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Oxford English Dictionary Quietly Adds Tamil Slang 'Aiyo'

'The OED has admitted a rare word of power into its pages'

(Newser) - In the latest quarterly update of the Oxford English Dictionary, there was great rejoicing when, in honor of the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl's birth, words such as "splendiferous" and "human bean" joined the great heap of our language's modern lexicon. More quietly, the Tamil slang...

Now in Oxford Dictionaries: 'Amazeballs,' 'YOLO,' 'Cray'

Oxford Dictionaries, which focuses on current English, adds words this week

(Newser) - Bro, ICYMI, you should totally live-tweet this hyperconnected hot mess of a listicle. It's cray amazeballs. It's so adorbs I want to do an air punch. Don't have any idea what any of this means? Check out the latest edition of Oxford Dictionaries, which—unlike its more...

2013 Word of the Year: Selfie
 2013 Word of the Year: Selfie 

2013 Word of the Year: Selfie

Miley Cyrus and her twerking weren't enough for Oxford Dictionaries

(Newser) - What do the first daughters, Pope Francis, and countless celebs have in common? They all made headlines with selfies in 2013, making it easy for Oxford Dictionaries to choose its annual word of the year . "Selfie" was a rare unanimous decision for the organization, it reports on its blog...

Thanks, Miley: 'Twerking' Now in Dictionary

Derp, derp, derp, vom.

(Newser) - It seems Miley Cyrus is dominating our conversations in more ways than one. Among words added this quarter to the Oxford Dictionaries Online is "twerking" —the ass-shaking dance move that had everyone talking about Miley after this week's MTV VMAs . Though the word has been around for...

New Dictionary Definition Is Just Insane ... 'Literally'

Oxford added new meaning because people mis-use the word

(Newser) - A recent change to the Oxford English Dictionary must have pedants ripping their hair out ... literally. It went unnoticed, but the OED added an additional meaning to the word "literally" two years ago because people use the word for exaggerated effect, the Daily Mail reports. "Our job is...

Oxford Dictionary May Tweak Definition of Marriage

Press says usage 'is shifting'

(Newser) - Conservatives have been warning for years that gay couples were trying to "redefine" marriage—and now they may literally have. The Oxford English Dictionary has announced that it will be reviewing its definition of marriage, which currently refers to "a formal union of a man and a woman,...

Oxford Dictionary's Word of 2012: GIF

File format beats 'YOLO,' 'superstorm'

(Newser) - The GIF file type for simple animations has been around since the '80s but only now has the Oxford Dictionary decided to make it its American word of the year. GIF—which stands for "graphic interchange format"—"celebrated a lexical milestone in 2012, gaining traction as...

Men's Fashion Week: Don't Forget Your Manties

Words like "mankini", "murse", and "mewlery" are becoming ever-more popular

(Newser) - Fashion Week is here again, which gives the Wall Street Journal an excuse to look at the "special lexicon" that has cemented itself in the mainstream of the men's fashion world in recent years. Mankinis, mandals, manties, murses, and even mantyhose—the growing list of items that were...

'Mankini,' Other Fun Words Added to OED

It's official: 'Jeggings' is a word

(Newser) - Language purists, avert your eyes: The Oxford English Dictionary has added some new words. Here they are, along with the Daily Mirror 's helpful definitions:
  • Mankini: "The revealing male bathing costume made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen in his Borat film."
  • Retweet: "Sharing a Twitter message.

Supreme Court's New Go-To Tool: the Dictionary

Justices citing definitions more and more in decisions

(Newser) - John Roberts may be the chief justice of the United States, but he recently pulled out a dictionary to learn the meaning of “of” for a ruling. Justices are looking more and more to dictionaries to help them settle cases—a trend that worries both legal experts and dictionary...

Heart Symbol Latest 'Word' in Oxford Dictionary

'Muffin top,' 'OMG' also added in latest OED edition

(Newser) - The latest addition to the Oxford English Dictionary is beyond words. Today’s online update to the definitive work adds a graphic symbol for the first time: a heart, as in “I heart NY.” Listed under the word “heart” and defined as a verb meaning “to...

Internet May Kill Printed Oxford Dictionary

Its full set currently clocks in at 750 pounds...

(Newser) - Add another item to the Internet's hit list : It looks like the Oxford English Dictionary may one day exist in online form only. Its publisher said yesterday that it's uncertain whether the next edition will be printed on paper at all. And it's easy to see why: The digital version...

Dictionary's Vault of Rejected Words Uncovered
Dictionary's Vault
of Rejected Words Uncovered

Dictionary's Vault of Rejected Words Uncovered

Millions of failed words lie in Oxford room

(Newser) - Millions of words that just didn't make the cut according to the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary lie unused in a little-publicized vault owned by the Oxford University Press. The vault—whose existence was uncovered by a research student compiling a "Dictionary of Non-Words"—contains untold numbers...

Google Is Top Online Dictionary, But in Weak Field

Lack of sensical example sentences even in OED flummoxes Angwin

(Newser) - Nowadays, Google is just about as good a reference as the Oxford English Dictionary—or better, Julia Angwin writes in the Wall Street Journal. Type in a misspelled word, and the search engine corrects it. What’s more, Google will display a trove of up-to-date articles using the word, something...

Web Dictionary Plans to Outdo Print Cousins

New features and bigger capacity make Wordnik a revolution in lexicography

(Newser) - Ever stumbled across an unfamiliar word and wondered not only what it means, but what it looks and sounds like? Or what other words it appears alongside most often, and how many times it’s been used in print this year? The revolutionary new dictionary Wordnik, set to go online...

Has It Gone, Or Just Gone Online?
 Has It Gone, Or
 Just Gone Online?  

Has It Gone, Or Just Gone Online?

NYT columnist gets nervous as Oxford Dictionary hits the web

(Newser) - The Oxford English Dictionary—the 3-volume one with the magnifying glass—has ditched its hard copy and gone digital for good, which makes one "bookish middle-class" writer nervous. "Other totemic college books could go out of style, maybe," Virginia Heffernan writes in the New York Times. But...

Hyphen Takes a Knockout Blow
Hyphen Takes a
Knockout Blow

Hyphen Takes a Knockout Blow

Or should that still be knock-out? Dictionary drops 16,000 of them

(Newser) - The new edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary has far fewer of everyone's favorite little connector. Editors have dropped 16,000 hyphens from all sorts of compound words: "Fig-leaf" is now "fig leaf," "chick-pea" has become "chickpea."  Email is the culprit, reports...

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