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Mayan Intercropping Could Be Key to Food on Mars
Mayan Intercropping Could
Be Key to Food on Mars

Mayan Intercropping Could Be Key to Food on Mars

Researchers are experimenting with the ancient method on Martian-like dirt

(Newser) - The international space community has its sights set on humans landing on Mars by the mid-2030s, but a big question remains once astronauts get there: what will they eat? Researchers in the Netherlands at Wageningen University & Research are working to solve that particular problem in the long-term, when humans...

How to Get Mars Rocks to Earth for Cheap? NASA Shrugs

Space agency seeks ideas to revive Mars Sample Return Mission

(Newser) - Calling all innovators: NASA is looking for out-of-the-box ideas about how to get Martian rocks to Earth in the next 15 years without breaking the bank. The space agency says it can't achieve this top priority before 2040 with the $5 billion to $7 billion in funding currently outlined....

NASA Puts Out Call for Volunteers: 'Martians Wanted'

Live and work in Mars simulator for a year to help space agency prep for the real thing

(Newser) - For those just itching to find out what it's like to live on the red planet, NASA has your dream job. The space agency is looking for four volunteers for its next mission to simulate life on Mars for a year. Selected applicants would actually be living in Houston,...

In Welcome Spot on Mars, Frozen Water Apparently Hides
Massive Reserve of Ice
Found Near Equator of Mars

Massive Reserve of Ice Found Near Equator of Mars

Huge deposits detected near a likely landing spot of future astronauts

(Newser) - Deep beneath Mars' equator lies what is believed to be a supply of frozen water that, if melted, would cover the entire planet in an ocean of at least 5 feet deep. That's according to the European Space Agency , whose Mars Express spacecraft discovered the suspected reserve of water...

Investigation Lobs Disturbing Allegations Against Candy Giant

CBS News finds Mars uses chocolate harvested by kids as young as 5

(Newser) - A CBS News investigation finds that candy company Mars, Inc. continues to use cocoa harvested by child laborers in Africa, and calls into question the company's stated commitment to keeping kids there in school. The media outlet found kids as young as five working at each of the cocoa...

Report: At Musk's SpaceX, Hundreds of Hidden Injuries

Reuters details amputations, crushed limbs, even a death in rush to send humans to Mars

(Newser) - Elon Musk has long been eager to get humans to Mars ASAP—maybe too eager, according to a new Reuters' documentation of injuries at SpaceX facilities over the past decade. The news agency conducted interviews and sifted through government files to reveal how many SpaceX workplace injuries, all previously unreported,...

NASA Seals Volunteers Into Mars Habitat for 378 Days

Project will help agency plan Mars mission

(Newser) - Four volunteers have entered a simulated Mars habitat at the Johnson Space Center in Houston—and barring unforeseen problems, they will remain there for 378 days. The volunteers are not trained astronauts, but their time in the 3D-printed, 1,700-square-foot habitat is intended to simulate a real mission to Mars,...

Mars Has Its First Livestream
Show Mars
in Real Time

Images Show Mars in Real Time

With a slight delay, European Space Agency sends images for an hour

(Newser) - People of Earth had their first almost live view of Mars on Friday afternoon, streamed by the European Space Agency. For about an hour, a new image appeared every 50 seconds on YouTube and Twitter that was captured by a camera on the agency's Mars Express orbiter. There were...

Mars Rover Finds Signs of a Robust Ancient River

A new discovery could lead to clues about planet's ability to support life

(Newser) - Images captured by NASA's Perseverance rover suggest the existence of a once-thriving and surprisingly potent Martian river—shedding light on the planet's intriguing geological past. A NASA press release reports that the rover's high-resolution photographs, made during its ongoing mission on Mars, provide compelling evidence of an...

'Planet Collectors,' This Is Your Week

5 planets—Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Mars—will be lining up, with best viewing Tuesday

(Newser) - Keep an eye to the sky this week for a chance to see a planetary hangout. Five planets—Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Mars—will line up near the moon, per the AP . More details:
  • Where and when can you see them? The best day to catch the whole group

Buildings on the Moon, Mars Could Be Made From This
Here's the New
Concrete for Mars

Here's the New Concrete for Mars

StarCrete, twice as strong as ordinary concrete, uses dirt, potato starch, and salt

(Newser) - Future buildings on the moon and Mars may be built from potato starch. A team at the University of Manchester has come up with a building material, twice as strong as concrete, that can be made in a microwave with a little extra-terrestrial dust, potato starch, and a pinch of...

Curiosity Captures Spectacular Martian Sunset

Image shows 'some of the most clearly visible images of sun rays we've ever seen on Mars'

(Newser) - Martian sunsets can be on the gloomy side, but NASA's Curiosity rover captured a spectacular one last month. The rover's official account tweeted an image of the phenomenon this week, saying, "My team says these are some of the most clearly visible images of sun rays we'...

NASA Explains Giant Bear Face on Mars

Hey there, Pooh?

(Newser) - There's a giant bear on Mars—or rather a rock formation that looks remarkably like one. NASA shared the intriguing image, captured last month by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, in a Wednesday release . Taken from 156 miles above Mars' southern hemisphere, it shows two circular craters above a muzzle-shaped...

Mars Lander's Possible Final Image: 'Don't Worry About Me'

After 4 years, InSight is believed to have lost power—meaning we may not hear from it again

(Newser) - NASA's InSight might finally be dead. The Mars lander whose solar panels have been caked in dust for months failed to respond to communications on Sunday, NASA reported. The announcement came alongside what could be a final selfie from InSight, showing the lander in what looked like a very...

Here's What a Dust Devil Sounds Like on Mars
Audio Sent Back From
Mars Is First of Its Kind

Audio Sent Back From Mars Is First of Its Kind

NASA's Perseverance rover got caught in a dust devil and recorded what it sounded like

(Newser) - NASA's Perseverance rover was caught in a dust devil on Mars. As a result, we have the first-ever recording of a Martian dust devil, this one more than 400 feet tall and 80 feet across, per the AP . Martian dust devils are common, particularly at Perseverance's landing site...

Artemis Program Nears Another Milestone

It's the first step toward developing a moon base

(Newser) - NASA's Artemis Program has already set at least one record with Artemis I, the most powerful space rocket in history, which was launched last Wednesday from Cape Canaveral. Per the Guardian , the Orion space capsule the rocket carried will soon set another record, traveling 1.3 million miles, more...

NASA Spacecraft Record Major Meteor Strikes on Mars

Photos show impact craters almost 500 feet wide

(Newser) - Two NASA spacecraft at Mars—one on the surface and the other in orbit—have recorded the biggest meteor strikes and impact craters yet. The high-speed barrages last December sent seismic waves rippling thousands of miles across Mars, the first ever detected near the surface of another planet, and carved...

Earth Isn't Ready for What We've Collected on Mars

A high-containment lab, unlike any currently in existence, has to be built

(Newser) - Last week brought the news that NASA's Perseverance rover had collected four "scientifically compelling" rock samples from Mars' Jezero Crater, in a location where a river and lake came together eons ago. It's a major move forward in the search for ancient life on Mars, though those...

NASA Gizmo Is Able to Make Oxygen on Mars
Toaster-Size Box Makes
Oxygen on Mars
new study

Toaster-Size Box Makes Oxygen on Mars

MOXIE offers hope of clearing a big hurdle for manned missions

(Newser) - The comparisons are small scale at the moment: A device the size of a toaster generated oxygen comparable to that of a modest tree. But given that this took place on Mars, the implications are of the large-scale variety. In a study published in Science Advances , NASA researchers report that...

Rare Planetary Event to Grace Night Skies in June
Ever See 5 Planets
Lined Up Before?
Here's Your Chance

Ever See 5 Planets Lined Up Before? Here's Your Chance

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn will all be aligned in June

(Newser) - Get ready for a planetary sky show not seen since "Hey Ya!" topped the charts and Mark Zuckerberg was launching Facebook out of his college dorm room. Throughout the month of June, those on the US mainland will be able to see, sans telescope, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter,...

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