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A Mysterious Hunt for Cash Is Underway in a Canadian City

Miramichi, New Brunswick, residents can thank Roman Dungarvan, whoever that is

(Newser) - It'll be a Friday the 13th like no other in the small Canadian city of Miramichi. The New Brunswick locale is home to 17,600 people, and someone among them has started hiding $100 bills with sometimes creepy clues leading to them. And on Friday the 13th comes the...

Canadian Lawmaker Sorry for Broadcasting Bathroom Visit

He was still logged on to Zoom-like feed during debate

(Newser) - A Canadian lawmaker was still logged in to a debate's Zoom-like feed when he entered a bathroom stall—and opposition lawmakers say the incident shows it's time to end the "hybrid" format, in which members of Parliament can take part in debates and meetings either virtually or...

Crash of Small Plane Kills 2 Wanted Gang Members

Including the No. 2 on Canada's most-wanted list

(Newser) - Two men with ties to organized crime—one an alleged international hit man and the other accused in a murder plot, both with outstanding warrants for their arrests—have died in a small plane crash in Canada. Authorities are investigating what brought down the plane over a stretch of forest...

Canada Opens Its Arms to Abortion-Seeking Americans

'That's a service that would be provided,' families and children minister Karina Gould said Tuesday

(Newser) - With Roe v. Wade apparently on the cusp of being overturned , Americans who may soon see their abortion access denied will have at least one other option, though depending on where they live, it could be a pretty distant one. On Tuesday, Karina Gould, Canada's minister of families, children,...

Canadians Find Drone From US Carrying 11 Guns

It got stuck in a tree on the Ontario side of the border

(Newser) - Police in Canada say American criminals appear to have found a new way of smuggling guns across the border. A drone carrying a bag with 11 handguns was found stuck in a tree on the bank of the St. Clair River, which separates Ontario and Michigan, CTV reports. Homeowners Christine...

A Polar Bear Has Never Been Seen Here Before

Canadian police kill first polar bear observed on south shore of St. Lawrence River

(Newser) - A sizable polar bear wandered into a Canadian community some distance from its traditional territory over the weekend before it was shot and killed by police. As the Guardian reports, such incidents are likely to become more common as climate change decimates Arctic sea ice. The 650-pound bear—the first...

She Fled Home After Assault. The Worst Was Yet to Come

Canadian police seek help in finding Elnaz Hajtamiri following Jan. 12 abduction

(Newser) - Opening up the door of the home in the small Canadian town of Wasaga Beach, the owner saw three armed men who looked like police officers. They claimed to have an arrest warrant for Elnaz Hajtamiri, a 37-year-old Iranian-born woman who was staying at the home, whom they proceeded to...

Canada to Outlaw Holocaust Denial
Canada to Outlaw
Holocaust Denial

Canada to Outlaw Holocaust Denial

Legislation in the works to counter antisemitism

(Newser) - With antisemitism on the rise, Canadian officials are moving to make it a crime to publicly deny or diminish the Holocaust. "The Holocaust was one of the darkest chapters in human history," said Irwin Cotler, special envoy on Holocaust remembrance and antisemitism. "We must preserve its memory,...

Man in Prison for Stealing Syrup Now Told to Pay Millions

Richard Vallieres was part of massive scheme that lifted one of country's hottest commodities

(Newser) - In what may be the most Canadian of crimes yet—and the "stickiest," per the BBC —the nation's high court this week ruled that a "major player" in a scheme to steal a massive amount of maple syrup must pay a $7.2 million fine....

Adventurers, This Dicey Cabin No Longer an Option
Adventurers, This Dicey
Cabin No Longer an Option

Adventurers, This Dicey Cabin No Longer an Option

Canada says high-altitude Abbot Pass Hut must be dismantled because of erosion

(Newser) - For those with an adventurous streak, a century-old cabin that overlooks the Continental Divide in Canada might have been the perfect retreat. But as Gizmodo reports, the famed Abbot Pass Hut is no longer an option. The hut sits about 10,000 feet above sea level in Canada's Rocky...

Surprise Deal Will Keep Trudeau in Power Until 2025

Conservative Party slams agreement with NDP as a 'power grab'

(Newser) - Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to stay in power until 2025 after cutting an unexpected deal with the opposition New Democratic Party. Trudeau's Liberal Party fell short of a majority in September's election and it has been relying on the leftist NDP to help pass...

YouTuber Ordered to Yank 'Dream' Cabin on Public Land

Matty Clarke of 'Skote outdoors' is squatting in the Yukon, government says

(Newser) - A YouTuber who told viewers that they, like him, could build their "dream" cabin in the Yukon wilderness forgot to mention that he did so illegally in the eyes of the territorial government. In 2020, Matty Clarke ventured to Ensley Creek, 15 miles up the Yukon River from Dawson...

Man Armed With Hatchet, Bear Spray Attacks Mosque

He was subdued by worshipers at Canadian mosque

(Newser) - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the courage of worshipers at a Toronto-area mosque after they fended off an attacker armed with a hatchet and bear spray. Police say the attacker was subdued by worshipers at the Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Center in Mississauga Saturday morning, the CBC reports. Mohammad Moiz Omar,...

Sinkhole on Arctic Seafloor Could Hold a City Block
Huge Sinkholes
Are Forming on
Arctic Seafloor

Huge Sinkholes Are Forming on Arctic Seafloor

Permafrost is melting beneath the ocean, as on land: researchers

(Newser) - Melting permafrost has been wreaking havoc on the Arctic landscape, triggering ground collapses that leave deep holes in the earth. Now we have evidence that the same thing is happening under the ocean. Large sections of permafrost, or permanently frozen ground, were submerged as glaciers melted around the end of...

Boebert's Ukraine Comparison Ticks Off Canadian Politicians

'We also have neighbors to the north who need ... to be liberated,' says conservative congresswoman

(Newser) - Some Canadian politicians are unhappy with conservative firebrand Rep. Lauren Boebert, who compared the invasion of Ukraine to the way Canada cleared protesting truckers from its capital. The remarks came as the Colorado congresswoman was being interviewed by Fox Nation over the weekend at the CPAC convention, reports the Guardian ...

Canadian Neurologists: There Is No Mystery Illness

Panel finds alternative explanations for mystery neurological disorder in New Brunswick

(Newser) - There's no mystery neurological condition in New Brunswick, health officials say a year after warning of a cluster of possible cases in the Canadian province. An oversight committee including six independent neurologists reviewed the cases of 48 patients, aged 18 to 85, who suffered debilitating symptoms, including muscle spasms...

Trudeau Invokes Emergency Powers for Convoy Crackdown
Trudeau Revokes Use 
of Emergencies Act

Trudeau Revokes Use of Emergencies Act

'The situation is no longer an emergency,' he says

(Newser) - Update: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is ending the use of the Emergencies, nine days after the 1988 law was invoked for the first time to deal with truckers and their supporters blocking border crossings and occupying parts of Ottawa. "The situation is no longer an emergency,...

Protesters Agree It's Over in Ottawa
Protesters Agree
It's Over in Ottawa

Protesters Agree It's Over in Ottawa

Organizers plan to shift to a grassroots movement

(Newser) - Hundreds of police in riot gear swept through the streets of Canada's besieged capital Saturday, arresting or driving out protesters, towing away their trucks, and finally retaking control of the Ottawa streets in front of the Parliament buildings. With protesters in clear retreat in the largest police operation in...

Police Make Arrests, Tow Trucks in Ottawa
Police Make
Arrests, Tow
Trucks in Ottawa

Police Make Arrests, Tow Trucks in Ottawa

Protesters remain defiant but begin to leave

(Newser) - Police arrested scores of demonstrators and towed away vehicles Friday in Canada's besieged capital, and a stream of trucks left Ottawa under the pressure, raising authorities' hopes for an end to the three-week protest against the country's COVID-19 restrictions. By midafternoon, the AP reports, at least 70 people...

Ottawa Cops Tell Truckers to Hit the Road
Truckers Stand Their Ground
as Police Close In

Truckers Stand Their Ground as Police Close In

'There’s no tow trucks in Canada that will touch them'

(Newser) - Update: Police arrested two of the leaders of hundreds of truckers who clogged the streets of Canada’s capital Thursday, standing their ground and defiantly blasting their horns as police threatened to break up the nearly three-week protest against the country’s COVID-19 restrictions, the AP reports, noting that a...

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