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Low-Fat Salad Dressing Won't Protect You From Disease

Canola oil proves to be the healthy exception

(Newser) - That low-fat salad dressing? Might keep you slim, but it won't help you stave off serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease, reports the Daily Mail . Researchers from Iowa State University served up salads to participants with different dressings: corn oil (for polyunsaturated fat), canola oil (for monounsaturated fat)... More »

Is This the Most Depressing Book Deal Ever?

Venice Fulton scores 7 figures for dieting advice like: skip breakfast

(Newser) - Today, in the annals of careers you really should have chosen instead of the one you're doing right now: diet-book writer. Grand Central Publishing has announced that it has won the rights to Venice A. Fulton's Six Weeks to OMG. Fulton will apparently get "seven figures" for... More »

Key to Weight Loss: Stop Eating at Night

Study suggests nighttime fasting is effective

(Newser) - Want to lose weight, but can't bear to give up french fries? Well, there might be a "diet" of sorts that lets you indulge—provided you do it early. A new study has found that eating early, and then fasting at night, could be a powerful weight-loss strategy,... More »

Quest to Be Thin Leads Some to Canada

Intragastric balloon not FDA approved

(Newser) - Desperate dieters are increasingly turning to Canada for the intragastric balloon, a popular weight-loss technique available in much of the world but not approved by the FDA, reports the New York Times . Less invasive than gastric bypass surgery or gastric bands, the balloon—inserted in an outpatient procedure—involves placing... More »

Fatty Foods Scar the Brain

Rodents lose ability to monitor hunger, thirst

(Newser) - High-fat foods don't just make the midsection runneth over, a new study says. They also scar a part of the brain that monitors how hungry and thirsty we are. A recent study shows that fatty foods temporarily damaged the hypothalamus brain area of rodents in only three days, and... More »

Women Lie About Diet 474 Times a Year

... or so says a British survey

(Newser) - Women dish out 474 lies a year to themselves and others about their diet, according to a new survey. That works out to about nine per week. The single most popular fib? "It was only a small portion." Next up are, "I'll have a big lunch... More »

The Year's Top Diet Is...

DASH tops rankings, just in time for resolution season

(Newser) - Odds are, your New Year’s resolution involves losing weight. Most everyone’s does. Well good news: US News & World Report has just released its second annual diet rankings, with the top 25 diets you can jump on to get healthy. The list isn’t haphazard either—the magazine... More »

Dieting? Your 10 Best Options

Weight Watchers, Atkins make it in top 5

(Newser) - If one of your New Year’s resolutions just so happened to involve dieting, you’re in luck: The Daily Beast does your homework for you, analyzing 10 major diets for overall weight loss, change in BMI, and of course, whether the weight loss actually sticks. The result? A ranking... More »

New Diet Advice: Bring on the Carbs

Well, the good carbs, at least

(Newser) - Eggs are bad for you; eggs are good for you. Drink lots of milk; avoid dairy. Who can keep up with diet recommendations these days? Case in point: Carbohydrates, which became quite unpopular thanks to the Atkins diet, are making a comeback. New weight loss plans focus on enjoying what... More »

Women Think About Food More Than Sex

But more than 60% don't enjoy eating in front of partners

(Newser) - Women think about food a lot—as in, more than they think about sex. A recent survey shows that while 25% of women think about food every half-hour, only 10% think about sex that often. When it comes to men, 5% think about sex once a minute and 36% find... More »

Weight Watchers Revamps Points System

Diet giant now emphasizes unprocessed foods

(Newser) - Weight Watchers has totally overhauled its legendary points system to reflect changing perceptions about how the body processes food, the first change since its inception in 1997, the New York Times is reporting. Fruits, veggies, and whole foods are generally good, meaning points free, while processed foods should be eaten... More »

Dieting Wastes Your Time and Money

Essay: It's more important to focus on kids' healthy habits

(Newser) - Adults should give up on the charade of dieting, writes sociologist Amitai Etzioni. The body we have when we reach adulthood is pretty much the one we're going to keep. We may take off weight here or there, but it always comes back. Think of anyone you know, famous or... More »

Need to Lose Weight? Freeze Yourself

Proponent sheds 30 pounds by subjecting himself to cold

(Newser) - If you’re desperate for a new way to lose weight, forget feeling the burn and try feeling the chill, suggests Ray Cronise, an ex-NASA scientist who lost 30 pounds in six weeks by subjecting himself to low temperatures. The theory is simple: Your body wants to maintain a constant... More »

You Can Sleep the Pounds Away

New study shows shut-eye will help you shed fat

(Newser) - If you’re dieting, but not losing body fat, you might just need to get more sleep. A small study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that 10 overweight men and women, all on the same calorie-restricted diet, lost the same amount of weight whether they got 8.... More »

50% of Women Would Pick 'No Sex' Over 'Gain 10 Lbs'

Don't scoff: 25% of men feel the same way

(Newser) - When it comes to women and their priorities, weight ranks higher than sex. About half the women surveyed in a recent Nutrisystem poll said they'd rather go without sex all summer than pack on 10 pounds. And it's not just the ladies who feel this way: 25% of men agreed.... More »

Blame Naomi Campbell's Rage on Syrup Diet

You'd be angry too, if you ate like she did

(Newser) - Naomi Campbell’s rage can be explained by her “abandonment issues,” she told Oprah Winfrey recently. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because she doesn’t eat. The supermodel frequently goes on a "maple syrup diet" that “isn't so much a diet as self-flagellation minus the... More »

Weight Watchers Approves Some McDonald's Items

Filet-O-Fish, McNuggets assigned points for NZ dieters

(Newser) - One of the more unlikely pairings in food could soon be coming to a McDonald’s near you, as Weight Watchers has agreed to lend its stamp of approval to several items on the menus of the chain’s New Zealand locations. The Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets and Sweet Chili Seared... More »

Skipping That Cookie Won't Make You Lose Weight

In fighting obesity, little things don't count for much

(Newser) - Obesity experts would beg to disagree with the first lady, who said last month that it's the "small changes that add up" in fighting childhood obesity. Contrary to what Michelle Obama and many dieters believe, the body is actually wired to adapt to minor lifestyle changes—one less cookie... More »

Clinic Floor Collapses Under Weight Watchers

Nobody hurt after Swedish clinic buckles under strain

(Newser) - A group of 20 Swedish dieters got a clear indication of backsliders among their number at a recent Weight Watchers weigh-in. The floor of the clinic in southern Sweden began to rumble and then collapsed. Nobody was injured in the incident and the weigh-in resumed in the hallway, the Telegraph... More »

Biggest Loser Heralds Age of Manly Dieting

Competition makes weight loss socially acceptable

(Newser) - Season 9 of The Biggest Loser debuts today, and given the show's immense popularity—and mixed-gender contestants—it's fair to ask if it isn't indicative of a new, male-oriented take on dieting. "Not long ago, after all, the whole enterprise of weight loss was a girly pursuit," writes... More »

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