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Treasure Hunters Sue to Find Out If FBI Found Gold

Dennis, Kem Parada think they found gold lost in 1863, told FBI of it

(Newser) - Treasure hunters who believe they located a huge cache of fabled Civil War-era gold in Pennsylvania are now on the prowl for something as elusive as the buried booty itself: government records of the FBI's excavation. Finders Keepers filed a federal lawsuit against the Justice Department over its failure...

High-Profile Data Company Makes Unusual Investment

Palantir buys $51M worth of gold as a hedge against 'black swan event'

(Newser) - In its latest SEC filing, the data analytics firm Palantir revealed what Bloomberg calls an "unusual investment strategy." The company bought $51 million worth of gold bars. "You have to be prepared for a future with more black swan events," chief operating officer Shyam Sankar tells...

Man Seeking Stash of 'Nazi Gold' Killed 4 Relatives

There's no sign stash ever existed

(Newser) - A Frenchman obsessed with a supposed stash of gold hidden from the Nazis has been sentenced to 30 years for murdering and dismembering four family members. Investigators say there is no sign the treasure ever existed. Prosecutors said Hubert Caouissin thought his brother-in-law Pascal Troadec had concealed gold bars that...

Brewery's 'Solid Gold' Beer Cans a Solid Scam: Contest Winners

Winners of BrewDog contest say 'solid gold' beer cans allegedly worth $20K are actually gold-plated

(Newser) - Poet George Arnold preferred beer to gold , but winners of a Scottish brewery's recent giveaway were led to believe they'd be getting both, and they're now torqued about what was actually delivered. The UK's Advertising Standards Authorities says it's looking into claims by those who...

Court Docs Prove Feds Sought Fabled Pennsylvania Gold

FBI agent applied for warrant in 2018 to keep Civil War-era cache out of state's hands

(Newser) - An FBI agent applied for a federal warrant in 2018 to seize a fabled cache of US government gold he said was "stolen during the Civil War" and hidden in a Pennsylvania cave, per court documents unsealed Thursday. The newly unsealed affidavit confirms previous reporting by the AP that...

As Gold Bars Arrived at LAX, Workers Allegedly Got Greedy

2 cargo handlers charged with stealing gold worth $224K

(Newser) - The theft of four gold bars from a shipment sent to Los Angeles International Airport could send two cargo handlers to prison for up to 15 years. South Los Angeles residents Marlon Moody, 38, and Brian Benson, 35, were arrested Tuesday by the FBI on charges of conspiracy and theft...

FBI May Have Been Digging for Lost Gold

Official line is that no treasure was found, but not everyone is so sure

(Newser) - Go for the gold? The US government went for it. FBI agents were looking for an extremely valuable cache of fabled Civil War-era gold—possibly tons of it—when they excavated a remote woodland site in Pennsylvania three years ago this month, according to government emails and other recently released...

Treasure Hunters Say FBI Cheating Them Out of Old Gold

Lawyer is pushing to unseal records following 2018 dig in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - A lawyer says he's one step closer to uncovering the truth about a legendary treasure of Civil War gold said to have been lost in the Pennsylvania wilderness, reports Penn Live . The FBI excavated a site in Elk State Forest in 2018, acting on a tip from treasure hunting...

To Get to $7B in Gold, They Have to Wrangle Rare Rodents

Ed Stoddard at Undark describes the conservation project around Chilean mine

(Newser) - An effort to pull 3.5 million ounces of gold from a site high in the mountains of northern Chile is expected to cost $860 million—$400,000 of which has already been spent on rodents. A colony of 25 endangered short-haired chinchillas has made a home at the site...

Trucks Relocate Nearly $12B in Gold Bullion

(Newser) - This really was the gold standard of road trips. The Netherlands' central bank transported its Dutch-based stock of gold—14,000 bars and about 1,000 boxes of gold coins—from its headquarters in Amsterdam to a safe in the nearby city of Haarlem in a meticulously and closely guarded...

It Took Months to Get Their Mining Permit. It Was Worth the Wait

Family members find 2 gold nuggets worth at least $250K in Australia

(Newser) - It was an exciting episode Thursday of Aussie Gold Hunters on Discovery, with a family find that could soon make them several hundred thousand dollars richer. Prospector Brent Shannon searches for gold in Australia with his brother-in-law Ethan West as the "Poseidon Crew," and West says he has...

Customer Orders 'Priciest Facemask in the World'

3.6K white and black diamonds add to the glitz

(Newser) - An Israeli jewelry company is working on what it says will be the world's most expensive coronavirus mask, a gold, diamond-encrusted face covering with a price tag of $1.5 million, the AP reports. The 18-karat white gold mask will be decorated with 3,600 white and black diamonds...

'If There Ever Was a Week to Pay Attention, This Is Likely the One'

Rally resumes ahead of 2-day Fed meeting

(Newser) - Wall Street’s rally got back on track Monday, while gold rushed to a record at the start of a week packed with potentially market-moving events. The S&P 500 rose 0.7% to more than recover all its losses from last week, as Apple and other tech giants returned...

Switzerland Seeks Owner of Gold Left on Train

Somebody walked off a train last fall and left $200K in gold behind

(Newser) - Authorities in Switzerland are trying to locate a person who left more than six pounds of gold on a train and apparently didn't miss it. Police say the gold, worth almost $200,000, was left in a parcel on a train between St. Gallen and Lucerne last October, the...

SS Officer's Diary Points to Billions in Looted Gold

Owners of Polish palace plan to search for buried well

(Newser) - Rumors of a Nazi gold train in Poland resulted in nothing . But a new gold rush could be coming with the airing of a 75-year-old diary written by an SS officer in charge of transport, who describes 11 locations where Nazis hid gold, jewels, priceless paintings, and religious artifacts. The...

Nation Makes Stunning Gold Find. Or Does It?

Reports out of India are a little confusing

(Newser) - India has hit a gold motherlode of over 3,000 tons across multiple mines, worth about $167 billion—or it hasn't. Take your pick, based on the media report. The Deccan Herald and Hindustan Times are among outlets reporting that the Geological Survey of India (GSI), a federal mining...

He Thinks He Found $55M in Gold. There's a Problem
He Thinks He Found $55M
in Gold. There's a Problem

He Thinks He Found $55M in Gold. There's a Problem

Joe Pennisi can't attempt to retrieve the possible treasure

(Newser) - Around 2am one September night in 2014, Joe Pennisi started screaming in bed. His wife woke up, and he explained what had spurred the outburst: Video taken by GoPro cameras he had attached to the fishing net he used to trawl the seafloor off the California coast had captured a...

This Precious Metal Now Pricier Than Gold

Palladium is soaring amid tight supplies

(Newser) - Gold may be the best known precious metal, and it's currently selling for about $1,490 an ounce. But it's now in the rearview mirror of a different, lesser-known precious metal: palladium. About a year ago, palladium was selling at about $900 an ounce, notes Bloomberg . Today? More...

Appropriately Named Dog Helps Find a Gold Nugget

Discovery by 'Lucky' and his Australian family out for a Mother's Day stroll is worth about $25K

(Newser) - Not a bad Mother's Day morning: A family out for a stroll in Australia found a 20-ounce gold nugget estimated to be worth more than $24,000. "I actually walked right past it but my daughter pretty much kicked it as she was walking," the dad, who...

The Hunt for Billions in Long-Lost Gold Is On
Hunt for Long-Lost Gold
Runs Into Major Snag

Hunt for Long-Lost Gold Runs Into Major Snag

Dominican authorities are investigating whether it's a scam

(Newser) - Thousands of Dominicans are seeking an immense treasure they believe is rightfully theirs—but it's an ocean away under lock and key, Bloomberg reports. Enter Johnny Portorreal Reyes, a charismatic 65-year-old lawyer who represents many Guzmáns and Rosarios, two families with similar legends of ancestors sending gold to...

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