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Judges Reject North Carolina Districts for 2020 Elections

GOP had said there was nothing wrong with drawing congressional lines to favor Republicans

(Newser) - North Carolina judges on Monday blocked the state's congressional map from being used in the 2020 elections, ruling that voters had a strong likelihood of winning a lawsuit that argued Republicans unlawfully manipulated district lines for partisan gain. The panel of three Superior Court judges issued a preliminary injunction... More »

Big Decision in Michigan Gerrymandering Case

Judges order state to redraw dozens of districts

(Newser) - Michigan must redraw dozens of congressional and legislative districts for the 2020 election because Republicans configured them to guarantee their political dominance over the last decade by unconstitutionally diluting the power of Democratic voters, federal judges ruled Thursday. In a 3-0 ruling—which will be appealed—the panel gave the... More »

'Fairness Formula' Could Redraw State's Voting Map

Missouri is using first-of-its-kind formula

(Newser) - The votes won't be cast for another four years, yet Democrats already appear likely to gain seats in Missouri's Republican-dominated Legislature in 2022. The reason: a one-of-its kind redistricting initiative approved by voters in the recent midterm elections. Missouri's initiative marks a new frontier in a growing... More »

In Blow to Democrats, Court Allows Texas Voting Maps

Supreme Court overrules lower court

(Newser) - A divided Supreme Court kept Texas' voting maps largely intact Monday, dealing an election-year blow to Democrats by reversing earlier findings that intentional racial discrimination continues to stain several statehouse and congressional districts. The 5-4 decision comes nine months after Democrats had celebrated lower court rulings that invalidated parts of... More »

Supreme Court Just Punted on a Major Voting Issue

Justices sidestep big-picture ruling about gerrymandering

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has ruled on two gerrymandering cases from Wisconsin and Maryland—but without deciding on the broader issue of whether electoral maps can give an unfair advantage to a political party, the AP reports. The justices unanimously ruled against Wisconsin Democrats who challenged legislative districts that gave Republicans... More »

Here's the Lineup of Big Cases Headed to SCOTUS

Justices to take on worker rights, religious freedom, redistricting, sports betting cases

(Newser) - The Supreme Court term that, by law, begins on the first Monday in October includes several high-profile cases dealing with controversial social issues or with the potential to affect millions of Americans. The justices probably won't hear the dispute over President Trump's travel ban, originally scheduled for October,... More »

Supreme Court Backs 'One Person, One Vote'

Challenge to long-held principle is rejected

(Newser) - A unanimous Supreme Court ruled Monday that states can count everyone, not just eligible voters, in deciding how to draw electoral districts, turning back a challenge from Texas voters that could have dramatically altered district boundaries and disproportionately affected the nation's Latino population, reports the AP . The decision is... More »

Texas Voting Maps Discriminate: US Court

Victory for minority activists, but state plans to appeal

(Newser) - A federal court says Texas' new voting maps, redrawn by a Republican legislature, violate the Voting Rights Act. They contain signs of discrimination against minorities, judges said in a 154-page opinion. "The three-judge panel unanimously found intentional discrimination across the state. There's no ifs, ands, or buts about... More »

Blue Dog Dems Ousted in Pennsylvania

Redistricting leads to primary losses for Holden, Altmire

(Newser) - Conservative, "Blue Dog" Democrats became even more of an endangered species after a pair of primary defeats in Pennsylvania Tuesday. Rep. Tim Holden—the dean of the state's Congressional delegation—was defeated in a redrawn district by lawyer Matt Cartwright, who attacked Holden for voting against ObamaCare, the... More »

Bachmann Bounced Out of Redrawn District

She rips 'liberal bias' in new boundaries

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann's Minnesota congressional district has been redrawn out from under her. New district lines unveiled by a panel of judges yesterday have put the 6th District congresswoman's home in the 4th District, which is currently represented by Democrat Betty McCollum, reports the Star Tribune . Bachmann—who dropped... More »

Supreme Court Axes Texas Electoral Map

They say judge strayed too far from legislature's vision

(Newser) - The Supreme Court threw out a federal court's draft of a Texas electoral map, saying it strayed too far from the one drawn by the state's Republican legislature. The decision, which was issued by the court as a whole, rather than signed by an individual justice, is a... More »

Corporations Push to Influence Redistricting

As do other special interests

(Newser) - “Minnesotans for a Fair Redistricting” may sound like a pretty innocuous, non-partisan group. But its leadership is almost identical to the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, a group tied to Koch Industries, a ProPublica investigation discovered. The Freedom Foundation’s head, Annette Meeks, claims she has “no involvement” with... More »

GOP Election-Law Rewrites Pose Threat to Dems

Minorities, young people targeted in new rules, say voting-rights groups

(Newser) - Pennsylvania’s Republicans aren’t the only ones instituting voting laws likely to hurt Democrats. Some 12 states have begun requiring voters to carry picture ID; Florida and Ohio have reduced early-voting time; and Florida has cracked down on ex-felons voting, the Washington Post reports. Republicans say they want... More »

Gerrymandering Fight Is Going to Get Ugly

Democrats won't sit idle as Republicans redraw maps

(Newser) - Tuesday’s victories might allow Republicans to gerrymander their way to a decade of House dominance. Republicans now hold more state legislature seats than at any time since the Great Depression, giving them the power to redraw at least 195 districts next year, writes John Fund in the Wall Street ... More »

GOP Cleans Up in State Legislatures

They're well-positioned for redistricting

(Newser) - Republicans picked up about 680 seats in state legislatures Tuesday, giving them their highest number since 1928. They've flipped 19 chambers in all so far—Democrats have flipped none—including both the House and Senate in Alabama, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. For the first time since... More »

Obama's Unpopularity Hands GOP Chance to Redraw Map

Targeting state legislatures will let Republicans control redistricting

(Newser) - President Obama's unpopularity could end up hurting the Democrats for more than a decade thanks to congressional redistricting, writes Karl Rove. Lines will be redrawn in many areas based on the US Census results, and with the GOP likely to gain plenty of seats in state legislatures this fall, it'll... More »

Lawsuit: Let's Double the Number of Congressmen

Organizers of court challenge want at least 932, as many as 1,761 seats

(Newser) - The House of Representatives is supposed to ensure equal representation for all Americans, but critics see a flawed system because of the expanding population. In Nevada’s 3rd District, for example, one representative speaks for nearly a million people, about twice as many as the congressman for all of Wyoming.... More »

Bolivian President Wins Point, Ends Hunger Strike

(Newser) - Bolivian President Evo Morales ended his hunger strike today after the country’s legislature agreed to pass a law further enfranchising his native constituency, Bloomberg reports. The bill passed after Morales reduced his demand for new indigenous voting districts from 14 to seven. “The Bolivian people will never forget... More »

Gregg Flap Sheds Light on Perennial Census Battle

(Newser) - Judd Gregg’s flirtation with the top job at Commerce has brought the partisan battle over the US Census to the fore with just a year to go before before the official count, the New York Times reports. Most Americans may not think of the census as a political tool,... More »

GOP Firewall: 2011 Redistricting

Republicans eye 2010 governor races

(Newser) - Republicans may be pessimistic about November 2008, but they’re feeling pretty good about November 2010. The census that year will spark a round of congressional redistricting, and if Republicans can pick up some statehouses, they might find themselves with a much bigger Capitol contingent. A rep for the party’... More »

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