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Guess What Someone Paid for This Handbag

Christie's auctions off the Diamond Himalaya Niloticus by Hermes

(Newser) - You're sitting down? Great: There's a person on Earth who owns a $300,168 handbag, CNN Style reports. Christie's auctioned off the Diamond Himalaya Niloticus by Hermes on Monday, breaking a world record with the crocodile bag that features white gold and diamonds. The sale by a...

Jane Birkin Wants Her Name Off Hermes Bag

The crocodile version, specifically

(Newser) - The Birkin is a bag so longed after it had a whole Sex and the City plotline written about it. Now—drama!—the celeb whom the bag was named after wants that name off of one such bag in particular. In a statement to AFP , Jane Birkin explains that...

1.5K Counterfeit Hermes Purses Seized in LA

Would have been worth $14M if they were real

(Newser) - Federal authorities found quite a stash at the Port of Los Angeles last month: 1,500 counterfeit Hermes purses, which would have been worth $14 million at their genuine selling price, the Los Angeles Times reports. The handbags, made in China and headed for sale in the US and Mexico,...

Eastwood Kid Torches $100K Bag, Gets Death Threats

Francesca chainsaws, burns Hermes Birkin bag for art

(Newser) - The Hermes Birkin bag is so sought after, people sit on a waiting list for years to purchase one—but apparently, if you're the daughter of Clint Eastwood, you can afford to take a chainsaw to the $100,000 bag and then set it on fire. Francesca Eastwood, 19,...

This Purse Sold for $203K
 This Purse 
 Sold for $203K 

This Purse Sold for $203K

Hermes handbag sets record at public auction

(Newser) - Recession is relative department: A Hermes handbag sold for a record $203,150 at auction in Dallas this week, reports the Houston Chronicle . The red alligator bag fetched way beyond expectations, helped along by the gold and diamonds embedded in its hardware. It's "an extraordinary example of one...

Alligator Market Collapses; Farmers Fault Hermès

Prices rise even as sales of alligator-skin shoes and bags plummet

(Newser) - Of luxury markets hit hard by the economy, one of the strangest is Louisiana alligator business, which dried up so fast it went from hatching 500,000 eggs last year to none this year. The speed of the collapse is raising suspicions that there's more to it than consumers shunning...

The Most Stylish Cities in the World

Paris, Milan top Forbes list

(Newser) - Weighing everything from fashion to architecture to street life, Forbes rates the 10 most stylish cities in the world. The best of the best:
  • It doesn’t get any more chic than Paris
  • Milan: “flashy” fashion and cool contemporary design
  • New York: a shopping spree from Brooklyn to 5th

$50K Hermes Bag Is Recession-Proof

In tough times, designer's bag sales are up

(Newser) - High-end designers everywhere are closing down storefronts, but somehow Hermes’ sales are up. The iconic brand has managed to beat the recession by ignoring it, continuing to sell $50,000 bags that require years on a waiting list to own. “Hermes’ position is unique; it is at the very...

Hermes Breeds Crocs to Skin for Handbags

(Newser) - Fashion mainstay Hermes is now maintaining its own crocodile farms in Australia to provide skins for its handbags, Reuters reports. “The world is not full of crocodiles, except the stock exchange!” the French company’s CEO joked, feebly. Hermes’ leather-accessory line, which accounts for 40% of company business,...

Mama's Top Brand New Bags
Mama's Top Brand New Bags

Mama's Top Brand New Bags

Forbes picks its favorite luxury purses of the year

(Newser) - After spending thousands of dollars on a handbag, you might not be able to afford anything to put inside it—so choose wisely. Forbes outlines the best in "it" bags:
  1. Hermes Kelly Bag, $5,000 and up: Embrace your inner Grace Kelly with the original "it" bag, made

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