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Boy Who Taught Himself to Read at 2 Joins Mensa at 3
Boy Who Taught Himself
to Read at 2 Joins Mensa at 3

Boy Who Taught Himself to Read at 2 Joins Mensa at 3

Teddy Hobbs can also count to 100 in Mandarin, 5 other non-native languages

(Newser) - When his parents heard Teddy Hobbs making sounds while playing on his tablet at age 2, they initially thought nothing of it. "We've put appropriate games like Thomas the Tank Engine on—and he was [sitting] there ... making the sounds I just didn't recognize and I asked...

Mensa Welcomes Its Youngest Member Ever
Mensa Welcomes Its
Youngest Member Ever

Mensa Welcomes Its Youngest Member Ever

Parents of Kentucky 2-year-old Isla McNabb say she already reads at kindergarten level

(Newser) - Mensa has a new member, and she's still in diapers. Meet 2-year-old Isla McNabb of the Louisville suburb of Crestwood, Ky., a precocious little girl the IQ society says is now its youngest member ever. Isla's parents say even though she does standard toddler things—plays with toys,...

2-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest US Mensa Member

Kashe Quest has an IQ of 146

(Newser) - At just 2 years old, Kashe Quest has become the youngest member of American Mensa, Fox LA reports in an exclusive interview with the toddler and her mom. Sukhjit Athwal says she and Kashe's father started noticing from a young age that their daughter had an excellent memory, knowing...

After Cops Raid Party, Mensa Applications Surge

'We do want new members, but perhaps not in this way,' says Mensa Sweden

(Newser) - Police had to break up a loud party in the wee hours of the morning at a hotel, an otherwise ho-hum event that wouldn't be making headlines except for the group involved. That would be Mensa, the exclusive society that accepts only those with the very highest IQs, reports...

Preteen Girl Has Higher IQ Than Einstein

Lydia Sebastian just got perfect score on Mensa IQ test

(Newser) - A 12-year-old girl in England just scored higher on a Mensa IQ test than notorious high-IQ-havers Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Now, you might think such a thing would require months of practicing. Well, guess again. The Colchester Daily Gazette reports high-schooler Lydia Sebastian didn't really prepare at all....

Mensa Helping the Brilliant Find Love

Thanks to new partnership

(Newser) - Good news for brainiacs who are struggling to find love: has partnered with Mensa to help bring the IQ-blessed together. This week saw the launch of a Mensa-specific channel on dubbed Mensa Match , where, as USA Today explains, access is limited to those who meet Mensa'...

10-Year-Old Graduates From High School

Tanishq Abraham wants to cure cancer, be president

(Newser) - Tanishq Abraham has modest goals for a 10-year-old—he'd like to cure cancer and become president. Which probably seems realistic to the Sacramento prodigy, because Abraham just became one of the youngest children to ever graduate high school, earning him a letter of congratulations from Barack Obama. "It...

New Tech Toys Boost Laptop, iPhone
New Tech Toys Boost Laptop, iPhone

New Tech Toys Boost Laptop, iPhone

iMuffs and laptop chargers ready for today's tech-lovers

(Newser) - Jetsons-style briefcases may not be folding into cars just yet, but today's go-getters need more than just an ol' laptop and iphone.  CNNMoney picks out tools for the entrepreneurs of today:
  1. iMuffs Bluetooth Headset:  Elegant cordless headphones that work with your ipod and cell phone to deliver topnotch

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