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Granholm: Gas Lines Should Be Back to Normal Quickly

Biden official urges drivers not to hoard though fuel pipeline is back in business

(Newser) - US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm says the nation is "over the hump" on gas shortages following a ransomware cyberattack that forced a shutdown of the nation’s largest gasoline pipeline. Problems peaked Thursday night, and service should return to normal in most areas by the end of the weekend,...

Biden Gets Energy Chief Whose Focus Is Green
Biden Gets
His Energy

Biden Gets His Energy Chief

Senate confirms Jennifer Granholm, an advocate of cleaner cars

(Newser) - Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm won Senate confirmation Thursday to be President Joe Biden’s energy secretary, per the AP . The vote was 64-35. Granholm, who served two terms as governor in a state dominated by the auto industry, will be a key player in Biden's vision for a...

Former Michigan Governor Is Biden's Energy Pick

Granholm to lead clean energy transition

(Newser) - Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who asked Barack Obama to consider her for energy secretary in 2008, will be getting the position in Joe Biden's administration, sources tell outlets including the Detroit News . Granholm, 61, governed Michigan from 2003 to 2011. Granholm has long championed clean energy technologies and...

Former Michigan Governor Channels Carly Simon to Skewer Trump

'You're so vain ...'

(Newser) - Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm woke up a relatively subdued crowd at the Democratic convention with an energetic speech that praised Hillary Clinton but also mocked Donald Trump's ego. One of the biggest applause lines came when she summoned a famous song: "Donald, you’re so vain, you...

Clock Ticking, but No Deal Yet

 Clock Ticking, 
 but No Deal Yet 
talk show roundup

Clock Ticking, but No Deal Yet

Test vote on financial reform expected tomorrow

(Newser) - Harry Reid still plans an important test vote on financial reform tomorrow, but there's no bipartisan deal yet. Lead negotiators Chris Dodd and Richard Shelby said on Meet the Press they'll keep working on it today, reports CNN , while Mitch McConnell is sending filibuster signals. "It’s my expectation...

Supreme Court Short List Looks Like America

It includes the first black female chief justice in US history

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton may not be on Supreme Court short list—assuming Robert Gibbs isn't fibbing—but those who are make up a diverse bunch. Of the eight names offered by the White House, maybe four are serious candidates (Elena Kagan, Diane Wood, Merrick Garland, and probably newcomer Sidney Thomas), with...

Creepy Letters to 30 Governors Spook FBI

Pols told to leave office in 3 days or they will be removed

(Newser) - The FBI has warned police around the country that there may be violence in the coming days inspired by ominous letters sent by an extremist group. Thirty sitting governors have received letters telling them that if they don’t leave office within 3 days they will be removed, according to...

Obama Pulls Strings for 2010 Favorites

Behind the scenes, White House is influencing races

(Newser) - The White House is hard at work behind the scenes to put its preferred candidates in place for the 2010 elections. Obama’s team has quietly leaned on weak candidates to bow out and strong ones to bow in, the Wall Street Journal reports. When John Cherry withdrew from the...

Mich. Town: Send Us the Gitmo Detainees!

(Newser) - When the Obama administration floated Michigan’s Standish Maximum Security Correctional Facility as a possible landing point for Guantanamo Bay detainees yesterday, Gov. Jennifer Granholm and several state legislators swiftly condemned the idea. But residents of the nearby town are perfectly willing to take them, if it saves the endangered...

Top 5 States of Confusion
 Top 5 States of Confusion 

Top 5 States of Confusion

(Newser) - It’s not easy being an elected official in a time of crisis, but a select few governors are having a particularly tough time. And some of them are even trying to get reelected. Politico looks at the 5 worst-off states:
  • California: No surprise here. The state's issuing of IOUs

Five Women on Obama's Short List for Supreme Court

(Newser) - President Obama has narrowed his list of Supreme Court picks to at least six names, with women in five of the top spots, reports CNN. Obama is expected to make a selection by Memorial Day, sources say. Among the finalists: Federal appeals court judges Sonia Sotomayor and Diane Wood; Solicitor...

Supreme Wish List: Pragmatist, Easy to Confirm, 'Home Run'

As Obama vetting begins, 4 women lead

(Newser) - President Obama's choice to replace David Souter on the Supreme Court will be a pragmatist unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom, insiders tell the Washington Post. While Obama will not play it safe, they say, neither does he want a provocative choice that will create another partisan confirmation battle. "He's...

Obama May Look Off-Court to Fill Souter Vacancy
Obama May Look Off-Court to Fill Souter Vacancy

Obama May Look Off-Court to Fill Souter Vacancy

Expect a woman from outside appeals circuit

(Newser) - With everyone attempting to predict President Obama's thinking on a nominee to replace David Souter on the Supreme Court, CBS News makes two observations. The White House has dropped hints that it wants someone who is not a federal appeals court judge—as all nine current justices once were. And...

Biden Pokes Fun at the Boss at DC Dinner

Prez thinks Easter's 'about him;' Granholm roasts 'hot' Palin

(Newser) - Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth again, Politico reports—but this time he meant to. President Obama skipped last night’s annual Gridiron Club white-tie gathering of Washington elite, and the VP got in some laughs at his expense, explaining Obama was busy preparing for Easter. “He...

Losing Daschle Hurts, but Won't Kill Health Plans

Replacing his political clout will be the biggest challenge

(Newser) - The loss of Tom Daschle is a blow to President Obama’s plans for health-care reform, but the administration still has the resources to get the job done, Jonathan Cohn writes in the New Republic. Daschle was not only to head the Department of Health and Human Services, but also...

Illinois AG: Let Voters Pick New Senator
Illinois AG: Let Voters Pick
New Senator

Illinois AG: Let Voters Pick New Senator

McCain scolds GOP for Blago flap; Granholm, Romney clash on autos

(Newser) - Blago and bailouts were the talk of today's talk shows. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan told Meet the Press that voters should elect Barack Obama’s Senate replacement in a special election, while the state’s lieutenant governor said legislation would allow him to appoint a caretaker until a special...

Five Best Jobs Left in Obama Administration
Five Best Jobs Left in Obama Administration

Five Best Jobs Left in Obama Administration

Highest-profile unfilled slots are energy, intelligence positions

(Newser) - State and Defense are taken, but Barack Obama has yet to fill several high-level administration positions. Politico looks at the top five open jobs:
  • Energy Secretary: Sustainable energy will remain a priority, despite the attention the economy will draw away. Key candidates: Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm; Dan Reicher and

Openly Gay Union Activist on Shortlist for Labor Secretary

Granholm, Sebelius also rumored picks

(Newser) - A gay union leader is on the shortlist for Barack Obama's secretary of labor, the Wall Street Journal reports. Democratic officials have confirmed that Mary Beth Maxwell—who would become the first openly gay Cabinet member in American history if chosen—is being vetted for the position, along with Govs....

6 Governors Push Feds for Quicker Auto Industry Relief

Tight credit hurts car sales: Granholm

(Newser) - Michigan’s Jennifer Granholm and five other US governors urged federal officials today to act quickly in delivering financial aid to the auto industry, the Detroit Free Press reports. In a letter, the governors of Delaware, Kentucky, New York, Ohio and South Dakota stress that the credit crisis has hurt...

Pundits Zero In on McCain's Slide
 Pundits Zero In 
 on McCain's Slide 

Pundits Zero In on McCain's Slide

GOP candidate once sat on board of far-right group linked to "anti-Semites"

(Newser) - With the election campaign in its last month, the Sunday talk shows turned to John McCain’s substantial slide in the polls, Politico reports. The highlights:
  • Vice-presidential debate moderator and soon-to-be author Gwen Ifill suggested on Meet the Press that hype over her alleged pro-Obama bias came from a twitchy

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