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England Delays Ending Lockdown for a Month
England Extends Lockdown

England Extends Lockdown

Johnson wants more time to vaccinate people with Delta variant coming on strong

(Newser) - With the more infectious Delta variant pushing coronavirus cases up in England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to postpone the relaxation of restrictions scheduled for June 21. The new date for lifting the last limitations is July 19, the BBC reports. The change will provide "a few more...

Biden Lands in UK on First Overseas Trip

His first stop was a visit to US troops

(Newser) - President Biden opened the first overseas trip of his term Wednesday with a declaration that "the United States is back" as he seeks to reassert the nation on the world stage and steady European allies deeply shaken by his predecessor. The president's first stop after landing in the...

Andrew Lloyd Webber: Only Arrest Will Stop Me Reopening

He plans to reopen London theaters on June 21 'come hell or high water'

(Newser) - Andrew Lloyd Webber owns six London theaters—and he says he's going to reopen them on June 21 whether the British government changes its reopening date or not. The composer claims that scientific evidence shows theaters are "completely safe" even at full capacity, the Guardian reports. His production...

Cops Expecting Pot Farm Uncover Illegal Bitcoin Mine

Operation in UK was stealing electricity from the grid to power 100 computers

(Newser) - Police in Britain say a building they were watching had people coming and going at all hours, numerous wiring and ventilation ducts visible, and was emitting a lot of heat—all "classic cannabis factory signs." But when West Midlands police raided the factory in an industrial area last...

Ex-Aide: Johnson Said He Would Let 'Bodies Pile High'

Dominic Cummings slams British government's chaotic COVID-19 response

(Newser) - When the pandemic hit Britain last year, the government's response was so chaotic that is "seemed like an out-of-control movie," Prime Minister Boris Johnson's former chief aide testified Wednesday. Dominic Cummings, who resigned in December, launched a blistering attack on the government's response—which he...

5 Held in Attempted Killing of BLM Activist

Cop says there's no indication Sasha Johnson was targeted

(Newser) - Five males, including three teenagers, have been arrested in the shooting of a Black Lives Matter activist in London. Sasha Johnson of the Taking the Initiative Party, described as Britain's first Black-led political party, has been fighting for her life in a hospital since she was shot in the...

Historic Castle Reopens, Suffers $1.4M Theft

Mary Queen of Scots' priceless rosary among stolen items

(Newser) - Thieves have stolen historic treasures from England's Arundel Castle, including the rosary beads that Mary Queen of Scots carried to her execution in 1587. The thieves gained entry to the castle, occupied for centuries by the dukes of Norfolk, around 10:30pm local time on Friday by smashing a...

This Piece of Cheese Helped Bring Down a Drug Dealer

Carl Stewart's photo of him holding a block of Stilton allowed UK police to lift his prints

(Newser) - If evading police was the goal, Carl Stewart seemed to be doing everything right. The UK drug dealer used an encrypted phone system called EncroChat—one favored by organized crime in Europe—to carry out his surreptitious communications, and he adopted the handle "Toffeeforce" to do business, selling heroin...

After UK Vaccination Success, the 'End Is in Sight'

Many restrictions will be lifted Monday

(Newser) - When London’s Science Museum reopens next week, it will have some new artifacts: empty vaccine vials, testing kits and other items collected during the pandemic, to be featured in a new COVID-19 exhibition. Britain isn’t quite ready to consign the coronavirus to a museum—the outbreak is far...

'It's Like Seeing a Camel at the North Pole'

Wayward whale is spotted in the River Thames

(Newser) - Two tales of two very different animals being sought by wildlife officials:
  • Thames whale: A young minke whale was lost far from home Monday, trapped in the Thames River upstream of London landmarks after it escaped from rescuers overnight, per the AP . Maritime authorities were trying to recapture the whale

On Last Day, Bank Cleaner Leaves Note for 'Cruel' Manager

'In a world when you can be anything, be kind, because you are all no better than the cleaner'

(Newser) - After she was treated badly by a "cruel" manager at a bank branch, 67-year-old Julie Cousins decided it was time to hang up her mop after 35 years as a cleaner—but not without leaving a heartfelt note. "I've left the job ... after the way you dressed...

In a London Parking Lot, a 6-Year-Long 'Magnum Opus'

Gareth Wild was determined to park in 211 separate spaces at supermarket

(Newser) - If you took a survey on people's favorite things to do, finding a parking space likely wouldn't rank very high—unless you're Gareth Wild, who just finished his "magnum opus" related to the activity, reports the BBC . In a Tuesday Twitter thread , the 39-year-old production director...

Boris Johnson's Digits Have Been Online Since 2006

He kept personal phone number, posted online 15 years ago, the same after becoming PM

(Newser) - On the UK Parliament's website , the official ways to contact Prime Minister Boris Johnson are listed. But for the past 15 years, his personal cellphone number has also been openly accessible, thanks to a long-ago press release that has stayed up on the internet, reports the BBC . The celebrity...

Tony Blair's Hair Horrifies Brits
Tony Blair's Hair Horrifies Brits

Tony Blair's Hair Horrifies Brits

Former prime minister sprouted a mullet during lockdown

(Newser) - After being closed for months, barbers in Britain reopened earlier this month as lockdown measures were eased—and after a TV appearance Wednesday, a lot of people want Tony Blair to get to one ASAP. In his first public appearance in weeks, the former prime minister spoke to ITV about...

You Can Now Shop Darth Vader Actor's Star Wars Collection

David Prowse's mask, movie script up for grabs at auction

(Newser) - Hundreds of items belonging to the actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy are being auctioned off, including a script for The Empire Strikes Back with key lines removed. Though Darth Vader was voiced by James Earl Jones, David Prowse was the actor behind the mask,...

Study Finds Good News on UK Variant
Study Finds Good News
on UK Variant 

Study Finds Good News on UK Variant

B117 is not linked to more severe symptoms in hospitalized patients

(Newser) - The B117 coronavirus variant first detected in the UK—now the most common strain in the US —has been tentatively associated with high transmissibility, more severe illness, and a greater risk of death. But a new study appears to contradict some of those findings. Published Monday in Lancet Infectious ...

Reward Offered in Theft of World's Longest Rabbit

Darius, a continental giant rabbit, was stolen in England over the weekend

(Newser) - Darius the continental giant rabbit has the Guinness World Record for being the longest living rabbit in the world, at more than 4 feet long. He also apparently has some admirers. The massive rabbit was reportedly stolen from his owners' yard in Worcestershire, England, on Saturday. "We are appealing...

Treasure Hunt Requires You to Crack Codes in 2 Books

One hurdle in scoring Golden Treasure of the Entente Cordiale: One book is in French

(Newser) - A potentially lucrative treasure hunt is being offered to the public, though to crack the entire thing you'll need to know French—or at least partner with somebody who does. The latter idea is actually one of the points of the unusual challenge. Artist Michel Becker is the mastermind,...

England Eases Rules, Starting With Haircuts

Change applies to nonessential shops and gyms, as well

(Newser) - Millions of people in Britain will get their first chance in months for haircuts, casual shopping and restaurant meals on Monday, as the government takes the next step on its lockdown-lifting road map. Nationwide restrictions have been in place in England since early January, and similar rules in the other...

We 'Owe Him a Debt Greater Than ... We Shall Ever Know'

A look at the long life of Prince Philip

(Newser) - Mourners have appeared outside London's Buckingham Palace to pay tribute to Prince Philip, the longest-serving consort in British history. But his spouse, Queen Elizabeth II, won't be able to see them, at least not in the physical, as she's staying at Windsor Castle, where Philip died early...

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