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Canada's Wild Pig Headache Could Become US Problem
'Super Pigs' Edge
South Into US

'Super Pigs' Edge South Into US

States weigh strategies to contain destructive crossbreeds

(Newser) - An exploding population of hard-to-eradicate "super pigs" in Canada is threatening to spill south of the border, and northern states like Minnesota, North Dakota, and Montana are taking steps to stop the invasion. In Canada, the wild pigs roaming Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba pose a new threat, the AP...

Plane Crash Mystery Was 'Inexplicable'—Until It Wasn't

Police said it seemed 2 decades old

(Newser) - A Canadian hunter came upon the site of an apparent plane crash near Kamloops, British Columbia, on Nov. 3 and alerted police. The Guardian reports the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's initial investigation only deepened a seemingly "inexplicable" mystery: The bush plane wreckage had no motor, wings, doors, or...

The Phony Will Worked— Until His Ex Got Suspicious

'Toronto Life' unravels story of ex-cop, his mistress, and the money they stole from a dead man

(Newser) - In one sense, the story by Katherine Laidlaw in Toronto Life recounts a straightforward, depressing crime: When an elderly man with dementia died without a will and seemingly without relatives, a couple successfully schemed to illegally obtain his estate of more than $800,000. They pulled it off because Adellene...

'Canada's Jeffrey Epstein' Indicted on US Charges
Fashion Tycoon Convicted
of Sexual Assaults

Fashion Tycoon Convicted of Sexual Assaults

'Canada's Jeffrey Epstein' is also fighting extradition to US on other charges

(Newser) - "Canada's Jeffrey Epstein" was convicted in Toronto on Sunday of sexually assaulting women between the late 1980s and 2005. Fashion tycoon Peter Nygard, 82, was found guilty of four counts, the Guardian reports. He was acquitted on the fifth count of sexual assault as well as one count...

Canadians Bristle at Ramaswamy's Border Wall Plan

'Completely nuts,' says former Alberta premier

(Newser) - Wednesday night's Republican debate focused on foreign policy—and one policy proposed by Vivek Ramaswamy has raised some eyebrows on the other side of the world's longest border. The candidate pledged to build a wall along the 5,524-mile border with Canada, an idea former Alberta premier Jason...

NZ Curling Team Moves Into a Canadian Retirement Home

New Zealand squad needed inexpensive lodging while training in Canada

(Newser) - The average age of residents in the Chartwell Colonel Belcher Retirement Residence in Calgary is 84, notes the New York Times . But if the home's four new temporary residents were factored in, the number would skew much lower. In an unusual lodging arrangement—and one that seems to thrill...

Canadian Author Pleads Guilty to Abducting Son

Prosecutors said Dawn Walker faked their deaths before fleeing to Oregon

(Newser) - A Canadian author accused of faking her death and the death of her 7-year-old son before fleeing to Oregon last year has pleaded guilty to charges including parental abduction, but will probably avoid prison time. Dawn Walker, an award-winning Indigenous writer from Saskatchewan, also pleaded guilty Thursday to possession of...

Man Saving Moose From Halloween Decor Goes Viral

After human helps it get untangled from decorations in BC, moose gives him a friendly lick

(Newser) - Halloween proved especially frightening for one Canadian moose over the weekend, or at least one family's Halloween decorations did. The CBC reports that Shaydon Soucy was driving with his wife Saturday to visit a friend in the British Columbia city of Fort St. John when they spotted something odd...

In Canada, a Puzzler Over Great White Sharks

Five have washed up in a year, an unusually high number, and scientists are unsure what's going on

(Newser) - Earlier this month, a 14-foot great white shark washed up on a shore in Nova Scotia, Canada, and it's a head-scratcher for ocean scientists on two fronts. First, the adult shark was seemingly healthy on all fronts, and they can't determine what caused its death, reports Live Science...

Canadian Nun, 97, Faces Gross Indecency Charges

She worked at infamous residential school for Indigenous children in the 1960s

(Newser) - A 97-year-old nun in Canada is facing multiple charges connected to alleged sexual assaults at a notorious residential school for Indigenous children in the 1960s and 1970s. Police in Ontario say Francoise Seguin was charged with three counts of "gross indecency," an offence that was repealed when laws...

Spy Chiefs in 5 Nations Sound Warning on China

Five Eyes intelligence chiefs say Chinese spies are operating at an 'epic scale'

(Newser) - Spy movies have taught us to suspect figures lurking around military bases and federal buildings, yet the focus of Chinese spying in the US looks quite different, according to the heads of spy agencies in the Five Eyes coalition—US, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand—who gathered for an...

Woman's Obit on Dad of 'Total Darkness' Goes Viral
Harsh Obit That Funeral
Home Rejected Goes Viral
in case you missed it

Harsh Obit That Funeral Home Rejected Goes Viral

Amanda Denis thanked karma for 'doing what she does best' in death of her 'narcissistic' father

(Newser) - When Amanda Denis first penned an obituary for her late father, the funeral home wouldn't publish it. The Ontario woman's scathing "tribute" did temporarily appear online on an obit website, though that got taken down, too—but her screenshots of it have since gone viral on TikTok...

Canadian Auto Workers' Strike Ends After 13 Hours

Union says GM gave in on all the issues it had been fighting it on

(Newser) - General Motors and the union representing Canadian auto workers reached a tentative contract agreement Tuesday, ending a strike that began just after midnight. About 4,300 striking workers at two GM factories and a parts warehouse returned to work Tuesday afternoon and will vote on the three-year deal later. Lana...

North American Charging Stations to Get More Cohesive

Hyundai and Kia are outfitting their electric vehicles to be compatible with Tesla's ports

(Newser) - Hyundai and Kia say they're adopting North American Charging Standard ports for their electric vehicles in the US and Canada, which will give the vehicles access to thousands of Tesla Superchargers across the two countries and Mexico, reports the AP . Tesla's Superchargers are coveted by other automakers because...

They Were Likely Reading in Tent When Grizzly Attacked

Relative identifies the victims as Doug Inglis and Jenny Gusse

(Newser) - The couple killed by a grizzly bear in Banff National Park on Friday had been together since their university days, a relative tells the CBC of Doug Inglis and Jenny Gusse, both 62. Describing them as "highly, highly experienced in being out back," Colin Inglis says the two...

Canada's House Speaker Resigns With 'Profound Regret'

Anthony Rota invited man who fought with Nazis to Parliament during Zelensky visit

(Newser) - The speaker of Canada's House of Commons has resigned under pressure from fellow lawmakers. Liberal Party MP Anthony Rota stepped down as speaker Tuesday, expressing "profound regret" for inviting a man who fought with the Nazis to Parliament during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit last week, the...

Park Patrons Get More Thrills Than They Bargained For

Riders on Canada's Wonderland Lumberjack attraction dangled upside down for 25 minutes

(Newser) - Thrill-seekers at a Canadian amusement park got more thrills than they bargained for over the weekend when the ride they were on came to an abrupt halt, leaving them dangling upside down for nearly 30 minutes. CP24 reports the apparent malfunction happened Saturday night at Canada's Wonderland, located in...

India Suspends Visa Services as Rift With Canada Widens

Country has urged its citizens in Canada to be cautious

(Newser) - India's visa processing center in Canada suspended services Thursday as a rift widened between the countries after Canada's leader said India may have been involved in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Parliament on Monday that there were "credible...

His Slaying in Canada Is Now an International Incident

What we know about Hardeep Singh Nijjar, whose June killing has caused a Canada-India rift

(Newser) - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau startled the international community on Monday with a damning allegation against India—he said Canada was investigating "credible allegations" that the Indian government orchestrated the murder of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil. India denies it, and a diplomatic tit-for-tat is now under way...

Tension Rises Between Canada, India Over Sikh Leader's Killing

India expels senior Canadian diplomat in tit-for-tat

(Newser) - India dismissed allegations that its government was linked to the killing of a Sikh activist in Canada as "absurd" Tuesday, and expelled a senior Canadian diplomat, the AP reports. It came a day after Canada expelled a top Indian diplomat as it investigates what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called...

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