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Edwards Donor: I Warned Obama Camp About Affair

Tim Toben didn't want Edwards to get an important post

(Newser) - After rumors of an affair had already started to swirl and John Edwards’ presidential campaign unraveled, Edwards revealed to onetime donor Tim Toben that he still had his eye on a prestigious position in Barack Obama’s administration, should he be elected. Toben was shocked—so he warned the Obama...

Edwards Sex Tape Testimony to Be Allowed

But tape itself won't be played, judge decides

(Newser) - The sex tape John Edwards recorded with mistress Rielle Hunter while he was running for president will not be played at his trial, but the judge has cleared the way for jurors to hear about it. Both sides have agreed that testimony about the tape can be introduced, and Edwards'...

Young's Wife: Edwards Knew About Cash

Cheri Young testifies during trial

(Newser) - John Edwards knew about the hush money being funneled to his pregnant mistress, and even lied about it to the wife of aide Andrew Young, who later claimed he was the child's father, testified Cheri Young today. "I heard Mr. John Edwards tell me on the phone that...

Aide: Edwards Called Hunter 'Crazy Slut'

Andrew Young testifies in campaign finance trial

(Newser) - Andrew Young, who also once pretended to be the father of Rielle Hunter's baby to cover for former boss John Edwards, took the stand at Edwards' campaign finance trial yesterday—and he was a mess. He got flustered, gave conflicting (and at least once, wrong) answers, and constantly asked...

Former Aide Grabs Spotlight in Edwards Trial

Former aide improperly spoke to other witnesses

(Newser) - A former campaign aide took center stage in the first day of John Edwards' campaign finance trial today, Reuters reports. During opening statements in Greensboro, North Carolina, Edwards' attorneys said the nearly $1 million Edwards is accused of accepting in illegal funds actually went toward a $1.5 million house...

Is John Edwards a Criminal?
 Is John Edwards a Criminal? 
trial starts today

Is John Edwards a Criminal?

As his trial begins today, legal experts question government's case

(Newser) - Jury selection begins today in the trial of John Edwards, and if it were a crime to be a sleazeball, he'd be going away for life. But what he's actually charged with—failing to report gifts of almost $1 million, hiding them as campaign contributions, and using them...

John Edwards Sex Tape Will Be Destroyed

Rielle Hunter settles suit over ownership

(Newser) - One sordid little detail from the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter mess has been ironed out: An infamous sex tape they made will be destroyed within 30 days, reports ABC News . Hunter and former Edwards aide Andrew Young settled their suit over ownership of the tape, which Young says he found discarded...

John Edwards: 'I Did Not Break the Law'

He pleads not guilty to charges

(Newser) - John Edwards says his behavior was stupid but not illegal. He pleaded not guilty today to charges that donors illegally funneled nearly $1 million to mistress Rielle Hunter and campaign aide Andrew Young to cover up an affair and keep his 2008 campaign alive. Edwards did not have to post...

Feds to Indict John Edwards in Mistress Cover-Up

Illegal contributions used to hide affair, officials charge

(Newser) - Former presidential contender John Edwards will be charged with accepting illegal campaign contributions that he used to cover up an affair with his mistress, Justice Department sources have revealed. Federal prosecutors will aim to prove that the intent of over $1 million in donations from a pair of wealthy backers...

Aaron Sorkin to Make Tell-All Edwards Flick

Movie will be based on Andrew Young's tell-all

(Newser) - Get ready for a sure-to-be-juicy John Edwards movie: Aaron Sorkin is taking on the story … from aide Andrew Young’s point of view. The West Wing creator acquired the rights to Young’s tell-all The Politician, the AP reports , and he promises that “there’s much more to...

'Lost, Lonely' John Edwards Drops Out of Sight

Ex-senator isn't even hitting on women in bars anymore

(Newser) - Without his political career and largely without his family, John Edwards seems unmoored. He spends lots of time with his lawyers and lots of time ducking process servers working for the lawyer of his former right-hand man, Andrew Young—who's being sued by Edwards' former mistress, Rielle Hunter. Edwards isn't...

Edwards Forced to Testify About Sex Tape

Young fights back in 'invasion of privacy' lawsuit

(Newser) - The screws are being tightened on John Edwards, who's been subpoenaed to answer questions under oath about the sex tape he made with mistress Rielle Hunter. The disgraced Edwards is due to make a sworn deposition May 13, Diane Diamond reports at the Daily Beast , in the legal scrum between...

Andrew Young: Rielle Hunter Is a Liar
 Andrew Young: 
 Rielle Hunter Is a Liar 
and john edwards is a creep

Andrew Young: Rielle Hunter Is a Liar

Former aide is no fan of John Edwards or his mistress

(Newser) - Andrew Young responded last night to Rielle Hunter’s GQ interview , branding her a liar and John Edwards a creep. He told Joy Behar , among other things, that “at the same time she was dating John Edwards, she was also dating Jeff Goldblum, and led Jeff Goldblum to believe...

Edwards Sex Tape: Here's What's On It
 Edwards Sex Tape: 
 Here's What's On It 
dirty details

Edwards Sex Tape: Here's What's On It

Inside Rielle Hunter's romp with John

(Newser) - On the same day Rielle Hunter’s first interview comes out, another scandalous story: The details of just exactly what’s on that infamous sex tape starring John Edwards. Apparently, numerous people have viewed the tape—including one with a background in medicine, who analyzes Hunter’s swollen belly and...

Rielle Hunter: I Still Love 'Johnny'

The mistress talks—a lot

(Newser) - Rielle Hunter finally speaks out—a lot—in a 10,000-word GQ interview covering, among other things, her first sexual encounter with one “Johnny” Edwards (on the day they met). More from the unpaid interview:
  • On her feelings for Edwards: “I love Johnny and I love my daughter

Andrew Young Dodges Jail Over Edwards Sex Tape

Ex-aide due back in court Friday in Rielle Hunter's invasion of privacy suit

(Newser) - A North Carolina judge threatened Andrew Young with jail today but didn't order him incarcerated. The former aide to John Edwards and his wife, Cheri, are due back in court Friday to answer more questions about a sex tape showing the 2004 vice presidential candidate and mistress Rielle Hunter. At...

Rielle Hunter the Classiest Person in Edwards Mess

John Edwards' mistress has somehow managed to stay quiet

(Newser) - Believe it or not, Rielle Hunter has emerged as the classiest person in the John Edwards sex scandal. Hunter’s been relentlessly attacked and caricatured in the two years since the story broke: Andrew Young’s book savages her, and quotes Edwards calling her a “crazy slut"; in her...

Elizabeth Edwards May Sue Andrew Young
 May Sue 

for causing divorce

Elizabeth Edwards May Sue Andrew Young

John Edwards' estranged wife wants aide to zip it

(Newser) - North Carolina is one of 7 states that allow a member of a divorcing couple to sue a third party for busting up the marriage, and Elizabeth Edwards has threatened to do just that—to Andrew Young. Usually, a lover—Rielle Hunter, anyone?—would be the defendant in the suit,...

John Edwards Cut 'I Lied' From Confession

His former speechwriter reflects on her 'sorrow' and 'disgust'

(Newser) - John Edwards watered down the self-criticism in his recent admission of paternity , says the disillusioned former speechwriter who helped him write his confession. "It was very different compared to the one he and I had worked on over the summer," writes Wendy Button. "Gone were the words...

Andrew Young Forks Over Edwards Sex Tape

Gives copy to FBI after landing in contempt of court

(Newser) - He says he's still got the original locked away, but Andrew Young has handed over the sex tape starring John Edwards to the FBI—a day after landing in contempt of court for refusing to do so. But it won't hit the small screen anytime soon, reports Politico ; "The...

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