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Yahoo Plans to Cut a 5th of Its Workforce

Ad tech business will be hit hardest

(Newser) - Yahoo has become the latest tech giant to announce mass layoffs—and the ax will not be swinging evenly. The company says it plans to lay off around 1,700 people, a fifth of its workforce, by the end of the year. The cuts will start with 1,000 by...

Judge Blocks First US Tax on Digital Advertising

Maryland law also is being opposed in federal court

(Newser) - The nation's first tax on digital advertising was struck down as unconstitutional by a Maryland judge on Monday. It's a law that attorneys for Big Tech have contended unfairly targets companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon in a separate federal case against the same law, the AP reports....

Ad for PJs With Butt Flaps Becomes Internet Phenom
Ad for PJs With Butt Flaps
Becomes Internet Phenom
the rundown

Ad for PJs With Butt Flaps Becomes Internet Phenom

A perfect storm of circumstances seems to have led to a proliferation of the online pajamas ads

(Newser) - So, it's not the most burning question in the year 2020, but it's out there nonetheless. "Why Is This Woman's Left Ass Cheek Following Me Around the Internet?" reads the headline at Vice above a story by Kate Dries. And Dries is not alone. It seems...

Stephen King Makes Big Move on Social Media

Author has quit Facebook over concerns on 'false information,' privacy

(Newser) - Last month, Facebook decided it wasn't going to bar or fact-check political ads during this election season, nor keep those ads from being targeted to certain groups of people. Now, partly based on that, Stephen King has made his own decision: He has left the social media site for...

Facebook Video Ad Scam Costs It $40M

Company was accused of inflating the amount of time users watched videos

(Newser) - Facebook has agreed to pay $40 million to advertisers who said it inflated the amount of time its users watched videos. The San Jose Mercury News says the California-based social media giant denied any wrongdoing in a lawsuit settlement. The settlement notice was filed Friday by the plaintiffs in Oakland...

Google's Latest Move Has 'Massive' Privacy Implications

Tech giant will start tracking offline purchasing

(Newser) - Google already tracks what you buy online; it's about to start tracking what you buy offline, too, the AP reports. The tech giant announced Tuesday it will start tracking money spent at merchants' brick-and-mortar stores by people who've clicked on those stores' digital ads. Google has access to...

You're Not Crazy— This Red Swimsuit Is Everywhere

It's part of Sunny Co Clothing's marketing campaign

(Newser) - Nothing in life is free, but Instagram users may not have gotten the memo. In what Mediaite sees as a sort of copycat move based on the Wendy's chicken nugget boy (if you've somehow missed that story, it's here ), California-based Sunny Co Clothing on Tuesday issued...

Google's Big Headache Involves Its Ads, Nazis, ISIS

There's a boycott underway in the UK

(Newser) - Major British advertisers wary of being associated with Nazis, Islamic radicals, and homophobic preachers have been pulling their ads from YouTube and Google. The British government joined big banks and other companies in the ad boycott in recent days after their ads appeared next to extremist content, Mashable reports. The...

Kellogg Pulls Ads From
Kellogg Pulls Ads
From Breitbart

Kellogg Pulls Ads From Breitbart

Conservative site calls move 'un-American'

(Newser) - Kellogg has announced that it will no longer advertise on, the website formerly run by one of President-elect Donald Trump's top aides, Steve Bannon, reports the AP . The food manufacturer decided to discontinue advertising on the site as soon as it was alerted by consumers to the...

Google, Facebook Crack Down on Fake News

It just got harder to place advertising on phony content on the 2 platforms

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg says fake news on Facebook didn't help tip the election in Donald Trump's favor, but that hasn't stopped the site, along with Google, from starting to address the issue. Although they're not directly taking on the fake news sites themselves, the two platforms are...

Facebook Is Blocking Links to Competing Site is a competitor, but Facebook is blocking it for being 'spammy'

(Newser) - The social media platform has garnered more than 4 million users since its 2013 inception, but Facebook would have you believe it simply doesn't exist. Since late September, Facebook has blocked (and retroactively deleted 10 million) mentions of and links to from any of its...

Jan Brewer Threatens to Sue for 'Revenge Makeover' Ads

Former Ariz. gov considering legal action over "unflattering" photos

(Newser) - Nobody likes clickbait ads, but Jan Brewer really hates them. That's because, as the Arizona Republic reports, two unflattering photos of the former Arizona governor were used—along with text reading "Divorced for Being 'Too Old' - See Her Revenge Makeover"—to sell eye creams, plastic...

Verizon Phones Raise New Privacy Fears

Company 'supercookies' can't be deleted

(Newser) - Verizon phones can apparently track you, even if you try to stop them. This month a Stanford University lawyer confirmed on his blog what cybersecurity experts have warned for a while : You can delete cookies on Verizon phones, but the company's so-called "supercookies" remain, allowing advertisers to target...

Bezos-Owned Washington Post Asks Readers to 'Buy It Now'

And Facebook tests 'satire' warning

(Newser) - About a year ago, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post —and this weekend, Post readers noticed something unusual. Mentions of books in Post articles featured a button within the text allowing readers to "buy it now" from Amazon, Mashable reports. Several such buttons appeared, for instance,...

Coming to Facebook This Week: Video Ads

New ads designed to play automatically, sources say

(Newser) - Facebook has given advertisers a holiday treat that users probably won't be thrilled by: video ads that play automatically in news feeds, whether they are clicked on or not. The company plans to make the announcement today and get the ads up and running by Thursday on smartphone applications...

NSA Tracking Tool: Google Cookies

Spies exploited advertising tools

(Newser) - The latest revelations about NSA snooping will probably have some online privacy advocates itching to say "I told you so." The agency has "piggybacked" on the tools that advertisers use to track consumers, using cookies to single out targets for hacking, reports the Washington Post . A Google-specific...

Google Breaks Advertising Promise

It's testing banner ads

(Newser) - "There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results page. There will not be crazy, flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over the Google site. Ever." Google said that in a 2005 blog post , to ease fears about a partnership deal...

Google Will Soon Be Using Your Face, Name, in Ads

New 'shared endorsement' ads will promote your ratings

(Newser) - Google may start spitting out some very familiar-looking search results. That's because the online giant plans to follow in the footsteps of Facebook by generating ads that use your name, photos, ratings, and comments to promote various products and pages. For instance, explains the New York Times , if you...

Cellphone Tracking Just Got Even Scarier

New software can identify all of your devices—even if they're not connected

(Newser) - It isn't just the NSA we have to worry about snooping on our cellphones now: several new start-ups are sneaking software into apps that builds individualized profiles of users' spending, browsing, and travel habits, then sells the info to advertisers. The new tech is way more advanced than old-fashioned...

Facebook Tweaking Its Ad Strategy

Social network eliminating half of its ad formats

(Newser) - Right now, Facebook has 27 unique ad format options—and the site says that's giving advertisers a headache. "The No. 1 complaint of most advertisers was that it was too complicated to figure out which ads to use," says an advertising exec with the company. Now, the...

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