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18 Huge Oscar Upsets

Get ready—it could happen again tonight

(Newser) - Quite a few people will be shocked if Argo doesn't win Best Picture at the Oscars tonight—but history has shown that it could happen. Celebuzz rounds up the 18 biggest Academy Awards upsets:
  • When Adrien Brody won Best Actor for The Pianist, he beat out four previous Oscar
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7 Actors Hit By the 'Oscar Curse'

Careers crashed and burned, at least briefly, after award

(Newser) - Jessica Chastain is quite the "it" girl right now. Not only are her movies doing well at the box office , she recently won a Golden Globe and is nominated for an Oscar . But she should watch out: Award winners often go on to, shall we say, less than award-worthy... More »

5 Insane Things Celebs Did to Get Into Character

Tom Cruise ... delivered packages?!

(Newser) - It's fairly common for actors to gain or shed a lot of weight for the sake of a role—but that's not the only intense thing they do to get into character. Cracked lists five of the craziest pursuits undertaken in the name of acting:
  • Tom Cruise, delivery
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9 Actors Who Totally Overdid It for a Film

Did you really need to drop acid, Shia LaBeouf?

(Newser) - You may have heard that Shia LaBeouf went Method for his new film, The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, meaning that he actually dropped acid in order to immerse himself in the role. That's nuts, The Frisky notes—and these eight other actors went to similar extremes for their... More »

2010: Worst Year Yet for Movies

Really? 'Hot Tub Time Machine' is the best we can do?

(Newser) - “2010 very possibly is the worst year in the history of motion pictures,” declares Joe Queenan in a hilarious Wall Street Journal piece bemoaning the downfall of American cinema. You know things are bad in Hollywood when:
  • “Shia LaBeouf—who looks a bit like the young George
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Finally, a Decent Predator Sequel

Worthy follow-up to Schwarzenegger classic only took 23 years

(Newser) - Predators is getting mostly decent reviews as a sequel to the alien-hunting-humans original, 1987's Predator. Adrien Brody stars.
  • Lou Lumenick, New York Post : "After 23 years and three attempts, Predators finally delivers a solid sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger B-movie classic."
  • Kurt Loder, MTV : It's "a B
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Juiciest Awards-Show Moments

From Britney and Madonna's kiss to Eminem's Bruno encounter

(Newser) - Awards shows are always good for unscripted celebrity drama—the unexpected smooches, the sore losers. PopEater counts down the most buzz-worthy awards show moments of the decade.
  1. The kiss heard around the world: During the 2003 MTV VMAs, Madonna, and Britney Spears put on a show to remember.
  2. Gracious? Not
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Hollywood Bends to Yogi's Rocking Style

LA's elite get tough love, NY accent from former drug addict

(Newser) - Vinnie Marino is as likely as yoga teacher as Led Zeppelin is meditation music. Yet the recovering drug addict stretches some of Hollywood’s most elite muscles—Heather Graham and Adrien Brody among them—to his own tune. Marino, 50, has a cult of followers who live for his rocking,... More »

Cadillac Is Quite a Ride

Top-notch music, performances powers the story of Chess Records

(Newser) - Cadillac Records may play fast and loose with historical fact, but you can't fault the tunes that fuel it, say critics. The "rollicking and insightful celebration of Chicago blues in its hectic golden age" tells the story of Chess Records and bluesmen like Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters, writes... More »

A-List Potential, F-Grade Agents

Blogger looks at actors who never parlayed breakout roles into full-on stardom

(Newser) - James Caviezel has gone from playing Jesus in Passion of the Christ to “a dragon hunter from another planet” in next year’s Outlander, Spencer Martin notes on the Playlist. Who else should have fire their agents for such moves?
  1. Heather Graham. Success: Drugstore Cowboy, Boogie Nights, Austin Powers.
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Darjeeling a Thoughtful Ride

(Newser) - The Darjeeling Limited is a melancholy road comedy that never quite derails despite occasional bumps, say critics. Effortless performances by Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman "evince with unforced ease the rewards and resentments of brotherhood," writes Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post. More »

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