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This Is the Healthiest City in America

San Francisco tops WalletHub's list, while Brownsville, Texas, comes in last

(Newser) - The weather is getting warmer as we barrel toward summer, meaning you'll likely see more people out and about as they try to squeeze in their exercise routines in the great outdoors. As WalletHub notes, however, "location matters when it comes to health"—and according to its...

Bob's Red Mill Founder Dies at 94
Bob's Red Mill
Founder Dies at 94

Bob's Red Mill Founder Dies at 94

Founder of the whole-grain company turned ownership over to his employees

(Newser) - Bob Moore, the founder of the iconic and eponymous whole-grain company Bob's Red Mill, has died at the ripe old age of 94. "It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that our Founder, Bob Moore, left this world today, Saturday, February 10, 2024," read...

10 Healthy Habits You Don't Really Need to Do

Sorry, but flossing and washing your jeans is 'pointless,' per the 'Guardian'

(Newser) - Life is short, time is precious, and these bromides mean we simply shouldn't be wasting our efforts on what the Guardian calls "pointless" and "useless" habits we've apparently been brainwashed into adopting. Inspired by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' list of 40 medical treatments that...

Bracelet Promises to Shock Your Bad Habits Away

The human version of a dog shock collar has yet to be studied for long-term effects

(Newser) - Some people will try just about anything to break a bad habit—and that now includes a gadget that promises to help people retrain their behaviors using mild vibrations and painful zaps. Named after the Russian physiologist who introduced the world to Pavlovian classical conditioning and its subset aversion therapy,...

5 Low-Fat Foods to Stop Eating Now

Sometimes it's better to stick with the real thing

(Newser) - If it's low-fat, it's good for you, right? Not necessarily: Often, companies remove fat only to increase sugar, salt, and additives in an effort to make "diet" food taste better, and a recent study found that 10% of such foods actually have the same number of calories...

It Takes More Like 66 Days to Form a Habit

21-day pop psychology myth debunked by research

(Newser) - Chances are that you have heard the wisdom that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. It's a comforting thought. "Who wouldn't like the idea of changing your life in just three weeks?" asks James Clear at the Huffington Post . Unfortunately, it's also just...

No. 1 Way to Lower Dementia Risk: Exercise
No. 1 Way to Lower
Dementia Risk: Exercise

new study

No. 1 Way to Lower Dementia Risk: Exercise

Other healthy lifestyle choices also have big impact: study

(Newser) - A 35-year study of 2,235 men in the UK finds that exercise is the biggest factor when it comes to reducing the risk of dementia, the BBC reports. People who practiced four of the following five lifestyle choices saw their dementia risk reduced 60%, and were 70% less likely...

Visit the Island Where People 'Forget to Die'

Health tips from the fabled Greek isle of Ikaria

(Newser) - Stricken by cancer and given six months to live, a Greek man living in America moved back to his native island of Ikaria—where the cancer mysteriously disappeared. The tale became folklore on Ikaria, where stories of good health date back 25 centuries. Now a study has confirmed what the...

5 Bad Habits That Could Save Your Life

Video games, Botox, coffee could all help more than they hurt

(Newser) - Bad habits are admittedly, well ... bad for you, unless you have an ailment that a bad habit might cure. Cracked sums up five:
  • Video Games That Cure PTSD. "No, this isn't taken from some press release from Activision"—it's the result of work by the Department

10 Wacky Health Tips
  Wacky Health Tips 

Wacky Health Tips

How can honey, black pepper, and egg shells help you?

(Newser) - Need to disinfect a wound? Use honey, not hydrogen peroxide. While hydrogen peroxide can prevent healing, honey is a good alternative because it's quite antibacterial. That's just one of the weird health tips rounded Listverse:
  • To stop bleeding: Clean your cut, then sprinkle black pepper on it and

To Eat Less, Imagine Eating More
To Eat Less,
Imagine Eating More

To Eat Less, Imagine Eating More

Counter-intuitive study says thinking about overeating prevents the real thing

(Newser) - Imagining eating lots of food could help you hold back from actually doing it , a new study suggests. It seems weird, but previous studies have found that trying to suppress thoughts of eating—or indulging in anything—makes you more likely to partake, and makes the sensation of indulgence even...

9 'Innocent' Habits That Make You Old

Get more sleep, eat some fat, cut down on sugar: experts

(Newser) - Kicking that meth habit could take decades off your face in about 5 seconds, but some other less obviously dangerous activities also take a toll. Prevention lists nine other innocent habits that are secretly aging you:
  • You don't sleep enough: Pulling an all-nighter worked when you were 19. Now, it's

Health Bill Has a Big Carrot for the Healthy

Senate measure would let employers cut premiums up to 50%

(Newser) - A measure slipped into the Senate’s health care reform bill could cut workers’ insurance costs by up to half if they eat well, lose weight, and quit smoking, the Boston Globe reports. The measure may be key to encouraging Americans to stay healthy without too much government imposition, a...

Drinking Water Myths Tough to Swallow

Health benefits, need to drink more unclear

(Newser) - With high-end restaurants offering diners tap water and concerns about the health and environmental impact of plastic bottles at an all-time high, NPR sets the record straight about some common myths related to drinking water:
  1. Not only is drinking 8 glasses daily not necessary, "nobody really knows" where that

Best Ways to Avoid Cancer
 Best Ways to Avoid Cancer 

Best Ways to Avoid Cancer

LiveScience identifies healthy behaviors that reduce risk

(Newser) - It's not all in the genes: About half of all cancer deaths are preventable, says the American Cancer Society. Follow LiveScience's 10 healthy behaviors to reduce risk:
  1. Quit smoking!
  2. Limit alcohol consumption to one drink per day for women, two drinks per day for men (and no, you can't "

Century Mark Within Reach for Many
Century Mark Within Reach
for Many

Century Mark Within Reach for Many

Healthy habits boost chances of living to 100, even with illness

(Newser) - Even people with heart disease or diabetes can hit the century mark if they take care of themselves, two new studies say. The trick for living to 100 is managing illness well enough to stay independent. "It's kind of a threesome: get more years, better years, and better function,...

8 Secrets to Healthy Skin
8 Secrets to Healthy Skin

8 Secrets to Healthy Skin

Quit smoking, get some sleep, and don't go crazy with the beauty aids

(Newser) - You can't fight getting older, but you can keep the signs of wear and tear, not to speak of stress, off your face with these tips from the New York Times beauty expert:
  1. Get rid of old beauty products after a year—pots and tubes can develop micro-organism communities
  2. Quit

Lifestyle Changes Could Cut Breast Cancer by10%

Less obesity, HRT and alcohol, more exercise

(Newser) - A tenth of all breast cancer cases could be prevented by 2024, a UK cancer research foundation projects, if women made simple lifestyle changes beginning now: reducing the duration of hormone replacement therapy, avoiding obesity, drinking less, getting more exercise, and breastfeeding longer.

6 Ways to Avoid Yellow Teeth
6 Ways to Avoid Yellow Teeth

6 Ways to Avoid Yellow Teeth

Keep your smile form scaring small children by avoiding these six dental mishaps

(Newser) - Nothing ruins a smile more then a set of filmy yellow teeth. Newsweek says you can keep your set sparkling by avoiding these habits:
  1. Constant coffee or tea sipping—stains teeth.
  2. Frequent snacking on sweets—increases the decay-causing bacteria in your mouth.
  3. Not drinking water after a meal—water washes

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