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Remains Found in Search for Natalee Holloway

Father says tip led to Aruba find

(Newser) - Answers might finally be at hand for the family of Natalee Holloway, 12 years after the 18-year-old American student disappeared while on a graduation trip to the Caribbean island of Aruba. Father Dave Holloway says that in one of many trips to the island with private investigator TJ Ward over...

Shark Attacks Man During Helicopter Rescue

Luckless man was moments away from rescue off Aruba

(Newser) - Either the man was incredibly unlucky, or the shark had a sick sense of humor. The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard says a shipwrecked Venezuelan man was moments from rescue when he was attacked by a shark near Aruba, the AP reports. A Coast Guard helicopter spotted the man clinging to...

New Witness: I Saw Fate of Natalee Holloway

Dutchman Jurrien de Jong says he saw suspect dispose of her body

(Newser) - On the night of May 30, 2005, Natalee Holloway ran onto a construction site with suspect Joran van der Sloot hot at her heels—and only five minutes later she was dead, according to a man who claims to be an eyewitness. But he says investigators won't take his...

Natalee Holloway Declared Dead

Judge makes ruling at father's request

(Newser) - Six years after teenager Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba, an Alabama judge has declared her dead. The move, announced in court today, follows a September request by Holloway's father; he wants to stop paying for her health insurance and give her college fund money to her brother, the...

Aruba Orders Murder Suspect Released

Gary Giordano still suspected in missing woman case

(Newser) - Gary Giordano, the US businessman suspected in the August disappearance and presumed death of his traveling companion Robyn Gardner in Aruba, must be released from jail next week and will be free to leave the island, a judge ruled today. The 50-year-old employment agency owner from Maryland is scheduled to...

Natalee's Mom: Don't Declare Her Dead

Father seeking to have missing Ala. teen declared dead

(Newser) - More than six years after high school senior Natalee Holloway disappeared while on a graduation trip to Aruba with classmates, her father wants to have the Alabama teen declared dead—a move fiercely opposed by her mother. Beth Holloway intends to oppose her ex-husband's "inexplicable effort to have...

Aruba Detains Suspect 60 More Days in Missing Woman Case

Gary Giordano will likely face charges

(Newser) - Gary Giordano, the man suspected by Aruban authorities in Robyn Gardner’s disappearance and apparent death, will be staying on the island another 60 days. He was ordered held yesterday as prosecutors prepare to file charges and ultimately try Giordano, who was listed as the “beneficiary in case of...

Witness: Woman Missing in Aruba Didn't Go Snorkeling

Authorities uncover more inconsistencies in Gary Giordano's story

(Newser) - Aruba authorities continue to uncover inconsistencies in Gary Giordano’s story: Now, a new witness claims Giordano and missing woman Robyn Gardner never actually went snorkeling. While fishing, the witness saw the couple walking along the reef around 4pm without entering the water. He later watched them drive away, and...

Aruba Suspect Tried to Redeem Insurance Policy

Gary Giordano tried to redeem accidental death policy on Robyn Gardner

(Newser) - Just two days after telling Aruba police that his traveling companion Robyn Gardner was missing, Gary Giordano tried to collect on the accidental death provision in the $1.5 million travel insurance policy he’d taken out for the trip, a source tells the AP . Giordano has since been detained...

Aruba Plans Massive Search for Missing US Woman

Police, firefighters, possibly military will hunt for Robyn Gardner's body

(Newser) - Aruba is planning an extensive search involving police, firefighters, and possibly the military as investigators try to determine what happened to a missing American woman , authorities announced yesterday. The search is expected to start later this week and will be centered around the southern part of the Dutch Caribbean island...

No One Saw Robyn Gardner, Woman Missing in Aruba, Go Snorkeling With Gary Giordano
No One Saw Woman Missing
in Aruba Go Snorkeling
holes in story?

No One Saw Woman Missing in Aruba Go Snorkeling

Gary Giordano, man being held, is 'scary,' say ex-girlfriends, wife

(Newser) - Robyn Gardner, the 35-year-old woman who went missing in Aruba last week, has tattoos covering her shoulder and one over her ribcage that translates to, "If I can't move the earth then I'll raise hell." But Gardner was actually a quiet, trusting woman who enjoyed taking...

Maryland Woman Goes Missing in Aruba

Disappears from same town as Natalee Holloway

(Newser) - A Maryland woman has gone missing while visiting the same Aruba resort town where US teenager Natalee Holloway was last seen six years ago, Fox News reports. Four days after the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, 35, police arrested a man they called a suspect in the case. Gary Giordano, who...

Jawbone Does Not Belong to Natalee Holloway

Analysis based on detail records is complete

(Newser) - The mystery continues. A jawbone with a tooth recently found on a beach does not belong to missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway, says the prosecutor's office in Aruba. The agency says that an analysis based on dental records rules out that the bone fragment came from her. Officials did say...

Experts Testing Bone Found in Aruba for Holloway Match

Tourists reportedly discovered a lower jaw bone last Friday

(Newser) - Dutch forensic experts are testing a piece of bone found in Aruba to see if it belongs to Natalee Holloway. The Dutch daily De Telegraaf reported today that the bone—reportedly a lower jaw bone—was found by tourists on a beach last Friday. But experts first will establish whether...

Aruba Cops to Quiz Van der Sloot Again

Dutchman says he's ready to talk about Natalee Holloway disappearance

(Newser) - Joran Van der Sloot may have offered to tell Aruba cops where Natalee Holloway is buried as a ploy to get out of Peruvian jail, but Aruba appears to be taking him seriously. Island authorities plan to send a cop and a prosecutor to quiz Van der Sloot in Peru...

Holloway's Dad Seeks New Info From Van der Sloot

Father hopes suspected kidnapper will talk after arrest

(Newser) - Natalee Holloway's father is back in Aruba today, hoping the suspect in his daughter's disappearance has provided local authorities with new clues since being arrested for the killing of a 21-year-old woman in Peru. Dave Holloway planned to discuss the latest developments with prosecutors and investigators at a meeting tomorrow,...

Van der Sloot: I'm a Snake
 Van der Sloot: 
 I'm a Snake 

Van der Sloot: I'm a Snake

The strange journey of boy who wanted 'to be a lion'

(Newser) - Joran Van der Sloot knows something that shouldn't surprise anyone: "If I had to describe myself as an animal, it would be a snake," he has revealed on YouTube. But he has higher aspirations. "I want to be a lion and one day I will be a...

Peruvian Prison Terrifies Van der Sloot

Accused murderer 'afraid I will be killed'

(Newser) - Joran Van der Sloot is being so forthcoming about Natalee Holloway's fate because he fears what will happen to him behind bars. "I don't want to be imprisoned in Peru," People quotes a Peruvian paper as reporting. "I am afraid I will be killed." Hence the...

Van der Sloot Jailed on Murder Charges

Peru judge orders him to prison until trial

(Newser) - A Peruvian judge today ordered Joran Van der Sloot jailed on charges of first-degree murder and robbery in the killing of a 21-year-old Lima woman, determining that he acted with "ferocity and great cruelty." The judge issued the order before dawn, instructing penal authorities to place the 22-year-old...

I Know Where Natalee's Body Is: Van der Sloot

But confessed killer won't spill to anyone but Aruba cops

(Newser) - We've heard this song before, but Joran Van der Sloot is singing it again: The confessed murderer claims he knows where Natalee Holloway's body is buried—but says he won't give details to anyone but the cops in Aruba, reports the New York Daily News . Police sources told NBC News...

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