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MP After Court Ruling on UK Parliament: 'Utterly Vindicated'

Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament deemed unlawful by Scottish court

(Newser) - On Tuesday, the UK's Parliament began five weeks of "proroguing"—the technical term for suspension without dissolution, mandated by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Now, with Brexit looming at the end of October, a new development out of Scotland: Its highest civil court has deemed Johnson's move... More »

UK Parliament Suspended After 3 Defeats for Johnson

Opposition lawmakers shouted 'Shame on you'

(Newser) - Prime Minister Boris Johnson has succeeded in his plan to suspend Britain's rebellious Parliament for five weeks, but he has achieved little else in his first prolonged jousting with legislators determined to prevent a no-deal Brexit. The simmering showdown between Johnson and Parliament over Brexit came to a head... More »

Boris Johnson Boots 21 MPs, Including Churchill's Grandson

The move erases his Conservative majority, but an election looks imminent

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has knocked 21 members of Parliament from his Conservative Party after they stood against him in his first House of Commons vote on Tuesday, putting in motion what will be the third general election in four years. Nearly all of the MPs who joined opposition... More »

Hugh Grant Tears Into Boris Johnson in Tweet

'You will not f--- with my children's future'

(Newser) - Hugh Grant, who played a British prime minister in Love Actually, lambasted the real one Wednesday after he asked Queen Elizabeth II to suspend Parliament . Grant and other critics accuse Boris Johnson of undermining British democracy with the move, which is widely seen as an attempt to foil parliamentary opposition... More »

'It's Done': Plan to Suspend Parliament Gets Queen's OK

It's seen as a move that will pave a path for a no-deal Brexit

(Newser) - "It's done," tweets a BBC reporter. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will temporarily shut down Parliament, squeezing the time for the opposition to thwart a no-deal Brexit. In comments on Wednesday, Johnson confirmed earlier reports that he had asked the queen to suspend parliament. The privy... More »

UK Demolishes One of Its 'Ugliest Sights'

Deadly accident delayed power plant demolition

(Newser) - A British power station once voted one of the country's ugliest sights has been mostly destroyed in a controlled demolition. The cooling towers of the disused coal-fired plant in Didcot, 55 miles west of central London, were leveled early Sunday, the AP reports. The complex, including its massive towers... More »

8 Days After Operation, a Surprise Find in His Throat

Man swallowed own dentures during procedure

(Newser) - A British man who had a minor procedure was back in the hospital about a week later, thanks to something he swallowed during the surgery. The incident cited in the BMJ Case Reports journal says that the 72-year-old retired electrician had a benign lump in his abdomen taken out, but... More »

50 Years On, 'Fab Four' Hit Abbey Road

Thousands mark 50th anniversary of album cover shot

(Newser) - Fifty years to the day after the Beatles walked across Abbey Road in London, thousands followed in their footsteps, including a newly engaged Paul McCartney lookalike. The Evening Standard reports "an estimated 2,000 fans" gathered Thursday to re-create one of the most iconic album covers of all time.... More »

PM Has Called Trump Unfit. US Ambassador Isn't Worried

Woody Johnson says relationship between Boris Johnson, US president will be 'sensational'

(Newser) - President Trump thinks the United Kingdom's new prime minister will be "great," and the US ambassador to the UK seems to share similar optimism not only for Johnson's ability to, like Trump, "get things done," but also on the two leaders' future dealings. "... More »

As Johnson Becomes PM, Outgoing PM Offers No Praise

Meanwhile, some fear new prime minister will 'sell out' to Trump

(Newser) - Theresa May entered Buckingham Palace as prime minister Wednesday before exiting as only a lawmaker. Queen Elizabeth II has seen this production before. The monarch has already had 13 people form a government for her since she took up her post in 1952. Boris Johnson will be the 14th prime... More »

It's Boris: Britain Picks Its New Prime Minister

Johnson will replace Theresa May, and Trump predicts he'll be 'great!'

(Newser) - Boris Johnson will become Britain's new prime minister on Wednesday. The governing Conservative Party revealed Tuesday that the Brexit hardliner won a ballot of about 160,000 Conservative members to replace Theresa May, who announced her resignation last month, per the AP . Johnson, a former London mayor, had been... More »

You've Never Seen a Jellyfish Quite Like This

Barrel jellyfish as big as a person filmed off UK coast

(Newser) - A biologist is urging people to "get in the water" after she had an hour-long encounter with a barrel jellyfish as big as herself. Lizzie Daly was diving off the coast of Cornwall, on the southwest tip of the UK, when "out of the murk came this huge,... More »

They Showered in Contact Lenses, Then Lost Vision

Two cases highlights risks to wearers

(Newser) - A scary reminder to wearers of contacts to take them out before showering or swimming. Two UK patients were left legally blind in one eye after contracting a rare parasitic eye infection linked to water, reports Live Science . A 41-year-old woman described two months of pain, blurry vision, and light... More »

2 Get Life-Saving Surgery After Tip From Apple Watch

Device alerted UK men to irregular heartbeats

(Newser) - Two UK men have received life-saving surgery after their Apple Watches alerted them to irregular heartbeats. Paul Hutton of Bradfield, Essex, first visited a doctor after his Apple Watch—updated in September to notify users of irregular heart rates—alerted him that his rate kept dropping below 40 beats per... More »

Death by Metal Drinking Straw Is Now a Thing

UK woman fatally impaled on straw stuck in lid

(Newser) - A coroner is warning people to never fix metal drinking straws in place after the truly horrifying case of an English woman impaled in the eye. Elena Struthers-Gardner died after collapsing on a 10-inch stainless steel straw she had stuck in a screw-top lid on a Mason jar-style drinking glass... More »

Trump Targeted Him. Now He Says His Job Is 'Impossible'

UK Ambassador to US Kim Darroch is stepping down

(Newser) - The British ambassador to the US whom President Trump said he'd "no longer deal with" is leaving his official capacity: The Wall Street Journal reports Kim Darroch is resigning. "Since the leak of official documents from this Embassy there has been a great deal of speculation surrounding... More »

Meghan Markle Called 'Diva' After Wimbledon Request

Duchess of Sussex is once more in unwanted spotlight with pleas for privacy

(Newser) - First Meghan Markle and Prince Harry irked taxpayers with their home redo . Then they set off an "almighty storm" with an ultra-private christening for baby Archie. Now Markle is being accused of harboring a "secretive, high-maintenance attitude," and making "diva-ish demands" after apparently trying to get... More »

Trump: 'We Will No Longer Deal With' British Ambassador

He slams Theresa May for making a 'mess' of Brexit

(Newser) - "We will no longer deal with" British ambassador to the US Kim Darroch, President Trump said Monday, stepping up the diplomatic feud over the ambassador's l eaked remarks about his administration . Trump tweeted his own criticism of Britain's leadership, saying Prime Minister Theresa May had handled Brexit... More »

She's Mentally Disabled and Pregnant. A Judge Has Ordered Abortion

'Horrendous,' say anti-abortion advocates of controversial case out of the UK

(Newser) - A UK judge's ruling is being called "horrendous" by anti-abortion advocates, with even abortion rights supporters acknowledging how "heartbreaking" it is. Per reports cited in the New York Times confirmed by a court rep, a mentally disabled woman in her 20s who's 22 weeks pregnant has... More »

For Jailed Mom: 2 Hunger Strikes, 4K Miles Apart

Goal is release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran

(Newser) - A British-Iranian charity worker has begun her third hunger strike in a Tehran prison where she's held for spying. The twist this time is that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's husband, Richard Ratcliffe, is engaged in a hunger strike of his own outside the Iranian Embassy in London as the pair... More »

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