarro faces multiple charges, including producing child pornography

(Newser) - A twisted tale out of Washington state: Prosecutors allege a man shot an iPhone video of a girl, 8, performing oral sex at Belfair Elementary School, where he served as PTA president. The video was then shared online, CNN reports. The trail began with investigators in Denmark and Australia, who...

Body of 2nd 4th-Grader on Deadly Field Trip Found

Boy had been missing since yesterday's mudslide

(Newser) - The body of a boy missing since a rockslide killed a classmate and left two others injured at a Minnesota park yesterday was recovered today. St. Paul's assistant fire chief says crews found the body late in the morning after they came up with a plan for resuming the...

4th-Grade Field Trip Turns Deadly in Minnesota

At least one child killed in mudslide at Lilydale Regional Park

(Newser) - A fourth-grade field trip to a Minnesota park ended in tragedy yesterday, after the rain-soaked slope the nearly 50 students were hiking on gave way, killing at least one child. A search for a second buried child was halted overnight after a search dog was unable to detect the student'...

Elementary School Cafeteria Goes 100% Vegetarian

PS 244 is first school in New York City to do so

(Newser) - Forget Meatless Mondays : Every day is meatless at New York City's Public School 244, the first public school in the city to offer up an entirely vegetarian menu, the AP reports. (It's thought to be the one of first meat-free elementary schools in the entire country, adds NBC...

Cops: 5th-Graders Planned to Kill 'Annoying' Classmate

Police say 2 boys brought gun, knife to school in murder plot

(Newser) - Residents of the eastern Washington town of Colville are reeling after police announced they had uncovered a murder plot by two fifth-grade boys, reports the Los Angeles Times . The boys brought a .45-caliber Remington 1911 semiautomatic handgun and a knife to school, intending to kill a classmate "because she...

Uproar After School Checks Kids' Pants for Poop

School officials say nurse's search was made discreetly

(Newser) - There's no way this one could have ended well: An East Texas school's search for the mystery pooper who had five times left feces in the gymnasium led the principal to ask the school nurse to inspect the fourth-graders' underwear. "My kid came home and he said...

7-Year-Old Finds Loaded Gun in His Backpack

Boy alerts school, police trying to find out how it got there

(Newser) - Police say a 7-year-old boy alerted a teacher after finding a loaded gun in his backpack at a Philadelphia elementary school. It happened during an after-school program at Universal Samuel Daroff Charter School around 4pm yesterday; the boy was putting a folder in his bag at the end of the...

Recess as Essential as Class: Doctors

Great for kids' brains, bodies

(Newser) - Great news, though it comes too late for most of us: Doctors are taking a stand on the benefits of recess, and not just for the exercise. It's just as important to children's development as class time is, the American Academy of Pediatrics says. The organization is officially...

20 Kids Among 27 Killed in School Shooting

Adam Lanza killed his mother, then went to the school, say police

(Newser) - Details in this morning's horrific school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, are clarifying: A young man killed his mother at their home, then drove to the elementary school he attended as a youth and killed 20 schoolchildren and six adults, reports the Hartford Courant . The shooter, identified as 20-year-old Adam...

Maryland School Nixes Homework

Kids read 30 minutes per night instead

(Newser) - It's every schoolkid's dream come true: There's no more homework at a Maryland elementary school. The new assignment for students: Read a book of their choosing for 30 minutes per night, Fox 5 reports. After becoming principal two years ago, Stephanie Brant and her colleagues "really...

School Spells Own Name Wrong for Years

 School Spells 
 Own Name 
 Wrong for 
in case you missed it

School Spells Own Name Wrong for Years

A Fort Worth elementary school had one too many i's

(Newser) - They may teach little kids their ABCs, but for the past nine years a school in Texas has misspelled its own name. The Sunrise Elementary School in Fort Worth added McMillian to its title in 2003 to honor its first teacher. But it turns out Mrs. McMillan did not possess...

Boys, 10: Janitors Tied Us in Bathroom

Elementary school maintenance workers have been suspended

(Newser) - Four 10-year-old students at a New Jersey elementary school say they were bound and gagged inside a school bathroom last week by two maintenance employees. The janitors, who have since been suspended, also reportedly took pictures of the boys, Fox News notes. The boys' hands and mouths were allegedly tied...

Elementary Kids Expelled for Trying to Poison Teacher

Teachers, parents think the punishment doesn't fit the crime

(Newser) - Three students who admitted putting rat poison in their teacher's coffee are being punished ... by being sent to other schools. The 10- and 11-year-old kids are accused of putting poison in the coffee as well as in the icing of a cupcake in December at California's Balderas Elementary...

LA School Replacing Entire Staff After Sex Raps

Drastic change needed to restore confidence, officials at Miramonte say

(Newser) - The entire staff of a Los Angeles-area elementary school will be replaced while sexual abuse charges against two teachers are investigated. No one else at Miramonte Elementary School—which has been closed for two days —is suspected of abusing children, but a drastic change was needed in order to...

Second Teacher Arrested for Lewd Acts at LA School

Martin Springer allegedly fondled girls

(Newser) - More bad news from a Los Angeles-area elementary school: Only days after prosecutors accused a teacher of spoon-feeding semen to children , police arrested another teacher for allegedly fondling his students. Miramonte Elementary School teacher Martin Bernard Springer, 49, is said to have fondled two seven-year-old girls over the last three...

California Parents Prepare to Fire School

Group plans to use state's Parent Trigger law

(Newser) - The Parent Trigger is cocked and ready to fire at an underperforming elementary school in California. A 2010 state law gives parents the power to take over schools, and a parents group at Desert Trails Elementary outside Los Angeles plans to do so if the district doesn't overhaul the...

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