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Royal Guard Tramples Kid, Keeps on Walking
Royal Guard Tramples
Kid, Keeps on Walking

Royal Guard Tramples Kid, Keeps on Walking

A spokesman says the guard later checked on the young boy, who was fine

(Newser) - Don't mess with the royal guards. A young boy found this out the hard way when a Tower of London guard collided with the child, knocked him over, and kept right on walking without even a glance behind, reports the Guardian . In a gone-viral TikTok video of the incident,...

Raven's Disappearance Raises an Old Legend in London

Merlina was queen of the roost at city's famed tower

(Newser) - It's not like Britain didn't have enough to worry about, given the surging pandemic and Brexit , but a missing raven has been added to the mix. The Tower of London announced the "really unhappy news" Wednesday that a beloved raven named Merlina hasn't been around for...

They Dug Up Tower of London Floor and Found Skeletons

They're the first bones from the Tower to have been analyzed

(Newser) - It's been almost 50 years since human remains were unearthed in the Tower of London, reports Live Science , which makes the recent discovery of two skeletons a noteworthy one—for more reasons than one. The Telegraph reports on the find: of a woman who died between the ages of...

In the Tower Where He Lived Before Beheading, a Find

Etching found in Tower of London could be self-portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh

(Newser) - Monday marks the 400th anniversary of Sir Walter Raleigh's beheading, and that very head is now back in the news. It's all thanks to the discovery of an etching (see it here ) concealed under layers of paint in the Tower of London's Bloody Tower, where Raleigh...

Tower of London Guards Spot Thief, Watch Helplessly he stole keys ... from an unlocked box

(Newser) - A comedy of errors, out of one of the British capital's most famed landmarks: A thief scaled the front gate and an inner wall of the Tower of London last Tuesday, but once he climbed into the sentry box, his work was already done for him. A metal box...

Beefeaters Bounced for Bullying Co-Guard

Nasty notes left for first female guard at London Tower

(Newser) - Two Beefeaters who guard and present tours at the Tower of London have been suspended for bullying the first female to join the elite association. A third is also being investigated. Nasty notes were left in the locker of Moira Cameron, and her uniform was defaced, reports AP . Staff harassment...

Holder Visits Another Famous Torture Facility

On trip seeking help to close Gitmo, AG stops by Tower of London

(Newser) - Eric Holder arrived in London yesterday and paid a visit to a prison as notorious in its time as Guantanamo Bay, the AP reports. The attorney general listened quietly as his guide at the infamous Tower of London described scenes of torture—such as the interrogation of Guy Fawkes, who...

First Female Beefeater Takes Her Post

After 500+ years, gender barrier falls at Tower of London

(Newser) - The Tower of London is no longer a man's world—a 42-year-old Scottish woman has become the first female Beefeater. Moira Cameron started work today after 2 months of special training. Like the other Yeoman Warders who work at the tower, she'll guard the crown jewels and lead tours. "...

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